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Vivitar Vivicam 3640 User Manual

Vivitar vivicam 3640: user manual.
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ViviCam 3640
User Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 ViviCam 3640 User Manual 020810...
  • Page 2: About This Manual

    About this manual This manual makes using the ViviCam 3640 as easy as possible. Information in this document has been carefully checked for accuracy; however, no guarantee is given to the correctness of the contents. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 1 - Getting Started ...1 Features... 1 Safety Information... 2 Included Components... 4 Camera Overview ... 6 Front View ... 6 Back View ... 8 Bottom View ... 11 Install the Memory Card ... 12 Install the Batteries ... 14 Choose a Language ...
  • Page 4 Chapter 4 - Connecting to a Computer ...27 Installing Software ... 28 Making the Connection ... 30 Copying Photos to a PC ... 31 Using as a PC Camera ... 32 Chapter 5 – Mode / Operation Guide ...33 Snapshot Mode ... 33 Video Mode ...
  • Page 5 Chapter 6 – Using the LCD Display ...46 LCD Icon Descriptions ... 47 Appendix 1 – Button Function Guide...49 Appendix 2 – Troubleshooting ...50...
  • Page 6: Chapter 1 - Getting Started

    Chapter 1 - Getting Started Features • Digital Zoom (3x) • Up to 2048 x 1536 resolution • Color LCD viewfinder screen • Video Clip Recording (up to 1 minute) • USB 1.1 interface • Auto exposure, user-defined exposure, auto focus •...
  • Page 7: Safety Information

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Safety Information Do not look at the sun through the viewfinder. Viewing the sun or other strong light source through the viewfinder could cause permanent visual impairment. Do not disassemble the camera. Touching the product’s internal parts could result in injury.
  • Page 8 water. Discontinue use immediately if you notice any changes in the battery such as discoloration, deformation or leakage. Observe caution when operating the flash. Do not use the flash close to anyone’s eyes. This can cause temporary damage to eyesight. Particular care should be observed when photographing infants –...
  • Page 9: Included Components

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Included Components Your ViviCam 3640 comes equipped with the following components. Please check to make sure all items are included. ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual...
  • Page 10 Quick Reference Guide USB Cable Two (2) AA Alkaline Batteries Installation CD-ROM Soft Carrying Case Video Cable...
  • Page 11: Camera Overview

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Camera Overview The front, rear, bottom and top views of the ViviCam 3640 are shown on the following pages. Please take a moment to review these illustrations to familiarize yourself with the terms used in the rest of this manual.
  • Page 12 Built-in Flash: The flash allows the camera to take pictures in low light conditions and can also be used in bright conditions to remove unwanted shadows. Light Sensor: The ViviCam 3640 automatically detects ambient light levels and determines whether or not the flash is needed. Light measurements are made with this sensor.
  • Page 13: Back View

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Back View Viewfinder: The viewfinder is used to frame your pictures. The actual picture is taken with the lens and not the viewfinder. Status LED: When power is first turned on, or the camera is working (and not available to take a...
  • Page 14 LED is a solid green color. Power Button: Press this button to turn on the ViviCam 3640. Press it again to turn it off. Zoom Out Key: While in Snapshot mode, press this key to zoom out. If pressed repeatedly in during Playback, Zoom Out switches between thumbnail and full-screen views.
  • Page 15 ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Up Button: Used to move up through menus and to cycle in a left-wards direction during picture Playback. Down Button: Used to move down through menus and to cycle in a right-wards direction during picture Playback.
  • Page 16: Bottom View

    Bottom View Tripod Connector: Attaches the camera to a tripod. This is an optional accessory that can be used to hold the camera still and is especially useful for low light night pictures. Battery / Memory Card Cover: Opens to allow access to the battery chambers as well as the memory card slot.
  • Page 17: Install The Memory Card

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Install the Memory Card To install the memory card: Turn off the camera. Open the battery / memory card compartment by pressing on the cover and sliding in the direction of the arrow toward the outside edge of the camera.
  • Page 18 Insert the memory card with the notched corner facing the outside edge of the camera (gold circuitry facing toward the back of the camera.) Close the battery / memory card cover. Notch...
  • Page 19: Install The Batteries

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Install the Batteries To install or replace the batteries: Turn off the camera. Open the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera by pressing on the cover and sliding in the direction of the arrow toward the...
  • Page 20 Insert batteries into the chamber making sure that the positive properly oriented, as indicated on the compartment’s interior wall. Close the battery cover. and negative ends are...
  • Page 21: Choose A Language

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Choose a Language The ViviCam 3640 can display text and messages in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese. To select a different language: Rotate the Mode Dial to Setup mode Turn the camera on.
  • Page 22 Use the Down button press the Display button Use the Up and Down buttons the language you want to use. Press the Display button Menu returns. to select Language then to enter this menu. to select to set it. The Setup...
  • Page 23: Set The Time And Date

