Vox Valvetronix VT30 User Manual

Vox valvetronix vt30: user guide.
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  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Read these instructions. • Keep these instructions. • Heed all warnings. • Follow all instructions. • Do not use this apparatus near water. • Mains powered apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Checking the original values saved in a program ... 17 Restoring the factory settings ... 17 Using a foot switch (VOX VFS5) ...18 Foot switch operations in Channel Select mode... 18 Foot switch operations in Preset or Manual modes ... 18 Explanation of the amps and effects...19...

  • Page 4: Introduction, Welcome, Main Features

    ➢ Manual mode lets you use the VT-series as a conventional guitar amp. The physical positions of the actual knobs will be reflected by the sound. ➢ An optional VOX VFS5 foot switch (sold separately) can be connected, allowing you to switch programs or turn effects on/off with your feet.

  • Page 5: Signal Path, What Is Valve Reactor Technology

    (except for the power output, which the user specifies), every sound of that amp model can be faithfully reproduced. This power amp technol- ogy, for which a U.S. patent has been obtained, is unique to the VOX Valvetronix amps. VOLUME...

  • Page 6: Quick Start, Setup

    This Quick Start section is for those of you who would like to start using your new amp right away. This manual contains information that will help you take full advantage of your Valvetronix amp, so be sure to read the rest of it after you’ve read the Quick Start section. Setup 1.

  • Page 7: Checking Out The Preset Programs, Switching Between The User Programs

    The PRESET LED will light up(Preset mode). 2. Turn the [AMP] selector to select an amp model. A preset program for a sound that is typical of each amp model will be recalled, and the GAIN, VOLUME, TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS, and effect settings will switch auto- matically.

  • Page 8: Top And Rear Panels, A. Top Panel

    NOTE: If you connect this jack, no sound will be output from the internal speaker.

  • Page 9

    This adjusts the mix amount for the reverb. [MASTER] volume This adjusts the volume that is output from the pre-amp to the Valve Reactor power amp. This setting will change the amount of the Valve Reactor’s distortion. NOTE: The [MASTER] volume setting is not programmed.

  • Page 10

    Use this to switch to Manual mode. In Manual mode, the sound will reflect the physical position of all of the knobs except for the [EDIT] knob. This lets you use the VT-series just as if it was a conventional guitar amp. The LED will be lit when you’re in Manual mode.

  • Page 11: B. Rear Panel

    This is where you connect the included power cord. 2. FOOT SW (foot switch) jack You can connect an optional foot switch (VOX VFS5: sold separately) here and use it to switch programs while you perform. NOTE: You must connect or disconnect the foot switch while the power is off.

  • Page 12

    (distinctive of classic tube amps) that is produced when you raise the drive of the Valvetronix amp’s power stage. Even when you’re practicing in a small room, you can play without damaging the listener’s eardrums or compromising the great tone.

  • Page 13: About The Three Operating Modes, Preset Mode (recalling Preset Programs), Manual Mode

    The VT-series contains three preset programs – basic, effected, and song – for each of its amp models (giving you a total of 66 programs). You can select these simply by switching the VT-series to Preset mode and using the [AMP] selector.

  • Page 14: Channel Select Mode (recalling User Programs)

    Channel Select mode (recalling user programs) In Channel Select mode you can use the [BANK] switch and [CHANNEL] switches to recall the programs that are saved in each channel of the bank; all of the amp and effect parameters will switch automatically.

  • Page 15: Creating And Saving Sounds, Creating A Sound

    [REVERB] knob all the way to the left to disable the reverb. If you want to use an effect, you’ll add it last. 3. Use the [AMP] switch/selector to select the amp that you want to use. HINT: For details on the amp models, refer to “Explanation of the amps and effects”...

  • Page 16: Adjusting The Noise Reduction, Saving A Program

    8. If you want to use reverb, turn the [REVERB] knob to adjust the reverb mix amount. Adjusting the noise reduction Here’s how to adjust the way in which noise is suppressed. 1. Press the [BYPASS] switch to make the BYPASS LED light. 2.

  • Page 17: Checking The Original Values Saved In A Program, Restoring The Factory Settings

    Checking the original values saved in a program The original value indication lets you check the parameter values that are saved in a program. When you turn a knob to change the value of a parameter, the PRESET LED (if you’re in Preset mode) or the LED of the selected channel (if you’re in Channel Select mode) will momentarily go dark when the edited value matches the value that’s stored in the program.

