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Sony ericsson cdm-z5: user guide
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3-043-887-15 (1)

Mobile Telephone

User Guide
2000 by Sony Corporation



  Summary of Contents for Sony CDM-Z5

  • Page 1: Mobile Telephone

    3-043-887-15 (1) Mobile Telephone User Guide CMD-Z5 2000 by Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 My CMD-Z5 Information For easy reference, please record the following identification numbers for your phone and SIM Card. This information will assist you in customer inquiries to your retail dealer, manufacturer or Network Operator/Service Provider. In case of loss or theft of your phone and/or SIM Card, call your Network Operator/Service Provider immediately to prevent misuse.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions • Turn off your mobile phone in places where mobile phones are prohibited including aircraft and hospitals. • Turn off your mobile phone in places where there is a possibility of fires or explosions due to electrical discharge. •...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Welcome to Sony CMD-Z5 Getting Started Basic Operation Using the Phonebook What's Included in Your Kit ... 6 Parts and Controls ... 6 Attaching the Hand Strap ... 7 The Basic Features of Your Phone ... 7 Icon Glossary ...
  • Page 5 Messages ... 40 Menu Operations Ringer ... 45 Schedule ... 50 Clock ... 52 Divert ... 55 Calculator ... 57 Call History ... 58 Settings ... 60 Memo ... 72 Troubleshooting ... 75 Appendix Unblocking the SIM Card ... 76 Technical Specifications ...
  • Page 6: Welcome To Sony Cmd-Z5

    Welcome to the Sony CMD-Z5 designed for use in the worldwide network of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). Your phone is fully equipped with the Advanced Jog Dial and a visual menu for easy access and navigation - with only one hand! What's Included in Your Kit The kit should include the following: •...
  • Page 7: Attaching The Hand Strap

    Attaching the Hand Strap Attach the supplied hand strap to the phone as illustrated below. The Basic Features of Your Phone • Flip call You can easily open the flip cover with one hand. Even if the flip cover is closed and you receive a call, you can still take the call by opening the flip cover.
  • Page 8: Advanced Jog Dial

    Schedule Received local area info • Advanced Jog Dial The Jog Dial provides one-handed operation navigation. “Jog Dial” in this manual is the “Advanced Jog Dial”. Display Icon Rotate the Jog Dial clockwise or counter-clockwise Press the Jog Dial straight into the phone Keep the Jog Dial pressed Press the Jog Dial forward...
  • Page 9 • Phonebook You can open the Phonebook from the standby mode by rotating the Jog Dial. You can easily make a call from the Phonebook or a variety of other operations including searching by Group and saving such information as e-mail addresses.
  • Page 10: Icon Glossary

    Icon Glossary Your phone lets you see at a glance if you have missed calls, have messages waiting and the status of options you have selected (for example if you have diverted your phone or turned the ringer off). Sony has developed the following icons to provide you with a quick overview of your mobile activity: Status...
  • Page 11: Menu Overview

    Menu Overview Press the Jog Dial from standby mode to access the Main menu: Messages Read Create Settings Local area info Ringer Ringer Vibra alert Manner mode Schedule Phonebook Clock Alarm Timer World clock Time signal Clock format Analogue Auto power off Set the day/time •...
  • Page 12: Getting Started

    Inserting the SIM Card Your SIM card contains a computer chip with your service details and phone number. The SIM card should be kept secure in the same way as a credit card. Also, do not bend, scratch or expose it to moisture, and protect it from contact with static electricity.
  • Page 13: Inserting The Battery Pack

    Inserting the Battery Pack Unwrap the battery pack. Press the battery pack firmly into place and check that it snaps closed. To remove the battery pack First turn the power off and wait until the display goes blank. Press the battery release hook down and remove the battery.
  • Page 14 3 Charge the battery independently. Make sure that the back of the battery (the side with the label) is facing towards you. Align the battery with the desktop holder and insert the battery pack all the way to the end until it is locked.
  • Page 15: Switching On Your Phone

    Switching on Your Phone To switch your phone on/off, keep Entering PIN For security reasons, your SIM card is protected with a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is supplied with your SIM card. Enter your PIN with the keys (the PIN appears in code as press the Jog Dial (or If you do not enter a PIN code, your phone will automatically switch off after approximately 2 minutes.
  • Page 16: Connecting To The Network

