D-Link DHP-300 User Manual

D-Link DHP-300 User Manual

Powerline hd ethernet adapter
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Setup ... 15 Security ... 17 QoS... 18 Application QoS ... 19 Reset ... 20 Troubleshooting ... 21 Technical Specifications ... 22 D-Link DHP-300 User Manual Table of Contents Contacting Technical Support ... 23 Warranty ... 24 Registration ... 29...
  • Page 3: Product Overview

    Section 1 - Product Overview Product Overview Package Contents • D-Link DHP-300 Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter • CAT5 Ethernet Cable • CD-ROM with Software and Manual • Quick Installation Guide System Requirements • PC with 233MHz Processor, 64MB Memory • Windows XP SP2 or 2000 SP4 ®...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Section 1 - Product Overview Introduction D-Link announces a fast, 200Mbps Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter which allows you to network your home computers, networking devices and gaming devices through the most pervasive medium in your house - the electric powerlines - and share Internet connections, printers, transfer files, play games, and more.
  • Page 5: Features

    • One 10/100 Ethernet port • Plug & Play, Easy Installation • Easy to use Management Software • Configurable QoS for video streaming, VoIP and Gaming • Configurable encryption key for security • Firmware Upgrade Support D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 6: Hardware Overview

    Ethernet LED A solid light indicates a connection on the Ethernet port. The LED blinks during data transmission. D-Link DHP-300 User Manual Hardware Overview LEDs Power LED A solid light indicates that the device is receiving power. Powerline LED A solid light indicates that the device has detected another Powerline device on the network.
  • Page 7: Connection

    Section 1 - Product Overview Hardware Overview Connection Ethernet Connect the CAT5 Ethernet cable to the DHP-300 Ethernet port. D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 8: Hardware Installation

    Connect the Ethernet Cable Connect the included Ethernet cable to the network cable connector located on the DHP-300 and attach the other end of the Ethernet cable to the network or PC. Network Connectivity is confirmed when the green LED Indicator on the DHP-300 located left of the Power LED is illuminated.
  • Page 9: Using The Setup Wizard

    Follow the simple steps below to run the Setup Wizard to guide you quickly through the installation process. Insert the D-Link DHP-300 CD into your CD-ROM drive. If the CD Autorun function does not automatically start on your computer, click Start > Run.
  • Page 10 Section  - Installation Click Install Click Finish D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 11 The WinPcap 4.0 installation is necessary to run the D-Link DHP-300 Utility, click Next to continue with the installation. Click Next Click Next D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 12 Click I Agree The WinPcap 4.0 Installation is complete. Click Finish to close the wizard. Click Finish D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 13: Configuration

    After you have completed the D-Link DHP-300 Utility installation wizard, double-click the D-Link DHP-300 Powerline HD Utility icon on your desktop to start the configuration of the DHP-300. Double-click the D-Link DHP-300 Powerline HD Utility icon The utility provides you with the option of setting your own unique Network ID and the ability to prioritize traffic passing through the network.
  • Page 14 Red text on the MAC, Net ID, Alias and Location columns mean that the powerline network is encrypted with the default encryption key (DHP-300). Follow the steps below to encrypt the network with a non-default encryption key: • Double-click on the nodes.
  • Page 15: Setup

    MAC: MAC Address of detected node. Net ID: Powerline Network Name. Default is DHP-300 (Max 10 characters, 0-9, A-Z, case sensitive). Alias: Device Name. Default is Device 1, Device 2 etc (Max 16 characters, 0-9, A-Z, case sensitive) ie. Living room, Bedroom, etc.
  • Page 16 Note: Net ID and Encryption Key can be changed to prevent unauthorized access to your powerline network. Make sure the Net ID and Encryption Key of the devices within your powerline network are the same to enable data transmission. D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 17: Security

    Section 3 - Configuration Security This section shows the security configuration of the DHP-300. You can modify any of the parameters and click Save Setting to save your configuration. Net ID: Powerline Network Name. Default is DHP-300 (Max 10 characters, 0-9, A-Z, case sensitive).
  • Page 18: Qos

    Rule: Select the traffic type (UDP or TCP) to have priority. 802.1p use prioritization bits in Layer-2 frames. Port: Input the port number to have priority. Priority: Input port priority from 1 to 6. The highest priority is 6, and the lowest is 1. Note: Rule 1 have priority over Rule 2. D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 19: Application Qos

    Section 3 - Configuration Application QoS Application: Select an application from the drop-down menu of predefined QoS rules to apply QoS automatically. Click the Save Setting button to apply your settings. D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 20: Reset

    Section 3 - Configuration Reset To reset your configuration password, please click Reset to restore the password to the factory default value. D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Please make sure your Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter is correctly plugged and connected to the computer or network device. • I can’t configure the PowerLine HD Ethernet Adapter, DHP-300 Powerline HD utility is always asking me for the password: Please make sure you have entered the correct password. Password field is case-sensitive.
  • Page 22: Technical Specifications

    • FCC Part 15 Class B • CE Class B AC Input 110 ~ 240VAC Operation Temperature 0 ~ 50 Storage Temperature -20~ 70°C Humidity • Operation: 10% ~ 95 RH • Storage: 10~ 90% RH D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 23: Contacting Technical Support

    • Hardware Revision (located on the label on the bottom of the router (e.g. rev A1)) • Serial Number (s/n number located on the label on the bottom of the router). You can find software updates and user documentation on the D-Link website as well as frequently asked questions and answers to technical issues.
  • Page 24: Warranty

    Any repair or replacement will be rendered by D-Link at an Authorized D-Link Service Office. The replacement hardware need not be new or have an identical make, model or part. D-Link may, at its option, replace the defective Hardware or any part thereof with any reconditioned product that D-Link reasonably determines is substantially equivalent (or superior) in all material respects to the defective Hardware.
  • Page 25: Limited Software Warranty

    Warranty Period and is subject to the same limitations and exclusions. If a material non-conformance is incapable of correction, or if D-Link determines in its sole discretion that it is not practical to replace the non-conforming Software, the price paid by the original licensee for the non-conforming Software will be refunded by D-Link;...
  • Page 26: Disclaimer Of Other Warranties

    • The customer is responsible for all in-bound shipping charges to D-Link. No Cash on Delivery (“COD”) is allowed. Products sent COD will either be rejected by D-Link or become the property of D-Link. Products shall be fully insured by the customer and shipped to D-Link Systems, Inc., 17595 Mt.
  • Page 27: Limitation Of Liability

    This Limited Warranty provides specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Trademarks: D-Link is a registered trademark of D-Link Systems, Inc. Other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • Page 28: Fcc Statement

    • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. For detailed warranty information applicable to products purchased outside the United States, please contact the corresponding local D-Link office. D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...
  • Page 29: Registration

    Appendix F - Registration Registration Product registration is entirely voluntary and failure to complete or return this form will not diminish your warranty rights. Version 1.1 April 27, 2007 D-Link DHP-300 User Manual...

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