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Sony eVilla NTE-D101 User Manual

Network entertainment center.
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Use this section to store your account information for future
reference. Fill out this section using the information determined
during the registration of your e Villa account. (See page 10 for
instructions on registering your account.)
Primary Account Username
Example: myname
This is also the first part of your email address— before the @ symbol.
Primary Account Email Address
See page 12 for tips on selecting your email address.
Primary Account Password
If you write your password here, others may have access to it.
For security reasons, you may want to write a " hint" that will
help you remember it later.
Primary Local Internet Access Telephone Number
See page 10 for information on choosing this number.
e Villa Network Entertainment Center Serial Number
Located on the identification panel on the rear of the unit.
e Villa Network Entertainment Center Model Number
How to Contact Us
For questions about billing,
service plans and product
returns, information or
assistance with your
Internet access account or
email, or for problems with
your device, contact us at:
Web Site:
Toll Free:
1 888-344-9400
Or, write to:
Sony Customer Service Center
12451 Gateway Blvd.
Ft Myers, FL 33913


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   Summary of Contents for Sony eVilla NTE-D101

  • Page 1 Internet access account or email, or for problems with your device, contact us at: Web Site: Email: Toll Free: 1 888-344-9400 Or, write to: Sony Customer Service Center 12451 Gateway Blvd. Ft Myers, FL 33913...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Welcome Home ............1 Keeping Your Device Clean and Safe .
  • Page 4: Welcome Home

    Internet. After a simple registration process, you’ ll be able to connect to the world with the touch of a button. We’ re glad you chose the Sony e Villa Network Entertainment Center as your home on the Internet. We think you will be, too.
  • Page 5: Keeping Your Device Clean And Safe

    EEPING This section provides you with some key instructions on how to clean your e Villa Network Entertainment Center and keep it from being damaged. Dangerously high voltages are present inside the unit. Do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.
  • Page 6: Helpful Resources

    Using the Getting Started Guide The Getting Started Guide is intended to assist you with setting up and getting familiar with your e Villa Network Entertainment Center. In this guide you’ ll find information on: e Villa hardware and software features, pages 4-8 Connecting the keyboard, scroll mouse, phone and power cords, page 6 Setting up your e Villa Internet access account, pages...
  • Page 7: Taking The Tour

    (glows green), sleeping (glows amber) or off (no light). EMAIL Indicator Lights up when to the new email has arrived. Memory Stick Media Slot Use Sony Memory Stick storage media to access and save pictures, music or other files. ®...
  • Page 8: On The Back

    Additional speakers, printers and external storage devices are not included. You may purchase e Villa- supported products separately. Please go to the e Villa Web site at for a current list of compatible products. Audio out Connect headphones or external speakers.
  • Page 9: Getting Connected

    ETTING ONNECTED The connections on the back of the unit are marked according to what you plug into them. Plug the keyboard, scroll mouse, phone cord and power cord into their corresponding connections. The cords and jacks are color coded. Match the colors to assure you have plugged the keyboard and scroll mouse into the proper jacks.
  • Page 10: The Keyboard

    The Keyboard The e Villa keyboard is compact, functional and provides one- touch access to the information you’ ll want most. Across the top of the keyboard is a row of buttons. These are the NET GUIDE channel buttons. Simply press a button to go instantly to the Net Guide channel of your choice.
  • Page 11: The Scroll Mouse

    The Scroll Mouse There are three parts to the scroll mouse — the two buttons and the scroll wheel. When sitting on a flat surface, the mouse fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Your fingers should naturally rest on the two buttons. When you move the mouse, you will see a hand move around on the screen;...
  • Page 12: Moving In (registration)

    POWER green and the e Villa Network Entertainment Center comes alive. The first time you start the device you will see the Sony logo; then, the Welcome screen appears. You can choose to register your e Villa Internet access account or preview e Villa’ s features.
  • Page 13: Registering Your E Villa Internet Access Account

    Internet. Please contact your local telephone company to assure the telephone number you select to access the Internet is free of any toll charges. Sony cannot be held responsible for any additional telephone charges incurred while using this device.
  • Page 14: Entering Your Personal Information

    Your Internet access is being provided by EarthLink, Inc. an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is not affiliated with Sony. Your use of this service may be subject to additional terms and conditions as set forth by EarthLink.
  • Page 15: Entering A Username

    Entering a Username During the account registration process you will be asked to enter a primary account username. This name becomes part of your email address. Enter something that is easy for you and your friends to remember. Your name is always a good choice, as is a hobby or special interest.
  • Page 16: Entering A Password

    Entering a Password Enter a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. It is best not to use your birth date or your name. Combining letters and numbers is a good strategy. Write a hint for yourself on the inside front cover of this guide as a reminder in case you forget your password.
  • Page 17: Coming Home

    OMING In this section, you’ ll learn how to log in and dial up so you can begin using your e Villa Network Entertainment Center. Logging In Logging in is like unlocking the door to your own, personal room. In your room you might keep your private email address book, your favorite Web sites and your own, private electronic communication (called email).
  • Page 18: Dialing Up

    This is what gives the Internet its diversity and value. However, some of the information may include material that you find objectionable. Sony cannot be held responsible for the content of material accessed through this device. Please use it and the Internet responsibly.
  • Page 19: Exploring The E Villa Neighborhoods