    Connecting to the Network After successfully entering your PIN code, your phone searches for an available GSM network. The network search is automatic, but may take a few seconds (see also “Menu Operations-Settings-Preferences” page 60). You are ready to make and receive calls when the Network Operator's name appears on the display.
  • Page 17: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Making Calls The operator’s name must appear on the display and the flip must be opened in order to make a call (except emergency calls). Dial the complete number of the party you want to call (including the area code even when dialling locally). Press to correct any errors.
  • Page 18: Answering/Ending Calls

    Answering/Ending Calls When the flip is open, incoming calls are indicated by a ringing tone as well as the incoming call indicator icon on the display. Press the Jog Dial ) to accept the call. If the caller is using the Caller ID feature, the caller’s name appears on the display if the number is saved in the called person’s Phonebook.
  • Page 19: During A Call (Adjusting The Ringer/Speaker Volume, Call Hold)

    During a Call Adjusting the ringer/speaker volume When your phone is ringing, you can adjust the ringer volume by rotating the Jog Dial. During a call, you can adjust the speaker volume by rotating the Jog Dial. Rotate up to increase the volume and down to decrease the volume.
  • Page 20 Call hold Call hold allows you to manage 2 calls at the same time. For example, if you are speaking to someone on your CMD-Z5 and you want to make another call, you can put the current or active call on hold in order to call someone else.
  • Page 21 One active call (or one call on hold) and one call waiting When your phone alerts you (beep) that a call is waiting, there are several options available. The display automatically offers you call waiting options. Select Swap to put the active call on hold and connect the waiting call.
  • Page 22 Memo during a call You can record the conversation for up to 20 seconds. Also, you can play back the pre-recorded Voice memos, to let the caller hear them, during conversation. Pressing records a Voice memo. To playback a memo, open Memo from the Main Menu.
  • Page 23: Standard Text Input

    Standard Text Input The Jog Dial provides a quick alternative to entry standard characters. Simply press a key once and then rotate the Jog Dial to move the cursor to the desired character on the preview bar. Press the Jog Dial or wait a moment to confirm.
  • Page 24 Example: To enter “s” when creating a message. Press A character or number appears. Rotate the Jog Dial to “s”(or press three more times). Press the Jog Dial (or wait for a moment). Tips • Press to shift between: ... lower case letters permanently ...
  • Page 25: T9 Text Input

    T9 Text Input In addition to the standard method of entering text messages in which you press a key a certain number of times until the desired letter appears, Sony has equipped your phone with an additional feature called T9 Text Input. T9 Text Input and the Jog Dial make writing messages quicker and easier.
  • Page 26 Note If the word you intended to type does not appear in the list, keep switch to the standard text input mode (see page 23) and type the word using the standard text entry method. Once you have finished, keep T9 mode.
  • Page 27: Text Edit

    Text Edit When making text entries, press the Jog Dial backward to enter text edit which provides the following features: Phonebook To paste saved information in the Phonebook. Template To paste a sentence that is already prepared. Last message To attach the last edited SMS. Event To paste events from the schedule.
  • Page 28: Using The Phonebook

    About the Phonebook It is very convenient to save frequently-used phone numbers and e-mail addresses. You can save up to 500 names in the Phone memory. The number of names that you can save to the Phonebook in the SIM card depends on the capacity and specifications of the SIM card.
  • Page 29: Creating Entries In The Phonebook

    Important Entries might be changed or deleted due to malfunctions, repairs or other circumstances. To limit the risk of losing data make a copy of important entries such as phone numbers. Also note that, we can not take responsibility for entries that are changed or deleted.
  • Page 30: Saving Phonebook Entries From Standby Mode

    Enter the phone number. Press the Jog Dial to confirm. Rotate the Jog Dial to select the phone type icon and press the Jog Dial. Enter the name, press the Jog Dial to confirm. (For more details, see “Basic Operation-Standard Text Input” page 23 or T9 Text Input page 25).
  • Page 31: Making Calls From The Phonebook

    Making Calls from the Phonebook Making calls from the ABC sort list You can select the name from the ABC sort list to make a call. Rotate the Jog Dial in standby mode to open the Phonebook, use the Jog Dial to display the ABC sort list.
  • Page 32: Grouping

