Sony Bravia KDL-32EX340 Operating Instructions Manual

Television - lcd / led: 32" class (31.5" diag.) sony led ex340 internet tv.
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Operating Instructions
KDL-42EX441 / 42EX440 / 32EX340
Introducing Your New
Getting Started
Operating the TV
Using Features
Using the Menus
Other Information
Sony Customer Support
United States
Please Do Not Return
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   Summary of Contents for Sony Bravia KDL-32EX340

  • Page 1

    Operating Instructions Getting Started Operating the TV Using Features Using the Menus Other Information Sony Customer Support U.S.A.: Canada: United States Canada 1.800.222.SONY 1.877.899.SONY Please Do Not Return the Product to the Store KDL-42EX441 / 42EX440 / 32EX340...

  • Page 2

    “BRAVIA” and , BRAVIA Sync, and trademarks or registered marks of Sony Corporation. “PlayStation” is a registered trademark and “PS3” is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The 32 class has a 31.5 inch viewable image size (measured diagonally).

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Specifications ......72 Index ....... 74...

  • Page 4: Welcome To The World Of Bravia, Bravia

    Experiencing Stunning HD with Your BRAVIA The quality of the image you see on your BRAVIA TV is only as good as the quality of the signal it receives. To experience the stunning detail of your new BRAVIA TV, you need access to HD programming.

  • Page 5: Experience, Tv Feature Highlights

    ➢ Digital Media Accessibility: Use the Photo, Music, and Video icons to access photo, music, and video files from Sony USB equipment (page 32). ➢ PIP (Picture in Picture): You can work on your PC and watch your favorite TV program simultaneously (page 29).

  • Page 6

    ➢ Photo Frame (KDL-42EX440/32EX340 only): You can enjoy the large photo frame display with music (page 34). ➢ On Timer: Set timer to wake up TV automatically with preferred setting of input and volume. You can also wake up with your favorite photo and music through...

  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Tv

    Some TV models are packaged with a detached Table-Top Stand so you can mount your TV to a wall right away. If you are not mounting the TV to a wall, you will need to attach the Table-Top Stand. You will need a Phillips screwdriver and the supplied screws to complete the task.

  • Page 8: Attaching The Table-top Stand

    • Hold the Table-Top Stand with one hand to avoid it dropping when attaching. • This TV is very heavy, so two or more people should place the TV onto thick and soft cloth. • If using an electric screwdriver, set the tightening torque at approximately 1.5 N·m (15 kgf·cm).

  • Page 9

    • Use an appropriate screwdriver to attach the screws tightly without damaging the screw head. • Please ensure the AC power cord is away from the stand installation location when you attach the stand. • Do not touch the inner side of the bottom of the TV stand to avoid being hurt.

  • Page 10: Locating Inputs And Outputs

    (not supplied). If an adapter is used, connect the adapter to the computer before connecting the HD15-HD15 cable. You may need to adjust the TV settings or your PC’s resolution and timing. See page 15 for information on how to setup your PC to this TV.

  • Page 11

    This input port can be used as a composite video input (VIDEO) or as a COMPONENT component video input (COMPONENT). For composite use, connect the IN/R-AUDIO-L yellow jack to Y for video and use audio L (mono) and R for audio signal. (MONO) For component connection, use Y, P for video signals and also connect the audio L (mono) and R for audio signal.

  • Page 12: Connecting The Tv

    Use an optional A-B RF switch (not supplied) to switch between the cable and over-the- air antenna programming, as indicated below. A/B RF Switch Cable Rear of TV Antenna CABLE/ANTENNA • Be sure to set the Signal Type setting to Cable or Antenna found under the Channel settings for your input signal (page 44).

  • Page 13

    You can enjoy high-definition programming by subscribing to a high-definition cable service or a high-definition satellite service. For the best possible picture, make sure you connect this equipment to your TV via the HDMI or component video (with audio) input located on the back of your TV.

