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Viking Professional DFFB530 Use And Care Manual

Viking range professional dffb530: user guide.
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111 Front Street
Greenwood, Mississippi 38930 USA
(662) 455-1200
For product information
call 1-888-VIKING1 (845-4641)
or visit the Viking Web site at


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Viking Professional DFFB530

  • Page 1 IKING USE AND CARE MANUAL VIKING RANGE CORPORATION 111 Front Street Greenwood, Mississippi 38930 USA (662) 455-1200 For product information call 1-888-VIKING1 (845-4641) or visit the Viking Web site at Built-in F20413 (M1006VR) Refrigerator/Freezers...
  • Page 2 Congratulations Congratulations and welcome to the elite world of Viking ownership. We hope you will enjoy and appreciate the care and attention we have put into every detail of your new, state-of-the-art refrigerator. Your Viking appliance is designed to offer years of reliable service.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Refrigerator (all units) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 19 Freezer (all units) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 24...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    DANGER RISK OF CHILD ENTRAPMENT Before You Throw Away Your Old Refrigerator or Freezer: • Take off the doors. • Leave the shelves in place so that children may not easily...
  • Page 5: Features

    • Door Alarm Sounds and glows to warn that fresh food and/or freezer door have been ajar for three minutes. • True 24” Depth Keeps items in back within easy reach and allows refrigerator to fit flush into 24” deep installation cutout (Designer and Full Overlay models).
  • Page 6 7. MEAT SAVOR™/PRODUCE Drawer (1) 8. Moisture-Controlled Produce Drawer(s) 42” W.– Full-Width (1) 48” W.– Half-Width (2) 9. Glide-Out Freezer Baskets (2) 10. Ice Bucket (1) 11. Non-Adjusting Freezer Shelf (1) 12. Adjustable Freezer Shelves (3) 13. Adjustable Freezer Door Bins (3)
  • Page 7 Full-Width (1) 3. Dairy Compartments (2) 4. Adjustable Door Bins (5) (Patent Pending) Half-Width (4) Full-Width (1) (built-in bottom-mount) 5. Wire Freezer Baskets (2) 6. Ice Bucket (1) 7. MEAT SAVOR™/PRODUCE Drawer (1) 8. Moisture-Controlled Produce Drawers (2) 9. Lights...
  • Page 8: Settings And Functions

    To adjust the refrigerator or freezer temperature, simply press the “DISPLAY ON”/”ACTIVATE CONTROLS” pads, then “REF TEMP” pad or “FREEZER TEMP” pad. Press “HIGHER TEMP” or “LOWER TEMP” pad to adjust temperature setting one level at a time. Holding down “HIGHER TEMP”...
  • Page 9 DISPLAY ACTIVATE MAX FRZ CONTROLS coldest setting for 24 hours, at the end of which, the freezer temperature automatically returns to its previous setting. To activate the max freezer mode, press the “DISPLAY ON”/”ACTIVATE CONTROLS” pads, followed by the “MAX FRZ”...
  • Page 10: Refrigerator (all Units)

    Place the thermometer snugly between frozen packages in freezer section. Wait five to eight hours, then check the temperature. If the freezer temperature is not 0Þ to 2Þ F (-17Þ to -16Þ C), adjust the temperature control one number at a time. Then, check the temperature again in five to 8 hours.
  • Page 11 The chill zone temperature control is located to the right of the MEAT SAVOR™/PRODUCE drawer. The control adjusts the amount of freezer air circulating in this area. For normal refrigerator temperature, slide the control down. To cool down the chill zone, slide the control up.
  • Page 12 Refrigerator (all units) the front part of the drawer, grasp the glides/drawer and lightly squeeze until the drawer snaps onto the glides. Then slide the drawer back until it stops. For refrigerators without glides, remove the produce drawer by lifting it up slightly and pulling it out.
  • Page 13: Freezer (all Units)

    (all freezer model only) Ice bins can be adjusted to match the way you use your freezer. The ice bin on the left-hand side is used for collecting ice from the ice maker. Once the left-hand ice bin is full, the bins can be reversed so additional ice is made.
  • Page 14: Automatic Dispenser

    You can remove the Ice Bucket by simply lifting the bucket and pulling it out. To replace it, slide it back in until the bucket locks in place. If the freezer door will not close, the bucket is not in the proper position.
  • Page 15: Installing Water Filter

    Automatic Dispenser Child Lock Feature (dispenser models only) When engaged, your refrigerator's child lock feature prevents water or ice from being dispensed. This feature is useful when cleaning the dispenser or to keep children from dispensing ice and water. To activate the child lock, push the child lock switch to the left (see illustration).
  • Page 16: Food Storage Guide

    A full freezer stays cold longer than a partially filled one, and a freezer full of meat stays cold longer than a freezer full of baked goods. If food contains ice crystals, it may be safely refrozen, although the quality and flavor may be affected.
  • Page 17: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Interior walls Sponge, soft cloth or paper Hand wash, (allow freezer to towel with baking soda or rinse, and warm up so cloth or mild detergent and dry thoroughly. will not stick)
  • Page 18 Cleaning and Maintenance Glass Shelves To clean your refrigerator's glass shelves, lift the shelf out by lifting the front and releasing the hooks from the metal track. Then pull the shelf out. Be sure to allow the glass shelves to adjust to room temperature before cleaning.
  • Page 19 (all freezer only) Disconnect power at breaker or turn power disconnect switch to off. Remove center freezer basket and frame by lifting up on the black leveler on each side until drawer disengages from glide. Lightly grasp light cover on the underneath side and pull up.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Power Interruptions If electric service to your refrigerator will be interrupted for 24 hours or less, keep the doors to the freezer closed. This helps food stay frozen. If service will be interrupted longer than 24 hours, remove all...
  • Page 21 Make sure the pan is level so it does not overflow. Ice Maker will not Is the freezer cold enough to make ice? It operate could take overnight for the freezer to reach the proper temperature. Is the signal arm in...
  • Page 22: Service Information

    (2) years from the date of original retail purchase. Viking Range Corporation, warrantor, agrees to repair or replace, at its option, any part which fails or is found to be defective during the...

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