  • Page 18: Using A Foot Switch (vox Vfs5), Foot Switch Operations In Channel Select Mode

    Using a foot switch (VOX VFS5) If you connect an optional foot switch (VOX VFS5: sold sepa- rately) to the rear panel [FOOT SW] jack, you’ll be able to switch banks/channels and turn effect bypass on/off using your foot. Foot switch operations in Channel Select mode Switching banks/channels (BANK, CH1–4 switches)

  • Page 19: Explanation Of The Amps And Effects, Amp Models

    AC30’s top boost channel. A-5: AC30HH The AC30HH is a hand-wired all-tube amp head sold to commemorate VOX’s fifti- eth anniversary. This amp has no rival in its ability to create sparkling chime-like clean sounds and creamy warm overdrive sounds.

  • Page 20

    A-7: AC50CP2 The VOX AC50CP2 classic plus combo is VOX’s new concept in all-tube amps. This amp models the more high-gain channel 2 with the “Fat Switch” turned off. A-8: UK 25TH Based on a UK-made 100W head, this amp was created for a famous guitarist known for his amazing tone, slash rhythms, and liking for silk hats.

  • Page 21

    B-5: AC30TB This models an AC30 amp with the “top boost” circuit that was included as standard starting with units produced in 1964. It delivers a smooth and refined top end, ma- jestically deep overdrive, and a rich and brilliant clean sound.

  • Page 22: Effects

    Effects The VT-series provides eleven of the most popular effects (including multiple ef- fects) in addition to reverb. You can set the SPEED parameter of the modulation effects or the TIME parameter of the delays simply by pressing the [TAP] switch twice at the desired interval.

  • Page 23

    CHORUS This models a standard rich-sounding analog chorus unit. EDIT1 [EDIT] EDIT2 [TAP+EDIT] EDIT3 [BYPASS+EDIT] “MIX” HINT: The CHORUS+DELAY combination effect does not allow you to adjust the SPEED, DEPTH, or MIX parameters (these are set to appropri- ate values). The COMP+CHORUS and OCTAVE+CHORUS combination effects do not allow you to adjust the DEPTH parameter (it is set to an appropriate value).

  • Page 24: Reverb

    PHASER This models a popular analog phaser that was packaged in a banana-yellow box. EDIT1 [EDIT] EDIT2 [TAP+EDIT] EDIT3 [BYPASS+EDIT] “RESONANCE” Adjusts the amount of resonance. ROTARY This models a rotary speaker. EDIT1 [EDIT] EDIT2 [TAP+EDIT] TREMOLO This models a popular tremolo circuit that was built into US-made amps. EDIT1 [BYPASS+EDIT] “DEPTH”...

  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    ➢ Check the settings of the [GAIN], [VOLUME], [TREBLE], [MIDDLE], and [BASS] controls. For some amp models, there may be no sound from the amp if the [TREBLE], [MIDDLE], and [BASS] controls are turned down, just as for the circuitry of the original amp.

  • Page 26

    PHONES jack. If no sound is produced from the amp, check the items listed in “No sound from the amp,” above. If there is sound from the amp, check whether your headphones or cable might be broken or malfunctioning.

  • Page 27: Specifications

    30 W RMS @ 4 ohms maximum 50 W RMS @ 8 ohms maximum 100 W RMS @ 8 ohms VOX original (8 inch 4 ohm) x 1 VOX original (10 inch 4 ohm) x 1 VOX original (12 inch 8 ohm) x 1...

  • Page 28: Song Program List

    Song program list Preset Mode P3: Red Amp A: GREEN Boutique CL Deluxe Tweed Super 4x10 AC15TB AC30HH Express Train AC50CP2 UK 25th US ’90s UK Modern Boutique Metal Amp B: RED Modded CL Tweed 2x12 Tweed 4x10 AC15 AC30TB...

  • Page 29: Program Sheet

    Program sheet When you come up with a sound you like, you can use this sheet to make a note of your settings. We suggest that you make photocopies of this program sheet, and make your notes on the photocopies. Remember to note the NR setting and POWER LEVEL control setting (rear panel).

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  • Page 32

    IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CONSUMERS This product has been manufactured according to strict specifications and voltage requirements that are applicable in the country in which it is intended that this product should be used. If you have purchased this product via the internet, through mail order, and/or via a telephone sale, you must verify that this product is intended to be used in the country in which you reside.

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