  • Page 14

    Audio cable • If your equipment has a DVI output and not an HDMI output, connect the DVI output to the HDMI IN 1 (with DVI-to-HDMI cable or adapter) and connect the audio output to the AUDIO IN of PC...

  • Page 15

    Quick Setup Guide.) Rear of TV Audio cable (stereo mini plugs) HD15-HD15 cable (analog RGB) • Connect the PC IN jack to the PC using an HD15-HD15 cable with ferrite core (analog RGB) and audio cable (page 10).

  • Page 16: Connecting Other Equipment

    Digital satellite Digital Audio “PS3” player receiver cable box system CABLE/ANTENNA Analog audio equipment (A/V Receiver/HomeTheater) Digital audio equipment (A/V Receiver/Home Theater) Personal computer Digital recorder • Refer to the Quick Setup Guide (supplied) when connecting other equipment to your TV.

  • Page 17: Enclosed Area

    Leave at least this much space around the set. Never install the TV set as follows: Air circulation is blocked. Air circulation is blocked. Wall Wall • Inadequate ventilation can lead to overheating of the TV and may cause damage to your TV or cause a fire.

  • Page 18: Securing The Tv

    ❑ Install the TV where it cannot be pulled, pushed, or knocked over. ❑ Route all AC power cords and connecting cables so that they are not accessible to curious children. Recommended Measures to Secure the TV Consider the following measures when securing your TV to a TV stand (not supplied).

  • Page 19

    For United States call: 1-800-488-7669 or visit: For Canada call: 1-877-899-7669 • Securing the TV to the stand without securing the TV and the stand to the wall provides minimum protection against the TV toppling over. For further protection, be sure to follow the three...

  • Page 20: Running Initial Setup

    • Scan for digital and analog channels • Set the current date and time after Auto Program. Complete your cable connections before beginning the Initial Setup. Refer to the Quick Setup Guide (supplied) for sample connection diagrams. Turn on the TV.

  • Page 21

    • If you cancel the Auto Program, any channels you have selected are not registered. To rescan for available channels, run Auto Program. • Connect either your cable or antenna to the TV (you can connect both using an A-B RF switch (not supplied)); for more details see page 12.

  • Page 22: Using The Remote Control

    Operating the TV Using the Remote Control To Insert Batteries into the Remote Control Insert two size AA batteries (supplied) by matching e and E on the batteries to the diagram inside the battery compartment of the remote control. Push to...

  • Page 23: Remote Control Button Description

    N (PLAY): Press to play a program at a normal speed. M (fast forward): Press to play a program in fast forward mode. • The 5, N and CH + buttons have a tactile dot. Use them as a reference when operating the TV. (Continued)

  • Page 24

    Graphics: Eases prolonged monitor viewing with clearer detailed pictures. Sports: Presents realistic pictures and sound just like in a stadium. • When you set Scene Select to Photo, Music, Cinema, Game or Sports, Sound Mode is automatically set to Standard.

  • Page 25

    "/1 qd DISPLAY Press once to display the banner with channel/ program information you are watching. The banner will time out in a few seconds or press again to exit. qf V/v/B/b Press V/v/B/b to move focus/highlight. Press to select/confirm an item.

  • Page 26: Tv Controls And Indicators

    (Picture Lights up in orange when the timer is set or the TV is in Photo Frame Mode. Off)/ Lights up in green when the Power Saving is set to Picture Off.

  • Page 27

    Touch to display menu with TV functions and settings (see “Using the Menus” on page 36). 0 Speaker Outputs audio signal. • For more information about setting up the external inputs labels, see page 50. • Make sure that the TV is completely switched off before unplugging the power cord.

  • Page 28

    TV to using HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics standby mode. Control). Use the following settings and • Adjusts the volume (VOL +/-) and mutes the tips to help unify control of your sound (MUTING) of the connected AV connected equipment.

  • Page 29: Using Pip Feature

    You can swap audio between the main and sub window. Press OPTIONS. PIP (picture in picture) displays a picture from a connected PC in full screen, and a Press V/v to highlight Audio Swap TV program or other external input (see and press below “To Enter PIP”...

