Corega CG-WLBARGO User Manual

54m wireless broadband router.
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54MWireless broadband Router

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    CG-WLBARGO 54MWireless broadband Router User Manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Product Introduction 1.1 Package Contents 1.2 Features 1.3 Hardware Introduction Product Installation Hardware Installation Installation Procedure ...6 3. PC Setting 3.1 TCP/IP Configuration 3.1.1 Windows Vista O/S 3.1.2 Windows XP O/S 3.1.3 Windows 2000 O/S 3.1.4 Windows 98/95/ME O/S 3.1.5 Mac OS 8.x~9.x O/S 3.1.6 Mac OS X O/S Browser Configuration...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents WLBARGO Manual ...33 6.1 Features <Mode> <WAN setting (world wide web)>...34 <WAN setting/ Dynamic DNS> <WAN setting/Other setting> <LAN setting/LAN IP> <LAN setting /DHCP server> <LAN setting/PC database> <Wireless setting/802.11g/b setting> <Wireless setting/802.11g/b security setting> <Wirelesssetting/Connection control> <Security setting> <Security setting/Connection control>...

  • Page 5: Product Introduction, Package Contents, Features

    Product Introduction Corega WLBARGO is a 54M wireless broadband Router with IEEE802.11g wireless access point standard. It supports TX-burst technology which can effectively improve the transmit speed. It also contains 5 dBi detachable antenna which can maximum transmit length up to 500m. Moreover, WLBARGO supports security settings such as WEP, WPA and WPA2.

  • Page 6: Hardware Introduction

    WLBARGO Manual 1.3 Hardware Introduction 1. Reset Button Press this button it will reset to default setting 2. WLAN LED (Green) ON:Connected 3. Power LED (Green) Indicate power status 4.Status LED (Orange) Steady on: Abnormal Blink:Connected Flash:Firmware upgrade/Reboot 5. WAN LED (Green) ON:Connected Blink:Transmitting or receiving data 6.

  • Page 7: Product Installation, Hardware Installation, Installation Procedure, Pc Setting

    [] in the browser’s address bar, and press enter. -> User name: root, leave Password empty, and press Submit. ->Select [Quick Installation Setting] for quick installation->Setting the Wirless Security->Use PC with com- patible wireless card for wireless connection. Modem corega WLBARGO WLBARGO Manual...

  • Page 8

    WLBARGO Manual 3.1 TCP/IP Configuration The following steps and screenshots maybe dissimilar in different operat- ing systems.This manual takes Windows XP/2000, 95/98/ME, and Mac O/S as examples: 3.1.1 Windows Vista 1. Click[Start] > select [Control Panel] Double click [Network and Sharing Center]=>Click [Local Area Network].

  • Page 9

    4. Select [Internet Protocol Version Properties 。 . Select the [General] tab=>click both [Obtain an IP address automatically] and [Obtain DNS Server address automatically]=>click [Advanced]. 6. Select the [DNS] tab=>uncheck the [Register this connection's addresses in DNS] box=>click [OK]. . Close all pages. (TCP/IPv )]=>click WLBARGO Manual...

  • Page 10: Windows Xp O/s

    WLBARGO Manual 3.1.2 Windows XP O/S (1) Enter [Control Panel] -> click [Network Connection] -> right click and select [Open]. (2) Click [Local Area Connection] and right click and select [Properties]. (3) Click [General] -> click [Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and click [Properties].

  • Page 11

    WLBARGO Manual (4) Click [General], select [Obtain an IP Address Automatically], and [Obtain DNS Server address automatically], and press [Advance].

  • Page 12: Windows 2000 O/s

    WLBARGO Manual (5) Click [DNS] tab, unselect [Register this connection’s address in DNS], press [OK]. (6) Go back to [Internet Protocol TCP/IP] and press [OK]. (7) Press [OK] to close [Local Area Connection Properties]. 3.1.3 Windows 2000 O/S (1) Go to [My Computer], and enter [Control Panel], click open [Network and Dial Up Connections].

  • Page 13

    (2) Right click [Local Area Connection], and select [Properties] *Note: Please check if TCP/IP had been installed in the [Local Area Connection]. (3) Click [Internet protocol (TCP/IP)] and click [Properties]. WLBARGO Manual...

  • Page 14

    WLBARGO Manual (4) Select [Obtain an IP address automatically], and [Obtain DNS server address automatically]. And click [Advance]. (5) Click [DNS] tab in [Advance TCP/IP setting] page, and unselect [Register this connection’s DNS address, and press [OK]. (6) Please close all pages. 12 12...

  • Page 15: Windows 98/95/me O/s

    3.1.4 Windows 98/95/ME O/S The configurations in all Windows 98/95/ME are the same, and this manual takes Windows 98 as an example. (1) Enter [Control Panel], and double click [Network]. (2) Click [Configuration] tab, and select [TCP/IP], click [Properties]. (3) Select [IP Address], and select [Obtain IP address automatically. Press [OK].