    Grouping Group setting Create new group or change the name or icon of existing groups. Set group You can change the group. Select the Name/Number of the group that you want to change from the ABC sort list or the Group sort list, then press the Jog Dial.
  • Page 33: Editing The Phonebook

    Editing the Phonebook The Jog Dial and the Phonebook make it easy to keep all your contacts up to date and easy to access with flexibility in customizing. Following the steps below you can call, edit, delete or copy entries. You can edit entries in the Phonebook by Number, Name, Group or by Custom.
  • Page 34: Custom

    Editing a number Follow step 1 to 2 in Editing a name. Select the number you want to edit and press the Jog Dial for a menu of editing options. • Select Call to call the number. • Select Edit to change the selected number. •...
  • Page 35: Voice Mail

    Press the Jog Dial for a menu of editing options. • Select Edit to change the Custom entry. • Select Delete to delete the Custom entry from the Phonebook. • Select Copy to copy the entry from one memory location to another.
  • Page 36: Phonebook Menu

    The Voice mail icon appears in the display to inform you when you have new voice messages waiting. Contact your Network Operator/Service Provider for details. To listen to your messages, just keep Phonebook Menu Own number The first entry in the Phonebook menu is for you own numbers, use it for quick reference or as a reminder in case you forget them.
  • Page 37 Name search You can search for a name with Name search in the Phonebook menu. Input the character of the name you want to search and press the Jog Dial, entries beginning with that letter appear. Choose the one you want by rotating the Jog Dial.
  • Page 38 Delete all entries You can delete all entries. Each entry is a space in memory for the name and numbers . One person may have more than 3 numbers in their entry. All entries are erased from the phone memory, including the phone numbers, customs and all own numbers.
  • Page 39: Menu Operations

    Menu Operations The menu system provides you with an easy overview of your options grouped into separate menu points. An icon represents each menu point for easy recognition and the icons rotate as you scroll using the Jog Dial. Some menu options are network dependant. Please contact your Network Operator/Service Provider for information about which options are available in your network.
  • Page 40: Messages

    Messages Choose Messages from the Main menu for correspondence options to create, send and read short messages (SMS). You can use short messages to send another mobile phone user a text message. The Jog Dial makes it easy to enter characters using the preview bar together with the keys.
  • Page 41 SMS list icons indicate the properties of the message : Received message (unread) : Received message (read) : Created message (stored in the SIM) : This incoming message is only stored in the phone’s memory, not in the SIM memory. If you switch off the phone the message is deleted.
  • Page 42 Create You can create a new message. Select Create from the Messages menu. Create your message and, when finished, press the Jog Dial. On how to input the Character Table and T9 Text, see “Basic Operation-Standard Text Input” (see page 23). Enter the number to which you want to send the message using the keys and press the Jog Dial to confirm.
  • Page 43 Service centre Before you can send short messages, you must register your Service centre number via the Service centre option in the Messaging menu. Contact your Network Operator/Service Provider for details. You can open the SMS menu and select the number registered in your Service centre by pressing the Jog Dial.
  • Page 44: Local Area Info

    Reply cost Choose Reply cost and select On if you would like to pay for the recipient to respond to your message. Result report Choose Result report and select On if you would like to receive confirmation that your messages are transmitted to the recipient successfully.
  • Page 45: Ringer

    Ringer You can set the Manner mode or the Vibra alert. Also, you can select the ringer type and adjust the volume and tone. Ringer You can adjust the ringer volume, select the ringer type and edit and save your favourite melody. Ringer volume You can select one of the 6 levels of the ringer volume or turn the ringer off.
  • Page 46 Ringer tone You can select from among 27 different pre-set ringer tones in the ringer tone setting. You can even add 3 more ringer tones using the ringer composer. You can compose and save up to 3 melodies (see also “Ringer composer” below).
  • Page 47 Select Composer in the ringer composer mode and press the Jog Dial. Rotate the Jog Dial to select the tone and press the Jog Dial. • To hear the following 3 octaves, rotate the Jog Dial. C — Octave lower C —...
  • Page 48 You can directly enter the melody with the keys by pressing the Jog Dial. Entering tones C# D# F# G# A# Original Tone Musical length = Change the length by pressing several times. Edit title Attach a title to the entered melody (see “Standard Text Input” page 23). Play To play the entered melody.
  • Page 49: Vibra Alert