  • Page 30: Favorites, Wide Mode

    Based on the original signal source, you may see black bars around Press HOME. the picture or just on the both sides of the Press V/v to select Favorites, then screen. Sometimes you will see the press picture filled the full screen.

  • Page 31: Wide Mode With Pc

    4:3 Original source 16:9 Original source Zoom Zoom Wide Mode is also available for the PC settings. When a PC is connected to the TV and PC input is selected, you can Normal is available with 480i or 480p change the PC Screen settings.

  • Page 32: Inputs, Playing Back Photo/music/video Via Usb

    To Manage Label Press B/b to highlight one of the displayed labels that corresponds to your • If you connect the USB device when USB connected equipment, then press Auto Start is set to On (page 48), the thumbnail view of the last played Photo/ To Manage Enable Music/Video appears automatically.

  • Page 33

    • While the TV is accessing the data on compliant with USB Mass Storage Class the USB device, observe the following: standards. – Do not turn off the TV or connect USB • The file system on the USB device device. supports FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS.

  • Page 34

    Press to select the file from thumbnail to music, or seeing the clock and view. calendar, at the same time. 2 In photo frame mode, press OPTIONS > Music Selection. Photo Frame Mode Press to select the file from thumbnail view.

  • Page 35

    Image and Clock, you can set to Calendar, Analog Clock or Digital Clock. When the Display Mode setting is set to Full Screen Clock, you can set to Calendar, Calendar and Clock or Clock. For more details, see page 48: •...

  • Page 36: Navigating Through Tv Menus

    Using the Menus Navigating through TV Menus The HOME button allows you to access a variety of TV settings and USB media files. Press on the remote control to display the menu options. Press V/v/B/b to navigate on the menu or adjust the settings.

  • Page 37

    Screen: adjust the size and shape of the images you see on the screen. Channel: navigate your favorite channels and inputs and select the signal type, as well as autoprogram channels. You can also customize the channels you see and the labels assigned to them.

  • Page 38: Using The Picture Settings

    Description Picture Mode Displays the options selected in the Scene Select settings (page 24). When Customized Scene Select is set to General, the first three options below can be selected. picture viewing Vivid Select for enhanced picture contrast and sharpness.

  • Page 39

    LED Motion Lights up the backlight adequately, reducing blur in movies, Mode but the brightness decreases. White Balance Adjusts the color temperature in detail. • Available Picture options, including options in Advanced Settings depend on Scene Select and Picture Mode.

  • Page 40: Using The Sound Settings

    Provides surround effects that enhance game sound. This option is available when you select Game in the Scene Select setting. Bass Booster Select On to produce a fuller sound for more impact, by emphasizing the bass sounds. Select Off to disable this function.

  • Page 41

    • MTS Audio is only available for analog programs. • Alternate Audio is only available if the program is broadcast with alternate audio streams. • You can also access Sound Mode, MTS Audio and Alternate Audio by using the OPTIONS button on the remote control.

  • Page 42: Using The Screen Settings

    Center Zoom and Zoom.) • Normal in the Wide Mode setting is not available when you are watching a 720p, 1080i or 1080p source. • If 4:3 Default is set to anything but Off, the Wide Mode setting changes only for the current channel.

  • Page 43

    Zoom and Zoom.) PC Settings When a PC is connected to the TV and the PC input is selected, the PC settings screen appears instead of the Screen settings. You can also select the PIP feature which allows you to view two pictures simultaneously from OPTIONS button (page 29).

  • Page 44: Using The Channel Settings

    Select Add Digital Channels. Channels Select OK to add digital channels. Show/Hide Allows you to show or hide channels that appear when you use the CH +/– Channels buttons. Press V/v to scroll through the channels until you find the channel you want to show or hide.

  • Page 45: Using The Parental Lock Settings

    Description Password The Parental Lock settings allow you to set up the TV to block programs according to their content and rating levels. Use 0-9 on the remote control to enter a four-digit password. The first time you create a password, confirm the password by entering it again.

