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RCA ANT1650 User Manual

RCA ANT1650 User Manual

Amplified flat multi-directional indoor antenna
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Congratulations on your purchase of the ANT1650 Amplified Flat Multi-Directional Indoor
Antenna. With this contemporary antenna, rabbit ears are a thing of the past. This sleek,
attractive antenna features the most advanced technology, including a patented engineering
design that provides excellent reception for both analog and digital TV broadcasts.
Multi-Directional Antennas
A multi-directional antenna is able to receive signals from any direction. Useful for both
analog and digital reception, the ANT1650 looks great, facilitates optimal reception,
and requires very little space. The patented multi-directional technology ensures that the
antenna does not need to be adjusted according to the location of the transmitting signal.
The Switch from Analog to Digital
Because of the February 2009 switch to digital signals, the ANT1650 has been created with
the ultimate flexibility. In some situations, antennas require an amplifier; in other cases, the
amplifier can cause problems with reception. The ANT1650 has a removable amplifier so
you can use it in either instance. Regardless of your reception needs, analog or digital, the
ANT1650 provides high-quality reception.
ANT1650 Features
The ANT1650 Amplified Flat Multi-Directional Indoor Antenna is packed with features
that make it as functional as it is attractive. Because the ANT1650 is multi-directional,
there is no need to constantly turn the antenna to improve reception. And, with its compact
footprint, the ANT1650 is so unobtrusive, you can hang it on the wall, stand it up or lay it
flat. Its attractive design complements any décor. The ANT1650:
• Features a removable amplifier to optimize reception of local standard definition and
high definition signals
• Outperforms traditional antennas due to patented design
• Eliminates constant adjustments with multi-directional reception pattern
• Gets great reception in any position—lying flat, hanging, or standing
• Takes up minimal space
• Features a modern, contemporary look
Amplified Flat Multi-Directional
Indoor Antenna
Antena multidireccional plana amplificada para interiores
User's Guide
Guía del Usuario


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  • Page 1 And, with its compact footprint, the ANT1650 is so unobtrusive, you can hang it on the wall, stand it up or lay it flat. Its attractive design complements any décor. The ANT1650: •...
  • Page 2 ANT1650 Hardware Before attempting to use your antenna, please remove all parts from the box and read the instructions carefully The ANT1650 antenna package includes the following items:. 1 ANT1650 Flat Multi-Directional Antenna with Built-In 6’ Coaxial Cable 1 Amplifier Insert with Built-In Coaxial Cable...
  • Page 3 You can use the ANT1650 with or without its amplifier, depending on which connection gives you the best signal. Try using the amplifier first. If you notice that you’ve lost channels that you normally receive, try connecting without the amplifier.
  • Page 4 TV. 5. Plug the amplifier’s power cord into an electrical outlet. Important: This power unit should be plugged in so that it stays vertical or lies flat. 6. Re-scan for channels on your converter box.
  • Page 5 To connect the ANT1650 without the amplifier to a converter box: ANT1650 Built-In Coaxial Cable 1. Make sure your TV is turned off. 2. Connect the ANT1650’s built-in coaxial Converter Box cable to the antenna input on your converter box.
  • Page 6: Coaxial Cable Installation Precautions

    12 months from the date of original purchase, such defect(s) will be repaired or replaced (at the Company’s option) without charge for parts and repair labor. To obtain repair or replacement within the terms of this Warranty, the product along with any accessories included in the original packaging is to be delivered with proof of warranty coverage (e.g.
  • Page 7 La antena ANT1650, ideal para recepción tanto analógica como digital, tiene una apariencia nítida, garantiza recepción óptima y requiere poco espacio. La tecnología multidireccional patentada evita tener que ajustar la antena de acuerdo a la ubicación de la señal transmisora.
  • Page 8 De igual manera, la recepción podría verse afectada si se coloca la antena sobre una superficie de metal. Si el desempeño de la antena no es el esperado, intente alejarla del componente o colocarla sobre otra superficie. Luego, vuelva a buscar canales en su TV o convertidor.
  • Page 9 Puede utilizar la antena ANT1650 con o sin el amplificador, dependiendo de la conexión que le brinde la mejor señal. Intente primero con el amplificador. Si nota que no puede ver canales que generalmente recibe, intente hacer la conexión sin el amplificador.
  • Page 10 Conexión de cable coaxial: Conecte un cable coaxial a la salida para antena en su convertidor. Conecte el otro extremo del cable coaxial a la entrada para antena en su TV.
  • Page 11 • No instale un cable coaxial donde su tensión de tiro sea mayor de 33 kg durante la instalación. Luego de finalizar la instalación, asegúrese que no haya tensión en el cable.
  • Page 12 12 meses a partir de la fecha de compra original, tales defectos serán reparados o reemplazados (a opción de la Compañía) sin cargo alguno por las piezas y labores de reparación.

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