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    Installing the Eye 312 About Genius Application-WebCAM Mate 1. Main Menu 2. Picture Mode 10-12 3. Video Mode 13-14 4. Security Mode 14-17 Using MSN Messenger,Yahoo Messenger,AOL 17-19 CrazyTalk Avatar Creator 19-41 CrazyTalk CamSuite 42-69 Trouble shooting for web camera...

  • Page 2: Eye 312 Features

    Eye 312 Features Add live video to your instant messaging! Turn your PC into a live broadcast hub with Eye 312. Works with windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 98SE. Whether you are creating video emails or hosting one-to-one video chats, this easy to use webcam adds a personal touch to your online communication.

  • Page 3: Installing The Eye 312, Installing The Eye

    Insert the Eye 312 Installation CD into the CD-ROM drive. The Autorun screen will bring up the installation screen. Click on “Windows Driver” then simply follow the on-screen instructions. Install DirectX from the CD if your pc didn’t have it on your system or the version was older. NOTE If the Autorun screen doesn’t start, please follow these steps...

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    NOTE The web camera can work properly with any video chat software that supports a video feature. osition Camera Place the camera in the middle of your computer monitor for optimal eye contact.

  • Page 5: About Genius Application-webcam Mate

    English About Genius Application-WebCAM Mate You can use Genius WebCAM Mate software to capture the real-time image, record or execute the simple security function. NOTE After installing the Genius Application software, the system will automatically create a file (C:\WINDOWS\Album or C:\WINNT\Album)to save the images you take using the Genius Application.

  • Page 6: Main Menu

    English 1. Main Menu Item Mode Description Picture Mode Still image capture mode. Video Mode Video recording mode. Security Mode Security monitoring mode. Device Select different webcam device. Selection...

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    800x600 (*), 640x480, 352x288, Selection 320x240, 176x144, 160x120 I240: 1280x1024 (*), 1024x768 (*), 800x600 (*), 640x480, 352x288, 320x240, 176x144, 160x120 Preference setting to view your setting Property page and properties. Exit Exit the Genius UI. Remark: * This resolution is by software interpolation.

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    - You can flip the image horizontally or vertically by choosing “Image Mirror” or “Image Flip”. - When the light is not sufficient, you may click on “Low Light” to get a clear image. You can adjust different values for different circumstances and...

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    -Press “Save” to save the values you set up. Select the correct frequency according to the country where you are using the web camera. (Before doing this, you will need to select “Indoor”.) -If your web camera is located in backlight position, you may click “Backlight compensation”...

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    English Item Description The effects can also be applied to the video chat software, like MSN Messenger.

  • Page 11: Picture Mode

    English 2. Picture Mode Take a picture right away and share with your friends. Item Mode Description Shot Still image capture mode. Capture continuous still images based Multi-Snapshot on multi-snapshot number. Mail Send photo by email.

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    Select photo frame to add inside still Adding Frame image. (*) Click this button, and the screen will auto appear in the center of the frame. When you are watching the display, Tracking Face your face should appear in the acquired image.

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    Attach the selected image file to an Email file email. Print Picture Print the selected image file. Remark: * This function must use the resolution of 640x480 or 320x240. Please make sure the resolution is correct before executing this function.

  • Page 14: Video Mode

    English 3. Video Mode You can record real-time video in this section. Item Mode Description To begin recording video from your web Recording camera. Click to stop recording Start/Stop video.

  • Page 15: Security Mode

    Using motion detection function, it records any movements that appear in front of your monitor automatically. It can also record anytime until the HD is full. If there’s no movement, it will shut down automatically after four seconds or otherwise it will be active when detecting new...

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    English Item Mode Description To begin recording monitor video from Recording your web camera. Click to stop Start/Stop recording video. Audio Setting the audio device. Setting...

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    English Item Mode Description Set up time for the security monitoring system. Schedule Recording When this button is enabled, it will send Email Alert out an email if an alert happens during recording.