  • Page 46

    • You need your password for any future access into the Parental Lock settings. If you lose your password, see “Lost password” on page 70. • Selecting Clear All will delete the current Downloadable U.S. Rating menu and the menu will no longer be available until the TV is tuned to a channel that contains downloadable ratings.

  • Page 47: Viewing Blocked Programs

    This temporarily deactivates the parental control feature. To reactivate the Parental Lock settings, turn off the TV. When the TV is turned on again, your Parental Lock settings are reactivated.

  • Page 48: Using The Setup Settings

    Single Track Set to listen to a single music track. Setting Duration Selects the time period (1 h, 2 h, 4 h or 24 h) after which the TV automatically switches to standby mode. First day of the Set Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week on the week calendar.

  • Page 49

    Outline, Left Shadow, Right Shadow Edge Color Color 1-8 Background Color 1-8 Color Background Solid, Translucent Opacity • You can turn on Closed Captions (CC) options (On, Off or On when Muting) by pressing the CC button on the remote control. (Continued)

  • Page 50

    Select to display all on-screen settings in your language of choice: English, Español, Français. Startup Logo Select On to display the logo when the TV is turned on. Select Off to disable it. AV Setup Manage Inputs Assigns a name to external equipment.

  • Page 51

    • Some equipment with Control for HDMI does not support the Device Control feature. • HDMI Settings must be setup on the connected equipment. Picture Select Lock so no adjustment can be made to items grayed out, except Picture Adjustments Mode and CineMotion. Lock Select Unlock to allow adjustment to any of the Picture settings.

  • Page 52

    Option Description Product Contact Sony Sony contact information is available on this screen for your Support convenience. TV specific information such as Model Name, Serial Number, Software Version and downloadable ratings (if available from the TV) are displayed here. Signal...

  • Page 53: Using The Eco Settings

    Press other buttons to disable it. Idle TV Select to automatically power off the TV after 1 h, 2 h, or 4 h when no buttons are Standby pressed or touched on the remote control or the TV. Select Off to disable this function.

  • Page 54: Pc Input Signal Reference Chart For, Pc And Hdmi In

    67.5 CEA-861* * The 1080p timing when applied to the HDMI input will be treated as a video timing and not PC timing. This affects Picture settings and Wide Mode settings. To view PC content set Scene Select to Graphics, Wide Mode to Full, and Display Area to Full Pixel.

  • Page 55: Using A Wall-mount Bracket

    Mounting Hook Hook attachment on rear of TV set • Be sure to store the unused screws and Table-Top Stand in a safe place until you are ready to attach the Table-Top Stand. Keep the screws away from small children.

  • Page 56: Installing The Wall-mount Bracket

    Your TV can be wall-mounted using SU-WL500 or SU-WL100 Wall-Mount Bracket (sold separately). Please provide this installation information as well as the instruction supplied with SU- WL500 or SU-WL100 Wall-Mount Bracket to your installer. To Sony Dealers and Licensed Contractors To avoid injury and property damage, read these instructions carefully.

  • Page 57

    Figures in the above table may differ slightly depending on the installation. CAUTION The wall that the TV will be installed on should be capable of supporting a weight of at least four times that of the TV. Refer to your TV’s operating instructions for its weight.

  • Page 58

    Disconnect all the cables from the TV. Detach the Table-Top Stand from the TV. 1 Place the TV with its screen facing down on a level and stable surface covered with a thick and soft cloth. • Be careful not to hit the Table-Top Stand against the edge of the surface when placing the TV with its screen facing down.

  • Page 59

    Determine the screw locations and secure the Mounting Hooks to the rear of the TV. Refer to the “Screw and Hook Locations Diagram/Table” shown below. 1 Secure the Mounting Hooks to the rear of the TV using only the supplied screws (M6 × 16).

