Sony Ericsson Z550i User Manual

Sony ericsson z550i: users guide.
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Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony Ericsson
Z550. In addition to the pre-installed Z550 multimedia
content, you have more waiting for you at
If you register at, you
get an exclusive offer. Don't miss out. Go there now.
This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use.


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  • Page 1

    Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony Ericsson Z550. In addition to the pre-installed Z550 multimedia content, you have more waiting for you at If you register at, you get an exclusive offer. Don’t miss out. Go there now.

  • Page 2

    Added Dimensions – Accessories from Sony Ericsson This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-61 Deep bass with light in-ear design. Desk Stand CDS-60 Your phone’s best assistant: connect a USB cable, charger and portable handsfree.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Troubleshooting ... 44 Important Information ... 46 Index ... 55 At Sony Ericsson Product Support, you can find troubleshooting, tips & tricks, software, phone settings for Internet browsing, messaging and much more. This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use.

  • Page 4: By Sony Ericsson Is Under License Memory Stick™ And Memory Stick Micro™ (m2™)

    The use of such content may be restricted or prohibited by rights of third parties, including but not limited to restriction under applicable copyright laws. You, and not Sony Ericsson, are entirely responsible for additional content that you download to or forward from your mobile phone.

  • Page 5: Contents

    Restricted Rights: Use, duplication or disclosure by the United States government is subject to the restrictions as set forth in the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software Clauses in DFARS 252.227-7013(c) (1) (ii) and FAR 52.227-19(c) (2) as applicable. Part of the software in this product is copyright ©...

  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Getting Started To insert the SIM card Remove the battery cover. Slide the SIM card into its holder with the gold contacts facing down. Insert the battery with the label side up and the connectors facing in. Slide the battery cover into place. Getting Started This is the Internet version of the user's guide.

  • Page 7

    Talk-time or standby time may become noticeably shorter due to wear and you may have to replace your battery. Only use approved batteries from Sony Ericsson 49 Battery. Save contacts to your SIM card before you remove it from another phone.

  • Page 8

    with emergency number digits, for example 112 or 911. The reason for this is to always let you make % 14 Emergency emergency calls. Calls . Press to correct mistakes. If you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row, the SIM card is blocked Card Lock.

  • Page 9: Getting To Know The Phone

    Getting to Know the Phone Phone overview This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. Camera key Selection key Back key Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot Activity menu key Microphone Earpiece Navigation key Volume button Selection key Clear key...

  • Page 10: Menu Overview

    Menu Overview PlayNow™* Camera File manager*** All files On Memory Stick In phone Getting to Know the Phone This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. Internet services* Messaging Write new Inbox My friends* Email Call voicemail Drafts...

  • Page 11: Status Bar Icons

    Calls*** Answered Dialled Missed * Some menus are operator-, network- and subscription-dependent. ** Options when phone contacts are set to default. Options change when SIM contacts are set to default. *** Use the navigation key right and left to move between tabs in submenus. For more information 10 Navigating the Menus.

  • Page 12: Navigating The Menus

    Navigating the Menus The main menus are shown as icons on the desktop. Some submenus include tabs that appear on the screen. • Press to go to the desktop or to select items. • Press to move through menus and tabs. •...

  • Page 13: File Manager

    Shut down menu Use the shut down menu to shut down the phone, turn on silent or activate a profile. For more information about % 40 Profiles profiles To open the shut down menu Press and select a menu item. File Manager Files such as pictures, videos, sounds, themes, games and applications are...

  • Page 14: Entering Letters

    To format the memory card } File manager } More } Format M.S. } Yes and enter your phone lock code. % 43 Phone For more information Lock Transferring files % 39 For more information Transferring Files Languages Select the language for phone menus and for writing.

  • Page 15: Calling

    • Continue writing your message. To enter punctuation marks, press and then To add words to the T9 Text Input dictionary • } More } Spell While entering letters word. • Edit the word by using multitap input. Navigate between the letters with .