    Vibra alert You can set the vibration of the Vibra alert indicating a call. This feature is available for Alarm and Message tone. On: Vibra alert is set to on. Off: Vibra alert is set to off. : After the Ringer rings, the Ringer mode changes to the Vibrator mode.
  • Page 50: Schedule

    Schedule The schedule has many features. You can display the calendar, save your daily schedule and set alarms for important meetings or tasks. The window of the monthly calendar is displayed as follows. (light gray) : Sundays. (dark gray) : An event is scheduled for that day. •...
  • Page 51 Daily event list You can display your daily schedule, which holds up to 4 events. Then, check it by rotating the Jog Dial. Select the day from the calendar and press the Jog Dial. Then select New event and press the Jog Dial to save a new event.
  • Page 52: Clock

    Clock The clock has many features. You can set an Alarm or a Time to automatically switch off your phone every day. It also displays the current date and time in standby mode. Alarm Select Alarm from the Clock menu. Use the Jog Dial and the keys in the set mode to enter the time you want the alarm to ring.
  • Page 53: World Clock

    World clock This phone has a World clock function. Select World clock from the Clock menu and press the Jog Dial to display the world map. You can select city by rotating the Jog Dial. The name of the city and its phone code are displayed in the pop up window.
  • Page 54: Clock Format

    ALARM TIMER WORLD CLOCK … TIME SIGNAL Clock format Select the style of time to be displayed and it appear in standby mode. Analogue Set whether or not to show an analogue clock when the flip cover is closed. Auto power off The Auto power off function turns your phone off at a specified time.
  • Page 55: Divert

    ALL CALLS IF NOT REACHABLE … IF NO REPLY Divert Choose Divert, also known as “Call forwarding”, from the Main menu to forward incoming calls to another phone number depending on certain conditions in which you do not answer the call e.g. divert to your Voice mail if you are not reachable.
  • Page 56 Setting a divert Select the Divert menu from the Main menu. Select a Divert option using the Jog Dial (e.g. If not reachable). Select Activate to set the chosen divert condition. Select Voice mail to divert calls to your Voice mail or Other number to choose a number from the Phonebook.
  • Page 57: Calculator

    Calculator The Calculator can perform addition (+), subtraction (–), multiplication (x) and division (÷), and even percentage (%) calculation. • Press to go through the mathematical operations of +, –, x, and ÷ in that order. • Press to display “%”. •...
  • Page 58: Call History

    Call History Call history tracks a total of 30 received and dialed calls. (The number of received or dialed calls may vary depending on your Network Operator/ Service Provider). The caller's name is displayed in Call history if their name is in your Phonebook. Select the Call history from the Main menu or press standby mode.
  • Page 59: Call History Menu

    CALL HISTORY Call history menu To save, copy, etc. numbers from the Call history, select the Call history menu then press the Jog Dial. Call To call the displayed number. Save To save the new name in the Phonebook. Also, to copy the numbers displayed in the Phonebook.
  • Page 60: Settings

    Settings Preferences Choose Preferences from the Main menu settings and unpack the bag of options to personalize your phone according to your preferences like which language your phone speaks, even how the keys sound! When you receive your phone, it has the following default settings. item Language Key click sound...
  • Page 61 Key click sound You can adjust the key sounds to DTMF tones, Key click or Silent in the Key sound settings. Greeting message The Greeting message menu allows you to turn on/off or to edit the greeting text which appears when you turn your phone on. Animation You can choose one of 3 animations to display when you turn on the phone.
  • Page 62 Security The Security options allow you to control who uses your phone as well as their calling privileges. However, emergency calls (SOS) are always possible regardless of the restrictions/codes you set. PIN code Your Network Operator/Service Provider provides a PIN number with your SIM card. The menu offers you the possibility to change your PIN code or to enable/disable the PIN code prompt.
  • Page 63 Changing the PIN code You can change your PIN code to any 4-8 digit number. Your PIN code can only be changed if the PIN control is switched on. Select PIN code from the Security menu. Select Change. Enter the old PIN code at the prompt and press the Jog Dial ) to confirm your entry.
  • Page 64 Barring service Choose Call barring service from the Security menu to bar calls made from your phone. This feature can be especially useful e.g. if you lend your phone to someone else but do not want them to make international calls. The restrictions in the Call barring service menu require the Barring password;...
  • Page 65 Note If the message “Invalid” appears, the password you entered is incorrect. If you have difficulties, please contact your Network Operator/Service Provider. Personal lock The Phone lock prevents unauthorized use of your phone if it is stolen or if the SIM card is exchanged. The security code is not set when you buy the phone.
  • Page 66: Call Time, Cost