  • Page 60

    • When you put the TV back on the Table-Top Stand, reverse the above steps. • When moving the TV, do not squeeze the bottom of the front panel too tight. • Remove the screws or install the Mounting Hook on a stable and level surface.

  • Page 61

    Figures in the above table may differ slightly depending on the installation. CAUTION The wall that the TV will be installed on should be capable of supporting a weight of at least four times that of the TV. Step 4: Install the Base Plate on the wall Refer to the Instructions for SU-WL100.

  • Page 62

    Disconnect all the cables from the TV. Detach the Table-Top Stand from the TV. For details, see page 58. Align the holes on the left Mounting Hook with the corresponding holes on the rear of the TV. Secure them to the TV using two screws (supplied with SU-WL100).

  • Page 63

    Align the holes on the right Mounting Hook with the corresponding holes on the rear of the TV. Secure them to the TV using two screws (supplied with SU-WL100). Screw (M4 × 12) Mounting Hook Step 6: Install the TV on the Base Plate Refer to the Instructions for SU-WL100.

  • Page 64

    Install the TV onto the location “a” of the Base Plate. • When using an electric screwdriver to tighten the screws, the torque must be approximately 1.5 N·m {15 kgf·cm}. Do not lift the Mounting Hook before the screws (two screws each for left / right) are secured.

  • Page 65: Troubleshooting

    • To reset the TV to factory default settings: Turn on the TV. Press and hold down the V button on the remote, touch the "/1 button on the TV set. (The TV will turn itself off, then back on again.) Release the V button when the TV is turn on.

  • Page 66

    • Keep the TV away from noise sources such as cars, motorcycles, or hair-dryers. • If using 300 ohm twin lead, move the excess lead away from the TV or try using 75-ohm coaxial cable instead. No color / Dark picture / •...

  • Page 67

    Condition Explanation/Solution Blurry picture / Poor color • Transporting the TV from a cold to a warm location or a sudden change in room temperature may cause moisture condensation, resulting in a blurry picture or poor color. Turn off your TV and wait a few hours before powering on again.

  • Page 68

    4:3 Default setting when you change the channel or video input, if 4:3 Default in the Screen settings is set to other than Off. If you want to lock in Wide Mode selected with WIDE on the remote control, set 4:3 Default to Off in the Screen settings (see page 42).

  • Page 69

    • The first time a camera is connected to the TV via USB cable, it may take up to a couple of minutes for the photos to display.

  • Page 70

    • Turn on the TV. While holding down V on the remote control, How to reset the TV to factory settings touch "/1 on the TV. (The TV will turn itself off, then back on again.) Release V. IMPORTANT: The reset will clear all of your customized settings including the Parental Lock setting.

  • Page 71: Important Notices

    This equipment has been tested and found to comply with provider. Availability of digital cable television programming the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of in your area depends on the type of programming and signal the FCC Rules.

  • Page 72: Specifications

    110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (U.S.A./Canada/Mexico 120 V AC, 60 Hz) Power consumption 95 W 55 W in use in standby Less than 0.15 W with 120 V AC and with 240 V AC less than 0.3 W Screen size* 31.5 (measured diagonally) (32 class) (inches) (cm) 106.7...

  • Page 73

    (1)/Table-Top Stand (1 set)/Screw (3) Optional accessories Connecting cables / Support Belt Kit / Wall-Mount Bracket: SU-WL500 (KDL-42EX441/ 42EX440), SU-WL100 (KDL-32EX340) • Optional accessories availability depends on its stock. • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Page 74: Index

    Index 0-9 buttons 4:3 Default HDMI IN Rating , 40 , 53 , 70 HDMI Settings Reset HDMI/DVI Audio Source RETURN button Add Digital Channels , 27 HOME/MENU button Advanced Settings , 43 Horizontal Center Alternate Audio SCENE button Analog Fine Tune...

  • Page 76

    For Your Convenience Be sure to register your TV. Online United States Registration: Canada 4-433-081-11(1) © 2012 Sony Corporation Printed in U.S.A.

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