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Set the Time and Date When you transfer a photo to a computer and/or print it, the time and date will show when it was taken. To set the date display style: Rotate the Mode Dial to Setup Turn on the camera.
  • Page 24 Select the Style option. Press the Display button to enter that menu. Choose either Month/Day or Day/Month as the display style for the date. When the settings are correct, press the Display button to save the changes.
  • Page 25 ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual To set the date and time: 1. Select Date on the Setup menu and then press the Display button 2. Select the Clock option. Press the Display Button to enter that menu.
  • Page 26 3. Use the Up and Down buttons hour. Press the Strobe/Copy and move on to minutes. Next, set the minutes in the same manner. Press the Strobe/Copy button to the next Clock option. 5. Once the time has been set, repeat step 3 to set the year, then the month, and finally the day.
  • Page 27: Chapter 2 - Taking Pictures

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Chapter 2 - Taking Pictures This chapter shows you how to take pictures with your ViviCam 3640. Prepare the Camera To prepare the camera for picture taking: Press the Power button to turn it on. After a short pause, the LED will stop flashing, which is the signal that the camera is ready for use.
  • Page 28: Select The Camera Mode

    Select the Camera Mode There are two modes for taking pictures: Snapshot and Preset. Snapshot mode is for basic picture taking, while the Preset mode allows you to take pictures in one of five preset schemes: Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene, Self-Timer and Macro.
  • Page 29: Zoom And Shoot

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Zoom and Shoot Zoom in on a particular object You can use the Zoom In narrow or widen the lens’ field of view. Use the LCD display to preview the effects of the zoom function. Automatic Image Processing Pressing the Shutter button half way down initiates the camera's internal image processing function.
  • Page 30: Chapter 3 - Reviewing Your Pictures

    Chapter 3 - Reviewing Your Pictures One benefit of ViviCam 3640s is that you can immediately check whether or not you like the picture you just took. After you take a picture you can see what it looks like and then retake it if you are not happy. Switch to Playback Mode To view the pictures that you have stored in internal memory or on the SmartMedia™...
  • Page 31: Thumbnail Review

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual You can also use the Zoom buttons detail on a particular picture. The default zoom setting is "x1"; Press Zoom In follows: x1.0, x1.5, x2.0, x2.5, x3.0, x3.5, x4.0. Press the Zoom Out button down to x1.)
  • Page 32: Chapter 4 - Connecting To A Computer

    Chapter 4 - Connecting to a Computer The ViviCam 3640 stores pictures as digital data rather than on film. Instead of making a trip to a developer and printing from negatives, you can simply copy your pictures to a computer for long-term storage. Once...
  • Page 33: Installing Software

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Installing Software Follow these instructions to install the ViviCam 3640 drivers and software on your system. Please have your Windows CD-ROM ready beforehand, as you may be prompted to insert it during the installation process. Step 1: TWAIN Driver / Utility Installation Insert the installation software CD into your CD- ROM drive.
  • Page 34 Step 2: MSD / PC Camera Driver Installation To install the necessary drivers for Mass Storage Device (MSD) mode and PC Camera mode, first set the correct operational mode for that function. For example, set the Mode Dial to PC Camera mode to install those drivers, and to any other mode to install Mass Storage Device drivers.
  • Page 35: Making The Connection

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual The Windows Add Hardware Wizard will automatically detect the camera and lead you through the installation procedures for the corresponding mode. You will need to do this once for each mode (PC Camera and MSD.) You should reboot your computer before using camera and software for the first time.
  • Page 36: Copying Photos To A Pc

    Copying Photos to a PC When connected to your computer in MSD mode, the ViviCam 3640 behaves exactly like any another disk drive attached to your computer. This makes copying the images to your hard drive as easy as copying files from a floppy disk, zip drive or CD-ROM.
  • Page 37: Using As A Pc Camera

    To use the ViviCam 3640 as a PC Camera you must set the camera to PC Camera mode. To use the ViviCam 3640 in MSD mode, you can use any of the modes except for the Pc Camera mode. and then connect it to...
  • Page 38: Chapter 5 - Mode / Operation Guide

    Chapter 5 – Mode / Operation Guide The ViviCa operation. You can select which mode you want to use by rotating the Mode Dial to the correct p osition. This chapter describes each of these modes and the different button functions in each mode. Snapshot Mode Snapshot mode is used for ta principles of non-digital photography apply here, so the...
  • Page 39: Video Mode

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual • light ( through the following settings: Auto (A), On, Off, and Red-Eye Reduction. • setti ngs. Pressing the WB key cycles through th following settings: Auto, Day Light, Shade, Light Bulb (incandescent light), and Fluorescent Light.
  • Page 40: Preset Mode

    3. Press the Shutter Button to begin recording. By default, the camera records a full 60-seconds before terminating the recording. However, if y press the Shutter Button a second time you can terminate the recording before that time is up. Like Sna pshot mode, you may also zoom in and out when r...
  • Page 41: Landscape

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Landscape This preset is optimized for taking landscape pictures, with the lens focus universally distributed to encompass everything within the entire frame. trait This preset is optimized for ta ng “head shots” of other people, focusing more on the center of the frame than the peripheral parts.
  • Page 42: Self-timer

    Self-Timer This preset lets you to take a photo after a ten second delay. This gives you the ability to take hands-free photos, perhaps self-portraits or group photos, for example. To Take a Group Photo Position the camera on a stable surface (such as an optical tripod) and frame the shot.
  • Page 43: Playback Mode

    Playback Mode The Playback mode is used to view the photos stored in the ViviCam 3640’s on-board memory or on the SmartMedia™ memory card. To view the photos, rotate the Mode dial to the Review mode position.
  • Page 44: Setup Mode

    • Zoom Out: In Snapshot Mode, widens the field framed by the camera’s lens from x4.0 to x1.0. If you zoom out while in Playback mode the camera switches to Thumbnail mode. • Zoom In: Narrows the field framed by the camera’s lens from x1.0 to x4.0 (x1.0, x1.5, x2.0, x2.5, x3.0, x3.5, 4.0) Setup Mode...
  • Page 45: Delete All

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Delete All To delete images from either the camera's internal memory or from the SmartMedia™ Card, select Delete All from the Setup menu. Format This option completely erases and reformats of the storage device. It is similar in function to formatting or defragmenting a PC hard drive.
  • Page 46: Quality

    Quality Adjust the image quality and resolution by selecting Quality from the Setup menu. There are five different picture resolutions available: 2048 x 1536 (Super) 1600 x 1200 (Fine) 1600 x 1200 (Normal) 800 x 600 (Fine) 800 x 600 (Normal) The higher the quality, the clearer your picture will be, but at the same time the image file size will be larger, and therefore you will be able to store fewer pictures in...
  • Page 47: Buzzer

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Buzzer When this feature is turned on, the camera makes a beep when you push its buttons or rotate its Mode dial. To activate the beeps, select the Buzzer option from the menu. On the subsequent screen, select Yes to confirm...
  • Page 48: Date/time

    DPOF function. After making your selection, press the Display button Date/Time The ViviCam 3640 marks each picture with a time stamp displaying the hour, minute and day the photo was taken. This is useful for organizing and keeping track of your photo collection.
  • Page 49: Language

    Press the Display button selection and return to the main Setup screen. Language The ViviCam 3640 can display menu items in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese. For more on setting the default language, see page 16.
  • Page 50: Video Out

    Press the Display button confirm your choice. PC Camera Mode The ViviCam 3640 can be used with any commercially available video software as a video camera. Simply connect it to your PC with the supplied USB cable, turn the Mode dial to PC Camera and then it turn on.
  • Page 51: Chapter 6 - Using The Lcd Display

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Chapter 6 – Using the LCD Display When the camera is in any mode other than Setup mode, current camera settings such as zoom, icons on the LCD display indicate quality, etc. This chapter describes these icons and their meanings.
  • Page 52: Lcd Icon Descriptions

    LCD Icon Descriptions Icon Name Auto Flash The camera senses whether the flash is needed by detecting Flash Off Flash is turned off, regardless of the amount of light available. Red-Eye Reduction Flash On Flash is always on, regardless of light available. Snapshot Mode Self-Timer...
  • Page 53 ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Zoom Battery Indicator White Balance Auto WB Daylight Shade Tungsten Use this setting for taking pictures under tungsten or Fluores- cent Indicates the level of zoom currently applied. In Video Mode, zoom options are: x1.0, x1.1, x1.2, x1.3, x1.4, x1.5, x1.6, x1.7, x1.8, x1.9, x2.0.
  • Page 54: Appendix 1 - Button Function Guide

    Appendix 1 – Button Function Guide Mode Shutter Single Capture Snapshot Single Capture Preset Select Photo Playback Start / Stop Recording Video PC Camera Execute Function Setup N/A = Not Available Down Display LCD + Light → LCD Off Select Select LCD + Light Landsca...
  • Page 55: Appendix 2 - Troubleshooting

    ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual Appendix 2 – Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause The camera The camera is has no power. turned off. The batteries are discharged. The batteries are inserted incorrectly. The camera Ensure the green won’t take a Camera Ready LED picture.
  • Page 56 OK to bring up the 'Safe To Remove Hardware' confirmation. E. Disconnect the ViviCam 3640 from your PC. Please check to make sure your hard drive's DMA setting is enabled, as follows: From the Windows Start menu, select Settings, then Control Panel.
  • Page 57 ViviCam 3640 User’s Manual The camera’s Messenger drivers do not cannot use the support RGB or the Video I420 image format. Conference As such, MSN function with Messenger cannot the camera as run the Video the source in Conference function Windows XP.

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