  • Page 16: Emergency Calls

    To reject a call } Busy Close your phone press twice on the volume button. To change the ear speaker volume During a call, press increase or decrease the volume. To turn off the microphone Press and hold . To resume, press and hold again.

  • Page 17

    To select default contacts 1 } Contacts } Options } Advanced } Default contacts. 2 } Phone contacts To add a contact 1 } Contacts } New contact } 2 } Name: } Add enter the name 3 } New number: } Add number For phone contacts only, select a number type.

  • Page 18

    When copying all contacts from the phone to the SIM card, all existing SIM card information is replaced. To copy SIM contacts to phone contacts 1 } Contacts } Options } Advanced } Copy from SIM. 2 } Copy all Copy a number.

  • Page 19: Voice Control

    Synchronizing contacts For more information see Speed dialing Save phone numbers that you want to reach easily in positions 1-9 in your phone. To set or replace speed dialing numbers 1 } Contacts } Options } Speed } Add Scroll to a position and select a phone number.

  • Page 20: The Magic Word, Voice Dialing

    Instructions appear. Wait for the tone and say the command to record. The voice command is played back to you. If the recording sounds OK } No and repeat step 3. To record another voice command for } New voice } Add a contact repeat steps 2-4 above.

  • Page 21: Forwarding Calls

    Voice answering Answer or reject incoming calls by using your voice, when using a handsfree. You can use a MIDI, WAV (16 kHz), EMY or IMY file as a ringtone with voice answering. To activate voice answering and record voice answer commands 1 } Settings } General } Voice control } Voice answer } Activate.

  • Page 22: More Than One Call, Conference Calls

    To check all forward options } Settings } Calls } Divert calls } Check all. More than One Call Handle more than one call simultaneously. Call waiting service When activated, you hear a beep if you receive a second call. To activate the call waiting service } Settings } Calls } Manage calls } Call waiting }...

  • Page 23: Accept Calls, Two Voice Lines

    To add a new participant 1 } More } Hold to put the joined calls on hold. 2 } More } Add call and call the next person. 3 } More } Join calls. Repeat the procedure to include more participants.

  • Page 24: Restricted Dialing

    Restricted Dialing Restrict outgoing and incoming calls. A password from your service provider is required. If you forward incoming calls, you cannot activate some restrict calls options. The following calls can be restricted: • All outgoing – all outgoing calls. •...

  • Page 25

    Groups Create a group of numbers and email addresses to send messages to several recipients at the same time % 24 Messaging . You can also use groups (with numbers) when you create % 21 Accept accepted callers lists Calls To create a group of numbers and email addresses 1 } Contacts } Options } Groups...

  • Page 26: Messaging

    Messaging Your phone supports various messaging services. Contact your service provider about the services you can use, or for more information If you send a message to a group, you are charged for each member of that group. Text Messaging (SMS) Text messages can contain simple pictures, animations, melodies and sound effects.

  • Page 27

    To call a number in a message Select the phone number displayed in the message Call. To save an item in a text message Select the item displayed in the message More. 2 } Use to save a phone number, or Save picture to save a picture, or Save bookmark...

  • Page 28: Voice Messages

    Creating and sending picture messages Select to write text and add pictures, sounds, videos, more pages, a signature and attachments. To create and send a picture message 1 } Messaging } Write new } Picture msg. 2 } More to add an item to the message. Write text To send, continue as when sending a % 24 To write and send...

  • Page 29: Receiving Voice Messages

    Send. Continue as when sending a % 24 To write and send text message a text message Receiving Voice Messages When you receive a voice message, it appears in the Activity menu or as a % 10 Activity menu popup Press to close the message.

  • Page 30: Imaging, My Friends

    • To save an attachment, select the } More } message Attachments. Select the attachment select an option. To delete email messages • To delete a selected message, press • To delete several messages in a folder } More } Mark several.