  • Page 18: Using Msn Messenger,yahoo Messenger,aol

    If you don’t have it, please refer to the website: to download. b. Sign onto MSN Messenger service. c. Choose a friend on the contact list and Click “OK” to confirm. d. Double-click on your friends, who are available to chat. Click on...

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    Sign onto Yahoo Messenger. c. From the main window, click Tools menu, then select “Start My Webcam”. d. Right-click on a name in your Messenger List and choose “View Webcam”.

  • Page 20: Crazytalk Avatar Creator

    Animate any person, animal, or illustration with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator's easy-to-use professional editing tools. Your photos are brought to life in amazing animation by fitting them with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator's proprietary Facetrix, facial morphing technology.

  • Page 21: Getting Started

    English You can send your talking messenger or card image in a variety of formats including .cab, .mht file or an .AVI movie. Getting Started Operating System • Windows Vista/XP/2000 CrazyTalk Avatar Creator allows you to import any digital photo, image or...

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    English morphing-NaturalVoice technology and/or TTS (Text-To-Speech) technology, to bring your favorite photos to life! A message combined with your talking image provides a CrazyTalk Avatar character to send to your friends and colleagues using various output options. You can send animated greeting cards or even export movie files of numerous formats with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator.

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    To create a CrazyTalk Avatar Creator Model: Click Import Image . The Open dialog box appears. Select the desired image and click Open to load it. The Image Processing tools will be automatically launched. Crop Image : Select the required image area.

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    Color Balance : Adjust the color balance manually. Click Next and the Auto-Fit Anchor Points dialog box pops up. Follow the guide sample image at the right side to place the 4 points for the fitting process.

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    English Background Mask Editing : Modify the mask of the image (also known as alpha channel) to specify the none-effect part of the image. Brush Tool: Increase : To enlarge the background area in the image. Decrease : To erase parts of the background mask.

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    English Brush Size: Move the slider to adjust the size of the brush tool. Advanced Facial Settings: Click to open a dialog box with four tabs. Eyes: Add virtual eyes and adjust the color of each part of the eyes.

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    English Teeth: Add virtual teeth and adjust the teeth.

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    English Mouth: Adjust the color levels of the inner mouth.

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    English Lips: To close an open mouth in the image and set the position of the lips.

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    English Getting Started-Creating a CrazyTalk Avatar Creator Script The Script page is the critical phase in CrazyTalk's process of creating a talking model with expressions, facial movements, and special effects. Select Edit/Script: To create a Talking Message: To specify the speech for the talking model, do one of the following: •...

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    English Click the Record button to start recording from the audio source specified. • Import Wave File : Import a speech file in PCM WAV format and use it as the script text. • Edit by Text-To-Speech : Click to open the TTS...

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    English Type in the text. Click the Voice Mode drop-down list box to select the voice type for your model. Adjust the voice quality to achieve a real-life effect using the Volume, Pitch, and Speed sliders. Click button to Preview the result.

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    Use the slider to adjust the strength of the model's expression. Click the Timeline tab and you are prompted to upgrade for full features of the Timeline. Click the Save button to save the current script as a customized profile.

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    Avatar Creator Greeting Card You can create a greeting card with a talking image, personalized message, and special effects. The card can be saved as .MHT (Multipurpose HTML - Embedded in e-mail or Html pages) or .CAB (compressed) file. To create a card, do the following: Select a CrazyTalk Avatar Creator model with facial features, motions and expressions specified.

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    Auto Play: Automatically playback the card as it is opened. 11. Image Quality: Move the slider or enter a number to the edit box to adjust the image quality. 12. Sound Quality: Move the slider to adjust the audio quality.

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    English pages, and .CAB - compressed) of the card and click Save to create the card. Getting Started-Exporting Movie Files Movie files supported by CrazyTalk Avatar Creator: AVI, Real Media (RM), WAV, Sequence BMPs/TGA, Animation GIF and Windows Media (WMV) files.

