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De-Scaling Your Brewer - Cuisinart SS-700 Instruction Booklet

Single serve brewing system
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De-Scaling your Brewer

Mineral content in water varies from place to
place. Depending on the mineral content of
the water in your area, calcium deposits or
scale may build up in your Brewer. Though
scale is non-toxic, it can hinder Brewer
performance. De-scaling your Brewer will
help maintain the heating element and other
Brewer parts that come in contact with
For optimal performance, de-scale your
Brewer every 3 to 6 months. It is possible for
calcium deposits to build up faster, making it
necessary to de-scale more often.
This Brewer is equipped with sensors to
detect when scale buildup is interfering with
the performance of the Brewer. When this is
detected, DE-SCALE will be displayed on the
control panel (see figure 30), at which point
you should promptly de-scale. However,
even if DE-SCALE is not displayed, it is still
advisable that you de-scale your Brewer
figure 30
Note: Though the Brewer will continue to
function even when DE-SCALE is displayed,
not de-scaling at that point could damage
the Brewer. If this occurs, DE-SCALE will
begin to flash on the control panel to alert
you to potential damage if you do not
de-scale immediately.
Follow these steps to de-scale your
1. Empty the reservoir.
2. Disable the AUTO OFF and OFF TIME
3. Making sure there is no K-Cup in the
brewing chamber, fill the reservoir with
60 oz. of undiluted white vinegar.
4. Place a large mug on the drip tray and
run a Hot Water cycle. Select the 12 oz.
brew size. Discard contents of mug.
5. Repeat the hot water process until ADD
WATER is displayed on the control panel
and the reservoir lights will flash.
6. Let the Brewer stand for at least four
hours while still on.
7. Rinse the water reservoir thoroughly
and fill with fresh water.
8. Run another Hot Water cycle. Discard
contents of large mug.
9. Repeat hot water process until ADD
WATER is displayed on the control panel
and the reservoir lights will flash.
10. You may need to perform additional
Hot Water cycles if you detect any
residual vinegar taste.
Note: If DE-SCALE is still displayed on
the control panel after completing the
procedure, repeat the de-scaling
procedure above.

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