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Samsung OHB-S Series Manual
Samsung OHB-S Series Manual

Samsung OHB-S Series Manual

Outdoor signage


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Outdoor Signage
OHB-S, OHA-S, OHA series
Deliver bright and brilliant messages, built for the outdoors



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Summary of Contents for Samsung OHB-S Series

  • Page 1 Outdoor Signage OHB-S, OHA-S, OHA series Deliver bright and brilliant messages, built for the outdoors...
  • Page 2 Outdoor displays require certification to ensure they can perform in a variety of conditions, from snow and rain, to strong sunlight and even external physical impact. Typically, providing this robust durability requires bulky hardware, but Samsung’s OHB-S, OHA-S and OHA series offer a slim design that blends well in a variety of outdoor environment.
  • Page 3 The OHB-S, OHA-S and OHA series deliver advanced color accuracy and brightness, creating vivid content through enhanced color reproduction of all red, green and blue shades. With crisp content being what customers now expect, the Samsung outdoor signage’s uncompromised picture quality will be sure to capture customer attention.
  • Page 4 IK10 Robust durability for screen safety Powerful performance with slim design Fitted with tempered Magic Protection Glass, the Samsung OHB-S, A slim, all-in-one composition enables easy installation, while OHA-S and OHA provide durability that is IK10-rated, ensuring long-term performance is ensured through IP56 protection, anti-reflection technology, damage defense and an efficient advanced safety and protection against external impact.
  • Page 5 Suitable for various business environments Samsung’s full-outdoor series provides a versatile is suitable for a wide range of business uses. Designed to be visible in a variety of weather conditions, the OHB-S, OHA-S and OHA series provide a versatile and optimized solution for the purpose of advertising, information display, and even menu boards.
  • Page 6: Specifications

    Specifications Model OH46B-S OH55A-S OH75A Class Diagonal Size 45.9” / 116.8cm 54.6” / 138.7cm 74.5” / 189.2cm Measured 1,920 x 1,080 (16:9) 1,920 x 1,080 (16:9) 3,840 x 2,160 (16:9) Resolution 3,500nit (Peak 4,000nit) 3,500nit (Peak 4,000nit) 3,500nit (Peak 4,000nit) Brightness(Typ.) Landscape / Portrait Landscape / Portrait...
  • Page 7 Specifications Model OH46B-S OH55A-S OH75A IP56 Rated Simple Enclosure Outdoor Protection Glass(IK-10 Level, IP56 Rated Simple Enclosure Outdoor Anti Graffiti, Infrared Reduce) Protection Glass(IK-10 Level, IP56 Polarized Sun Glasses Viewable in any Anti Graffiti, Infrared Reduce) IK-10 Polarized Sun Glasses Viewable in any direction Polarized Sunglasses Viewable HD Base T for Long Distance...
  • Page 8 Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. All data were deemed correct at time of creation. Samsung is not liable for errors or omissions. All brand, product, service names and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby recognized and acknowledged.
  • Page 9: Frequently Asked Questions

    The warranty includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase for the outer hardware which consists of the housing unit. The monitor itself is covered by a Samsung 3-year product warranty for SMART LED Signage. The Samsung warranty takes effect with the first purchase date from an authorized Dealer.
  • Page 10: Basic Settings

    digital displays instructions YOUR FIRST STEPS WITH THE DEVICE Plug into socket. Device should automatically turn itself on. Use the remote control to turn the device on/off and to change settings. Insert USB or connect to WiFi to upload and play content. BASIC SETTINGS Set your language Menu >...
  • Page 11 Samsung professional screens and state-of-the-art frameless design. Best sellers ready on stock or produced and delivered in 3 weeks only. Ready to use solution incl. professional Samsung screen ready to operate 24/7/365. Stain and fingerprint Touch solution available. proof matt surface.
  • Page 12 Smart Line Digital A-Board and Suspended Panel • ready to use solution with built-in professional Samsung screen • stunning frameless design • standard colour black or white, other RAL colours on request • USB socket for simple digital content...
  • Page 13 handling during daily business UPLOADING CONTENT VIA USB MEMORY STICK 1. Find your USB memory stick Switch on the device > Press the Home button to enter the menu > Go to the play icon and press Enter> at Int. Memory find your USB stick >...
  • Page 14 To stop the video > Cancel > Int. Memory > Select File > Enter 5. Set playing and operating times If necessary set the correct date and time Menu > System > Time For more detailed information check out the full manual: Showdown Displays Europe Phone: 0221/57279499 Platinastraat 34, 6031 TW Nederweert...

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