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    Create a CrazyTalk Avatar Creator script to specify the animation and speech. Click Output/Movie tab. A crop box shows. Move and resize it (drag the box or edit the Output Size options) to the desired portion of the image for exporting.

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    How can I fine-tune the model image for more realistic facial movement? a. The control point 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the key to control the facial mesh morphing. 1, 2 control the vertical movement strength and 3, 4 controls...

  • Page 39

    English b. Press Motion Settings on model page and check the Head Motion Preview to preview the movement. If not perfect, you can close the dialog and try to change the location of control point 1-4. • How can I make the chin movie more naturally while talking? Drag the chin control point out of the face.

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    Incorrect Correct If you are using eyes from the CrazyTalk eye library, you need to set the eye control points inside the eyelids This improves the realistic quality of the animated eyes. Incorrect Correct •...

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    Use the Background Mask Editing button and spread out the background using the brush and clear tools. Don't get the mask too close to the facial area and make sure that it does not overlap the head of the model. Incorrect...

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    If your character has a closed mouth, enable this feature so no dark line is visible between the lips while the mouth is closed. If your model has an open mouth, disable this feature so you...

  • Page 43: Crazytalk Camsuite

    You can download a variety of avatar content from the Reallusion website or create your own avatar from a photo using CrazyTalk Avatar Creator. So any photo of yourself, your family or friend, your pet, from cartoons or comics, can be magically brought to life as an animated character on your messenger.

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    Refer to the following steps to quickly start using CrazyTalk Cam Suite in your instant-messaging video conference. For more details on how to use each feature of CrazyTalk Cam Suite, refer to the rest of this Online Help. If you have an instant-messaging application installed on your OS, please manually change the audio/video devices.

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    Avatars shows the default avatars provided by CrazyTalk Cam Suite as well as any imported avatars. Click to select an avatar and it will be displayed in the preview window. If you are on a video session, your partner will be able to see the avatar and the animation, even if your partner does not have CrazyTalk Cam Suite installed.

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    Plug in a microphone and your avatar can lip-sync whatever you say instantly. You are now ready to use a wide range of animated expressions along with your video avatar on your instant messaging applications. Refer to the other parts of this Online Help for more information about...

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    English About the Interface The following illustrations show the components of CrazyTalk Cam Suite interface: Avatar Interface: Modes Add Content from web site Play Control Emotions More Emotions Avatars More Avatars Settings Help Audio Control Enable Facial Tracking Preview...

  • Page 48

    English MagiceMirror Interface: Modes Add Content from web site Face Morph More Expression Comic Effect More Comic Effect Audio Control Settings Help Preview...

  • Page 49

    English Avatar Selecting an Emotion You can add emotive animations to your avatar so that you can convey any expression you want during a messenger video conference. With the advanced facial morphing technique, you can control your avatar's lips and...

  • Page 50

    English In the dialog, you can see Default Emotions, My Emotions and Online Content. In Default Emotions, you can see the default emotion content provided by CrazyTalk Cam Suite. Click My Emotions and you can see the content which you have purchased from the Reallusion website or create by CrazyTalk Avatar Creator.

  • Page 51

    Double-click any emotion in the More Emotions dialog, your avatar will show the emotion instantly. Click Online Content and it will lead you to the content store on the website. You can view and purchase the new, hot and featured content.

  • Page 52

    3. Select a template or customized script and click Preview to see the script file. If the Auto Play checkbox is checked, it will auto play the script file. 4. Click OK to use it as your CrazyTalk Cam Suite emotion. The emotion is...

  • Page 53

    5. To create new emotions using CrazyTalk Avatar Creator, click Launch Editor to start CrazyTalk Avatar Creator. The new emotions are saved under the Custom tab. 6. To download emotions from the Reallusion website, click Add from Web. The new emotions are saved under My Emotions. Selecting an Avatar...