    XPLORING THE The e Villa Network Entertainment Center is organized into three neighborhoods: web, eVilla Home the top of the screen to easily get from place to place. You can also access these neighborhoods with a simple touch of one of the chrome buttons on the front of the device.
  • Page 20 Using the Net Guide Channels You can access the in two places: icons on NET GUIDE Home and buttons across the top of your keyboard. Each takes you directly to an area on the Web that is full of useful information on that topic.
  • Page 21 Web or sent to you as email attachments. Store your photos online for your family and PHOTOS friends to enjoy. Learn about special offers from Sony and Sony ATTRACTIONS partners. For more information. . . on using these icons, look up “ Net Tools” in the eGuide.
  • Page 22: The Web

    The Web Click the tab to quickly access the World Wide Web. The world is instantly brought into the comfort of your home. When you click the tab on your e Villa device, your personal start page appears. If you’ ve already been surfing the Web, click this BACK icon to scroll back through the sites you’...
  • Page 23: Email

    Email Click the email tab to go to your email inbox where your incoming mail is stored. From the inbox you can check your new email, write messages to send to others and update your address book. Opens the folder where your incoming mail resides. Opens the folder where you save drafts of your email messages if you’...
  • Page 24: Getting Familiar With The Layout

    ETTING AMILIAR WITH THE Read this section to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of the on-screen display. The Toolbars The toolbars are located directly below the tab in the neighborhoods. They contain icons that allow you to navigate the Web and work in your email. Web Toolbar For more information.
  • Page 25: The Tray

    The Tray The Tray is the colored bar nearest the bottom of the screen (above the Status Bar). On the Tray you will find: The Hardware Icons (See page 24 for more information on Hardware icons.) Icon SETUP In Setup you can change user information, modem connection, video and audio settings, mouse speed, printer settings, reset the date and time and schedule browser updates.
  • Page 26: The Media Player

    The Media Player When you choose to play a music or video file from a storage device (see page 24 for information on storage devices) or from the Internet, the Media Player opens at the bottom of the screen above the Tray. The Media Player allows you to listen to music and watch streaming video content in popular Internet formats.
  • Page 27: The Hardware Icons

    “ faded,” indicating it is not ready to be used. note Memory Stick media are sold separately and can be purchased from a local Sony retailer or online. To purchase them online, click the web tab and type in the URL. The site has instructions on purchasing e Villa-supported products.
  • Page 28 Web pages, email, photographs and more. The e Villa Network Entertainment Center supports a wide variety of printers. Go to the e Villa Web site,, for a current list of supported printers. If you have connected a USB printer via one of the USB ports, the in the lower left corner with the other hardware icons.
  • Page 29: Leaving Home

    EAVING Ready to end your session and leave the e Villa device?— Simple! There are some items you’ ll want to keep in mind. This section takes you through a few of the things to consider. Saving Favorite Web Sites or Email Drafts If you’...
  • Page 30: Hanging Up

    Hanging up If you log out when you finish, a window appears giving you the option to hang up at that time. If you don’ t log out, be sure to disconnect from the Internet when you are finished by clicking button on the Status Bar in the lower right corner of ONLINE the screen.
  • Page 31: Where To Get More Information

    Online Tips Icon Visit the e Villa Web Site The e Villa Web site ( provides quick access to the latest information about the e Villa device, accessories and product support. Learn the Language Look in the glossary on page 32 for definitions of some of the words you’...
  • Page 32: Connecting Additional Accessories

    The e Villa device supports a number of USB printers for just that reason. Go to the eVilla Web site at for a current list of compatible printers. note After setting up the printer according to the manufacturer's instructions, turn on the power.
  • Page 33: Speakers

    The USB cable may accompany your accessories or may have to be purchased separately. Go to the e Villa Web site,, for information on which accessories are supported with the e Villa Network Entertainment Center. Supported accessories can be purchased online or...
  • Page 34: Solving Problems

    The power light doesn’ t come on Check that the AC power cord is securely connected to the device and plugged into the wall outlet. Check that the wall outlet is working correctly by plugging in something that you know works. Firmly press the should glow green.
  • Page 35: Speaking The Internet Language

    PEAKING THE NTERNET ANGUAGE In this section you will find a list of Internet-related words that you will come across in this guide. For definitions of more Internet and email terms, see the eGuide. Browser: Application for viewing Web pages or stored files. The e Villa Network Entertainment Center has its own Web browser.
  • Page 36 Link: Short for hyperlink. On the Web, you click on links (text or graphics) to move from page to page. Links are often underlined and in a different color from other text. When you roll your cursor over a link on the e Villa display a change in the appearance of the cursor indicates that the text or icon is a link.
  • Page 37 Tray: The area on the e Villa screen that contains the hardware icons and other icons to control your e Villa device. USB: Universal Serial Bus. A standard for connecting devices such as keyboards, mice, printers and Zip drives to computers and Internet devices, like your e Villa Network Entertainment Center.
  • Page 38: Specifications

    Hardware Display 15” (14” Visual Image Size) Portrait View ® FD Trinitron CRT display (0.24 - 0.25mm AG pitch) 800 lines (H) x 1024 pixels (V) CPU/Graphics Geode GX1R (266MHz) processor, Geode CS 5530A Memory 64MB SDRAM 24MB Flash ROM Modem V.90 (56 kbps max.) Audio...
  • Page 39: The Legal Stuff

    In the event of equipment malfunction, all repairs should be performed by Sony or an authorized agent. It is the responsibility of users requiring service to report the need for service to Sony or to one of our authorized agents. For service, call 1-888-344-9400.
  • Page 40: Index

    Accessing eGuide ......3, 28 email ......4, 20 Net Guide .
  • Page 41 Shopping icon (Net Guide) ... . 16, 17 Sony Memory Stick ....24 Speaker, built-in .

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