    PREFERENCES SECURITY CALL SETTINGS CALL TIME, COST Call time, cost The Call time, cost option offers ways to track or control how long you are on the phone and the cost of calls you have made. So that Call costs can be used as a security measure e.g.
  • Page 67 Call cost setting Select Charge rate to set the currency and price per unit which your phone uses to calculate the call cost. Charge rate Select Charge rate and enter your PIN2 code at the prompt. Enter a monetary denomination and the price per unit using the keys (To enter a decimal point, press Charge limit Select Charge limit to set a unit figure at which your phone will not...
  • Page 68: Call Settings

    Call settings You can set the related functions for calling. Caller ID Caller ID allows you to choose whether or not you want the party you are calling to see your phone number. This feature may not appear in some networks.
  • Page 69 PREFERENCES SECURITY CALL SETTINGS CALL TIME, COST 1 minute beep You can turn on the 1 minute beep setting to be reminded (beep) in 1 minute intervals while you are on the phone. Auto redial The Auto redial setting offers you the option of automatically redialling an engaged line until it is no longer busy.
  • Page 70 Data services You can send and receive faxes and data when the phone is connected to the optional EasyCom or PC Card accessory (see also the operating instructions of the accessory for use with the CMD-Z5). Speech then fax Switch the Speech then Fax setting to On to make a phone call and then send a fax.
  • Page 71 PREFERENCES SECURITY CALL SETTINGS CALL TIME, COST Select line Select line is a feature offered by some Network Operators giving you the possibility to select between two separate phone lines on your SIM card. This can be useful if for example you want to use your SIM card for both business and private calls but you want to keep the costs separate.
  • Page 72: Memo

    Memo The Memo function programs your phone to play the Answering message when you receive an incoming call and record the message of the caller. • You can save up to a total of 10 messages and Voice memos. Each message and Voice memo can be up to 20 seconds long.
  • Page 73: Record Voice

    Record voice You can save memos. Select Record voice from the Memo menu. Select Record and press the Jog Dial. Select Stop when you finish your recording and then press the Jog Dial. Tips • You can save the voice of the other party during conversation by pressing •...
  • Page 74 Tips • You can turn on the Answering machine in the standby mode by keeping pressed to turn on the answering machine. • If you want to turn on the Answering machine while the phone is ringing, press when you have already recorded an announcement message. Important •...
  • Page 75: Appendix

    Appendix Troubleshooting Problem Possible Causes Unable to Empty battery switch on Defective battery icon Weak signal appears Outside GSM coverage area SIM not valid Network access not allowed Calls not possible Dialling error All calls barred Another SIM inserted Call barring set Difficult to hear ____ the other party...
  • Page 76: Unblocking The Sim Card

    Unblocking the SIM Card If you enter the PIN code incorrectly 3 times, the SIM card is blocked. To enter the unblock code (PUK) to unblock the SIM proceed as follows: Enter the unblock code and press the Jog Dial (or press Enter the new PIN (4-8 digits) and press the Jog Dial (or press Enter the new PIN code again and press the Jog Dial (or press The SIM is unblocked.
  • Page 77: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications E-GSM 900 Mobile Telephone GSM 1800 Mobile Telephone Frequency Range (Transmission) Frequency Range (Reception) Weight Size (Flip closed, excluding the antenna part) Handset Operating Temperature Accessories Operating Temperature Licensing Your CMD-Z5 is authorised for use in GSM 900/1800 networks and complies with EU standards.
  • Page 78: Index

    Index A, B ABC sort list ... 31 Advanced Jog Dial ... 6, 8 Alarm ... 52 Analogue ... 54 Animation ... 61 Announce ... 73 Answering calls ... 18 Answering machine ... 9, 73 Antenna ... 6 Any key answer ... 68 Auto answer ...
  • Page 79 Making Calls ... 31 Own number ... 36 Saving Entries ... 30 Voice mail setup . 35 PIN code ... 62 Changing ... 63 Disabling ... 62 Enabling ... 62 Entering ... 15 PIN2 code ... 63 Preference ... 60 Priority list ...
  • Page 84 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan...