Pioneer CDJ-900 Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer CDJ-900 Operating Instructions Manual

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The Pioneer website listed above provides answers to frequently asked questions, information about
software, and other up-to-date data of assistance to our customers.
For inquiries on rekordbox, please see the support site indicated above.

Operating Instructions



  Summary of Contents for Pioneer CDJ-900

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    MULTI PLAYER CDJ-900 The Pioneer website listed above provides answers to frequently asked questions, information about software, and other up-to-date data of assistance to our customers. For inquiries on rekordbox, please see the support site indicated above. Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2 In some countries or regions, the shape of the power plug and power outlet may sometimes differ from that shown in the explanatory drawings. However the method of...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents How to read this manual The names of displays, menus, and buttons in this manual are enclosed in brack- ets. (e.g. [MASTER] channel, [ON/ OFF], [File] menu) Before start Features ...........................5 Before you start What’s in the box ......................7 Discs/ files playable on the CDJ-900 ................7...
  • Page 5: Before Start

    The included rekordbox music management software can be used to prepare playlists, cues, loops, hot cues and other data required for DJ play unhurriedly at home ahead of time. This allows you to devote all your attention to DJ play at the disco/ nightclub, with total assurance. From acquiring music files to DJ play, all steps in the cycle of the DJ’s work can be accomplished smoothly.
  • Page 6: Wave Display

    For the digital circuitry, the CDJ-900 is equipped with a high performance Wolfson D/ A converter. For the analog circuitry, a hybrid OP amplifier is used to reduce to the utmost limits that inaudible noise of 20 kHz and higher that can blur the original sound. Unwanted...
  • Page 7: Before You Start

    CDJ-900. For details, contact your application’s selling agent. It may not be possible to play discs created on a computer due to the disc’s prop- What’s in the box erties, scratches or dirt, or poor recording quality (dirt on the recording lens, etc.).
  • Page 8 About MP3 files About AIFF files MP3 files can have a constant bit rate (CBR) or a variable bit rate (VBR). Both The CDJ-900 supports AIFF files in the formats shown below. types of files can be played on the CDJ-900, but the search and super fast search functions are slower with VBR files.
  • Page 9: Part Names And Functions

    Control Panel Press once to select 1/16-, 1/8-, 1/4- or 1/2-beat loop playback. Press for over 1 second to select 1/4-, 1/3-, 1/2- or 3/4-beat loop playback. 1 PLAY/PAUSEf and PLAY/PAUSEf indicator (page 15) 8 AUTO BEAT LOOP (1, 2, 4, 8) (page 17) This lights when playing tracks and flashes when in the pause mode.
  • Page 10: Rear Panel

    TEMPO ±6/±10/±16/WIDE (page 15) The included disc force eject pin is mounted on the CDJ-900’s bottom panel. When the pin is inserted all the way into the insertion hole, the disc is ejected 5 Use this to switch the playing speed adjustment range.
  • Page 11: Main Unit Display

    Up to 63 characters can be displayed for each item. The characters that can There are 75 frames to a second. be displayed are letters A to Z, numbers 0 to 9 and certain symbols. Any other a QUANTIZE characters are displayed as “?”.
  • Page 12: Connections

    14. ! Up to four units can be connected. A switching hub (commercially available) is required to connect three or more units. Use a switching hub of 100 Mbps or greater. Note that some switching hubs may not operate normally.
  • Page 13: Using Other Brands Of Dj Software

    Using other brands of DJ software With the CDJ-900, the operating information of the buttons, tempo adjustment dial, etc., can also be output in universal MIDI format. When connected by USB cable to a computer on which MIDI-compatible DJ software is installed, the DJ software can be operated from the CDJ-900. The sound of music files being played on the computer can also be output from the CDJ-900.
  • Page 14: Playback

    DJ player connected by PRO DJ LINK. ! When the disc is being drawn in or ejected, do not apply any force to the disc in ! When multiple DJ players are connected by PRO DJ LINK and USB devices the direction opposite its movement.
  • Page 15: Playback

    ! The tempo can be adjusted in units of 0.02 % when set to ±6 %, in steps of Playback 0.05 % when set to ±10 %, in steps of 0.05 % when set to ±16 %, and in steps of 0.5 % when set to WIDE.
  • Page 16: Setting Cue