  • Page 31

    If you try to record a strong light source such as direct sunlight or a lamp, the screen may black out or the picture may be distorted. To use the zoom Press to zoom in and zoom out. To adjust brightness Use the volume button to increase or decrease brightness.

  • Page 32: Pictures And Video Clips

    pictures and video clips using other % 30 Exchanging transfer methods pictures and video clips Pictures and Video Clips All pictures and videos are saved in File manager. The number of pictures or video clips that you can save depends on the size of the files. There is support for GIF, JPEG, WBMP, BMP, PNG, SVG-Tiny, MPG4, SDP and 3GPP.

  • Page 33: Entertainment, Media Player

    sleep mode activates, to save power. In sleep mode only the clock is shown. Press any key or button to activate the screen again. To activate sleep mode clock } Settings } Display } Sleep mode clock } To use a picture 1 } File manager } Pictures a picture.

  • Page 34

    • Press and hold or rewind when playing music tracks or video clips. • } Play to select a highlighted track in a list. • Press to adjust the volume. • When in playing, press to the Media player browser. •...

  • Page 35: Ringtones And Melodies

    Radio options } More for the following options: • Turn off – turn off the radio. • Minimize – return to standby to use other functions while listening. • Save – save the current frequency in a position. • Channels –...

  • Page 36: Sound Recorder

    Composing melodies Compose and edit ringtones using the ™ MusicDJ To compose a melody } Entertainment } MusicDJ™. Choose to Insert, Copy blocks to compose. Use to move between the blocks. Press to delete a block. more options. To edit a previously created ringtone } File manager } Sounds } More } ringtone...

  • Page 37: Connectivity

    To start and end a game } Entertainment } Games, select a game Select. Press and hold to end the game. To start and end an application } File manager } Applications, select an application Select. Press and hold to end the application. Unrecognized formats are saved in the folder.

  • Page 38

    To select an Internet profile } Settings } Connectivity } Internet settings } Internet profiles a profile to use. To start browsing } Internet services, select a service or } More for options. To stop browsing } More } Exit browser.

  • Page 39

    • Password – account username. • Connection – select an Internet profile. • Applications – mark applications to synchronize. • App. settings – select an application and enter a database name, and if required, username and password. • Sync. interval –...

  • Page 40: Usb Cable

    To show or hide your phone } Settings } Connectivity } Bluetooth } Visibility } Show phone phone. If set to hide, other devices will not be able to discover your phone via the Bluetooth connection. To add a device to your phone 1 } Settings } Connectivity } Bluetooth } My devices } New device for available devices.

  • Page 41: Transferring Files, Update Service

    To use Update service online Visit Select a region and country. Enter the product name. Select Sony Ericsson Update Service and follow the instructions that appear. to search for the } Software to display the current software to set when to search for...

  • Page 42: More Features

    More Features Time and Date Time and date are always displayed in standby. To set the time and date } Settings } General } Time & • Time – edit time and time format. • Date – edit date and date format. •...

  • Page 43

    To add a new appointment } Organizer } Calendar } New appointment } } Continue details to confirm each } Select entry. to confirm the appointment. To view an appointment } Organizer } Calendar day. Select an appointment To view a calendar week } Organizer } Calendar } More } View week.

  • Page 44: Sim Card Lock

    To view a task } Organizer } Tasks and select a task View. To set reminders 1 } Organizer } Tasks and select a task } More } Reminders. % 41 To set Follow step 2 and 3 reminders options A reminder option set in tasks affects a reminder option set in the calendar.

  • Page 45: Code Memo, Phone Lock

    To edit your PIN 1 } Settings } General } Locks } SIM lock } Change Enter your PIN Enter a new PIN OK. Re-enter the new PIN to confirm If the message Codes do not match appears when you edit your PIN, the new PIN is entered incorrectly.