  • Page 54

    Content Store or as well as any other imported avatars created using CrazyTalk Avatar Creator. In Online Content, you can play back and preview the latest avatars with emotions or link to the content store site for purchasing more contents.

  • Page 55

    To delete an avatar, select the avatar and click the Delete button. • When you select an avatar and click To Favorites, the avatar will be added to Favorite Content; the avatars in Favorite Content will be directly displayed on the CrazyTalk Cam Suite main interface, which is convenient for you to select afterwards.

  • Page 56

    Custom to browse through the custom-created models. Refer to CrazyTalk Cam Suite Online Help to learn how to create custom models. 3. Select a template or customized model and click OK to use it as your messenger avatar. The avatar is now displayed in My Avatars.

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    English MagicMirror Using Face Morph You can add different expressions to enhance your face by means of Face Morph technology. This can enhance your face so that your face looks thinner, younger, or funnier with alien, bull or foxy expressions.

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    English • The left pane, Web Camera, shows the original look of your face. • The right pane shows the face with the expression applied. • The MagicMirror pane is able to show Expression and Comic effect simultaneously. • Check the Horizontal Mirror to flip the images in the two panes horizontally.

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    Double-click any expression in the More Expression dialog, your face will show the expression instantly. Click Online Content and it will lead you to the content store on the website. You can view and purchase the new, hot and featured contents.

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    To use the Comic Effect features: • Check up the Apply Comic check box to apply the comic effect onto your face. Check off the box to discard the effect. •...

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    English • Click on the Preview button to invoke the preview window. • The left pane, Web Camera, shows the original look of your face. • The right pane, MagicMirror, shows the face with the comic effect applied. • The MagicMirror pane is able to show Expression and Comic effect simultaneously.

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    English Getting More Comic Effects MagicMirror enables you to adjust the amount of the Comic templates. Besides, you can also add, remove or purchase comic effects to modify the contents in the Comic Favorite library. • Please Click to get more comic effects.

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    English from the Reallusion website. In Online Content, you can play back and preview the latest comics or link to the content store site for purchasing more comic effects. Double-click any comic in the More Comic dialog, your face will show the comic instantly.

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    English • The Volume slider bar allows you to control the volume while you talk. • Click to turn all the audio volume down; and click to turn the audio volume up. • The Mixer controls the audio level between music/sound effect and microphone.

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    2. Move your head/mouse to trigger the avatar to track. Tip: As for the target for tracking, please refer to Setting. Click Preview button to invoke preview dialog box. You will see the Web Camera and Avatars window panes simultaneously.

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    English CrazyTalk Cam Suite allows you set the default status: • Click Settings to show the Setting window. You can change the general settings in this dialog box.

  • Page 67: General Settings

    English General Settings • Change Language allows you to change user interface to the selected language. • If you have instant-messaging application installed on your OS, please manually change the audio/video devices. Take Skype 3.0 for instance, please invoke dialog box under Tools/Options.

  • Page 68

    Facial Tracking • Check Face/Mouse tracking to trigger head movement radio button so your avatar's head and eyes will track your head or mouse and move. • Select Camera allows you to select your default camera. If you have multiple cameras installed on your PC, you need to select one of them.

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    English Set Devices For connecting your messenger and CrazyTalk Cam Suite, the audio/video devices must be set manually. Take Skype for instance: 1. Launch CrazyTalk Cam Suite before using IM applications. 2. Make sure that you have already logged onto your instant-messaging application.

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    English 5. Select the Video and set the Select webcam to Reallusion Virtual Camera. 6. Click Save button. Your messenger then receives its audio and video sources from CrazyTalk Cam Suite.

  • Page 71: Trouble Shooting For Web Camera

    • Connect the web camera directly to a USB port on your computer. Make sure the web camera is connected to the USB port at the back of your computer. Some USB ports at the front of computers may not supply sufficient power for your web camera.

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