    ! The same operation is possible using the jog dial. Checking Cue Point (Cue Point Sampler) ! The loop in point can be adjusted by ±30 frames and must be in front of the loop out point. Press and hold [CUE] after returning to the cue point.
  • Page 17: Setting The Loop Automatically Based On The Track's Tempo (Auto Beat Loop)

    Operating the jog dial ! When one of the [AUTO BEAT LOOP] buttons (1, 2, 4 or 8) is pressed again during auto beat looping, the loop out point is automatically reset according The top of the jog dial has an embedded switch. Do not place objects on the jog to the track’s tempo (BPM) and the number of beats of the button that was...
  • Page 18: Using The [Slip] Button

    Normal playback continues in the background during looping. The SLIP indicator ! The medium can be changed and the cue point set on the DJ player that is in flashes in beat with the sound playing in the background. The position playing in standby.
  • Page 19: Using The [Browse] Button

    ! Tracks recorded on media for which library browsing is not possible cannot be searched. Up to 60 tracks to be played next or tracks selected for specific DJ scenes can be Select [SEARCH] and enter the setting item. preset in the tag list.
  • Page 20: Using The [Info] Button

    The track is removed from the tag list. ! If a track that has been added to the tag list is removed from the tag list while it is playing, the track is played to the end, then the stop mode is set. The next track is not played.
  • Page 21: Changing The Settings

    When [AUTO STANDBY] is set to [ON], the power management function is acti- vated in the following cases and the standby mode is set. ! When no operation whatsoever is performed for over 4 hours with no disc loaded or USB device connected, no PRO DJ LINK connection, and no Using the [MENU/UTILITY] button computer connected to the USB port (on the CDJ-900’s rear panel)
  • Page 22: About The Rekordbox Software

    Program and Documentation in Your possession, confirming to Pioneer in About the rekordbox software writing that You have done so. Sections 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will continue in effect after this Agreement’s termination. rekordbox is an application for managing music files which are used for DJ play General terms with a Pioneer DJ Player (i.e.
  • Page 23: Cautions On Installation

    ! Required memory: 1 GB or more of RAM ! Hard disc: 250 MB or more of free space (not including space for storing music files, etc.) ! CD drive: Optical disc drive on which the CD-ROM can be read ! Sound: Audio output to speakers, headphones, etc.
  • Page 24: Using The Support Site

    CD drive, the CD drive opens on the screen. Double-click the [] icon. ! If the CD drive does not open on the screen when the CD-ROM is inserted, use Finder to open the CD drive, then double-click the [] icon.
  • Page 25: About The Driver Software

    — [Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?] may appear while the installation is in progress. Select [No, not this ! Before installing the driver software, be sure to turn off the power of this unit time] and click [Next] to continue with the installation.
  • Page 26: Using Other Brands Of Dj Software

    If you connect a computer with a built-in MIDI-compatible DJ software via a JOG TOUCH OFF=0, ON=127 USB cable, you can operate the DJ software on this unit. The sound of music files REVERSE OFF=0, ON=127 being played on the computer can also be output from the CDJ-900.
  • Page 27: Additional Information

    ! Irregularly shaped discs other than standard 12 cm discs cannot be played on the CDJ-900 (doing so will lead to damage or accidents). ! The BPM measured by the CDJ-900 may differ from the BPM indicated on the disc or that of a Pioneer DJ mixer, etc. This is due to the different methods used for measuring the BPM, and is not a malfunction.
  • Page 28: Error Messages

    When the CDJ-900 cannot operate normally, an error code appears on the display. Take the necessary measures, referring to the table below. If an error code not indi- cated on the table below is displayed or if the same error code appears after the indicated action has been taken, contact your store of purchase or nearby Pioneer ser- vice station.
  • Page 29: Cautions On Use

    ! Be sure to read the cautions included with the disc. Cleaning discs ! Discs may not play if there are fingerprints or dust on them. In this case, use a cleaning cloth, etc., to gently wipe the disc from the inside towards the out- side.
  • Page 30: Disclaimer

    Main unit weight ..................... 3.9 kg Microsoft Corporation of the United States. External dimensions ........305 mm (W) x 115.6 mm (H) x 385 mm (D) ! Apple, Macintosh, Mac OS, Safari, iTunes and Finder are registered trade- Tolerable operating temperature ............+5 °C to +35 °C marks of Apple Inc.
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