  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    It may take up and enter to 30 minutes before the battery icon appears. Yes. The phone cannot be turned on The battery is discharged % 4 To charge the battery Charging a non Sony Ericsson battery % 49 Battery...

  • Page 47: Error Messages

    The wrong menu language is shown % 12 To change the phone language Master reset Delete your settings and the content you have added or edited. To reset your phone } Settings } General } Master Select Reset settings to delete your changes to settings or Reset all delete your changes to settings, all...

  • Page 48: Important Information

    • Global and local websites providing support. • A global network of Call Centers. • An extensive network of Sony Ericsson service partners. • A warranty period. Learn more about the warranty conditions in this user guide. Country...

  • Page 49

    Germany 0180 534 2020 Greece 801-11-810-810 210-89 91 919 (from mobile phone) Hong Kong 8203 8863 Hungary +36 1 880 47 47 India 1800 11 1800 (toll-free number) 39011111 (from mobile phone) Indonesia 021-2701388 Ireland 1850 545 888 Italy 06 48895206 Malaysia 1-800-889900 Mexico...

  • Page 50

    This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. • Do not paint your product. • Do not attempt to disassemble your product. Only Sony Ericsson authorized personnel should perform service. • Do not use your product near medical equipment without requesting permission.

  • Page 51: Personal Medical Devices

    Use only Sony Ericsson branded original chargers intended for use with your mobile phone. Other chargers may not be designed to the same safety and performance standards. Battery We recommend that you fully charge the battery before you use your mobile phone for the first time.

  • Page 52: Efficient Use, Electronic Equipment

    15 mm from the body without any metal parts in the vicinity of the phone or when used with the original Sony Ericsson body worn accessory intended for this phone. Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines.

  • Page 53: Disposing Of The Battery, End User License Agreement, Limited Warranty, Our Warranty

    Communications AB and its affiliated companies (“Sony Ericsson”) and its third party suppliers and licensors (“Software”). As user of this Device, Sony Ericsson grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use the Software solely in conjunction with the Device on which it is installed and/or delivered with.

  • Page 54

    Sony Ericsson Product such as downloads, calendar and contacts before handing in your Sony Ericsson Product for repair or replacement. CONDITIONS The warranty is valid only if the original proof of...

  • Page 55

    EU country where an identical Product is sold by an authorized Sony Ericsson distributor. To find out if your Product is sold in the EU country you are in, please call the local Sony Ericsson Call Center.

  • Page 56: Declaration Of Conformity, Fcc Statement

    Important Information This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. Declaration of Conformity We, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB of Nya Vattentornet S-221 88 Lund, Sweden declare under our sole responsibility that our...

  • Page 57: Index

    Index adding personal ringtones ... 15 pictures to contacts ... 15 adding appointment ... 41 alarm clock ... 40 answering service ... 17 applications ... 34 appointment adding ... 41 battery charging ... 4 inserting ... 4 Bluetooth headset ... 38 Bluetooth™...

  • Page 58: Table Of Contents

    email ... 27 emergency calls ... 14 file information ... 11 file manager ... 11 forwarding calls ... 19 games ... 34 groups ... 23 handsfree ... 38 Internet ... 35 bookmarks ... 36 language phone ... 12 writing ... 12 limited Warranty ...

  • Page 59

    pairing ... 38 phone lock ... 43, 45 picture messaging ... 25–26 pictures ... 30–31 adding to contacts ... 15 PIN ... 42 PIN code changing ... 43 entering ... 5 PlayNow™ ... 33 profiles ... 40 PUK ... 42, 45 radio ...

  • Page 60

    sound recorder ... 34 speaker volume ... 14 standby mode ... 6 synchronizing ... 36 T9™ Text Input ... 12 tasks ...41–42 text messaging ...24–25 themes ... 34 time ... 40 transfer method Bluetooth™ ... 37 USB ... 38 transferring files ... 39 troubleshooting ...

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