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Beko RA 110 Installation, Operation & Food Storage Instructions

4.5 cu.ft. 2 star fridge


BEKO plc
Beko House
Caxton Way
WD18 8UF
Tel: 01923 654650
Fax: 01923 819653
Printed in Turkey
Part no: 48 3527 00 00
Revision no: 0
4.5 cu.ft.
2 Star
RA 80
RA 110


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Beko RA 110

  • Page 1 4.5 cu.ft. 2 Star Fridge RA 80 RA 110 BEKO plc Beko House Caxton Way Watford Hertfordshire WD18 8UF Tel: 01923 654650 Fax: 01923 819653 Printed in Turkey e-mail: Part no: 48 3527 00 00 website: Revision no: 0...
  • Page 2 • To obtain the best possible performance and trouble free operation from your appliance it is very important to carefully read these instructions. • On delivery, check to make sure that the product is not damaged and that all the parts and accessories are in perfect condition.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ASTABEAB approved BS 1362 fuse of the same rating must be used. Do not TEMPERATURE CONTROL AND ADJUSTMENT forget to refit the fuse cover. In the event of losing the fuse cover the plug must not be used until a replacement fuse cover has been fitted. Colour of the replacement fuse cover must be the same colour as that visible on the pin face of the plug.
  • Page 4: Transportation Instructions

    5. Empty any water in the drain tray before moving see section “Defrosting” and 2. No gap is required at sides and top. See item 3 below to ensure a gap is obtained at “Cleaning & Care” for further information.
  • Page 5: Repositioning The Door

    13. Reverse the door and refit (13). 14. Fit the plastic hinge (14) while removing the plugs on inner liner. 15. To refit the door, locate the top hinge in the door, attach to the cabinet and hold the door (18).
  • Page 6: Suggested Arrangement Of Food In The Fridge

    7. Shelves incorporate rear stops and tilting for storing bottles. Lift shelf to clear grooves when adjusting. 8. To tilt a shelf place the back of the shelf one level below the front of the shelf. To remove a tilted shelf, first release the back off the grooves and then pull it.
  • Page 7: Starting

    When the door is open the interior light will come on. remain on the liner and refreeze when 5. You will hear a noise as the compressor starts up. The liquid and gases sealed defrosting is completed. Do not use pointed or...
  • Page 8: Cleaning And Care

    ** Make sure that no water enters the temperature control box. "Replacement light bulb can easily be obtained from a good local electrical or ** If the appliance is not going to be used for a long period of time, switch it off, DIY store."...
  • Page 9: Problem Solving/Trouble Shooting

    Don’t- Store bananas in your fridge compartment. Don’t- Store melon in your fridge. It can be chilled for short periods as long as it What is covered? is wrapped to prevent it flavouring other food.
  • Page 10: How To Obtain Service

    You should also complete the details below; it will help us assist you when requesting service. (The model number is printed on the Instruction Booklet and the serial...

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