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Automatic Dispenser - Viking Professional DFFB530 Use And Care Manual

Viking range professional dffb530: user guide.
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Automatic Ice Maker
To remove ice bins, extend ice
drawer fully. Place hand underneath
ice bin. Push ice bin upward.
Grab ice bin edge and lift upward.
Store ice bin in safe place.
To replace ice bins, lower ice bin
in cutout on drawer frame.
Adjust forward or backward
as needed.
Water Dispenser Operation
(dispenser models only)
Wait a couple of minutes after
connecting your refrigerator to the household water supply
before attempting to use the water dispenser.
NOTE: Discard first ten to fourteen containers of water
dispensed after initially connecting your refrigerator to the
water supply. Do the same after your refrigerator has an
extended period of non-use.
You will be able to dispense water by pressing a sturdy, wide-
mouth drinking glass or container against the water
dispensing pad. To stop the flow of water, release the
pressure. A small amount of water may continue to fall into
the spill shelf located just below the dispenser. The spill shelf
is not self draining, so large spills should be wiped dry.
To avoid personal injury or property damage, observe the following:
• Do not operate dispenser with freezer door open.
• Do not put fingers, hands, or any foreign object into dispenser
• Do not use sharp objects to break ice
Ice Bin below

Automatic Dispenser

Ice Dispenser Operation
(dispenser models only)
Your refrigerator's ice dispenser allows you to select either
cubed or crushed ice by sliding the lever on the ice dispenser
panel. A slight delay occurs when switching between cubed
and crushed modes, and pieces of crushed ice will vary in size
and shape.
Once you have made your
selection, dispense ice by
pressing a sturdy, wide mouth
drinking glass or container
against the ice dispenser pad.
You should release pressure
before the container is full
because some ice will continue
to fall.
NOTE: You can reduce the
spray of crushed ice by holding
the wide-mouth container
directly under the ice chute and
Ice Pad
as high as possible in the
dispenser area.
If your refrigerator is dispensing ice continuously, the
dispenser's motor is designed to shut off automatically after
three to five minutes. The motor will then reset after three
minutes and dispensing can continue.
When you repeatedly dispense crushed ice, "snow" may form
on your the door and on the ice chute. You should allow
"snow" to evaporate on its own, or you can wipe it dry.
NOTE: The ice and water dispensers will shut off if the
refrigerator or freezer door has been left ajar for ten minutes.
Operation will resume when the door is closed.
Removing Ice Bucket
You can remove the Ice Bucket by simply lifting the bucket
and pulling it out. To replace it, slide it back in until the
bucket locks in place. If the freezer door will not close, the
bucket is not in the proper position.
To avoid property damage, do not dispense ice directly into a thin
glass, fine china, or delicate crystal.
Sliding Lever
Water Pad


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