  • Page 16: Mac Os 8.x~9.x O/s

    WLBARGO Manual (4) Click [Gateway] tab, remove all the gateways, and press [OK] to close the window. (5) Go to [Network] and press [OK] to close the page. (6) The [Restart the windows] screen will pop-up, press [OK] to restart the PC. If the PC is not shown this message, restart the PC manually.

  • Page 17: Windows Vista O/s

    3.2 Browser Configuration The following examples are for Windows Vista/XP, skip this chapter if you are using Windows 2000/98/ME. 3.2.1 Windows Vista O/S . Open Internet Explorer, click [Tools]=>select[Internet Options] *Note:When the dial up connection page appears, please close it, do not connect to Internet.

  • Page 18

    WLBARGO Manual . Uncheck the three boxes on the Local Area Network Setting page=>click[OK]. Click [OK] on the [Internet Options] page. 3.2.2 Windows XP O/S The following examples are for Windows XP O/S, skip this chapter if you are using Windows 2000/98/ME. (1) Open Internet Explorer (IE 6.0), select [Tools] menu and click [Internet Options].

  • Page 19

    (3) Unselect all three options in the [Local Area Network LAN Setting]. (4) Press [OK] in the [Internet Options]. WLBARGO Manual...

  • Page 20: Mac O/s

    WLBARGO Manual 3.2.3 Mac O/S (1) Open Internet Explorer (IE 5.0) Go to [Edit] in the menu bar, select [Internet Explorer Preferences]. (2) Select [Proxies] options in [Network] on the left-side configuration items. (3) Do not select [Web Proxy], press [OK]. 18 18 18...

  • Page 21: Network Configuration

    (2) Type [] in the browser’s address bar, press [Enter]. *Note: [] is the IP address for configuring CG-WLBARGO, and is not corega’s company public internet address. After you have completed the configuration, connect to [] for testing the connection.

  • Page 22

    WLBARGO Manual (5) Click [Quick Installation Setting]. (6) When seeing this screen shot, click on [Next]. (7) Select your connection type. Please make sure that your ADSL connection type is correct as you enter; the correct information can be obtained from the documents given by your ISP.

  • Page 23: Auto Obtain Ip (dhcp)

    4.1.1 Auto obtain IP (DHCP) (1) If you are subscribing to auto obtain IP service ( or DHCP Dynamic IP) from your ISP, such as Cable Modem that obtain an IP automatically for connection, please select [Auto obtain IP(DHCP)]. Click on [Next]. (2) Press [MAC address clone] to obtain the Ethernet card’s MAC address.Then press [Next].

  • Page 24

    (5) Open the web browser (IE 6.0), and test with any website for testing the connection. * Note: if the connection to the website fails. Restart your Cable Modem, and check the installation of CG-WLBARGO properly, such as the LAN/WAN connections. After verifying that, restart this chapter again for installation. 22 22...

  • Page 25: Fixed Ip

    4.1.2 Fixed IP (1) If you are subscribing Fixed IP connection from your ISP, then select [Fixed IP], and click on [Next]. (2) Enter the network setting provided by your ISP.Then click on [Next]. WLBARGO Manual...

  • Page 26

    WLBARGO Manual (3) Click on [Save] to perform connection tests. (4) Within seconds, the result of the connection test will be appeared in the dialogue box to indicate the connection status. When [Connection OK] appears, click on [Close]. 24 24...

  • Page 27: Float Ip (pppoe)

    (5) Open the web browser (IE 6.0), and test with any website for testing the connection. *Note: If the connection to the website fails. Please make sure the data you entered are correct , or any mistake occured in the process of the installation, such as the LAN/WAN connections.

  • Page 28

    WLBARGO Manual (3) Click on [Save] to perform connection tests. (4) Within seconds, the result of the connection test will be appeared in the dialogue box to indicate the connection status. When [Connection OK] appears, click on [Close]. 26 26...

  • Page 29: Setup Wireless Adapter

    (5) Open the web browser (IE 6.0), and test with any website for testing the connection. *Note: If the connection to the website fails. Please make sure the data you entered are correct , or any mistake occured in the process of the installation, such as the LAN/WAN connections.

  • Page 30

    (2) Go [Control Panel] -> [Network connection] again ->Right click [Wireless network connection] ,select [Available wireless network connection], choose one available network e.g. ) corega , and click [Connect]. (3) Connection status will appear in the bottom right of the screen.

  • Page 31

    , and click [Connect]. (3) Connection status will appear in the bottom right of the screen. *Note: The wireless connection has been established now. Please go to corega’s website at to check the connection to the Internet. WLBARGO Manual...

  • Page 32: Wireless Security Configuration, Wep Setting

    Wireless Security Configuration WLBARGO Manual To prevent from unlawful access to your network, you are recommended to perform wireless security setting.Type [] in the browser’s address bar, press [Enter]. Enter the function menu, ad click on [802.11g/b Security set- ting] item. And select WEP or WPA setting. 5.1 WEP Setting In order to prevent your information from being hacked, it is recommended to use WEP encryption when using wireless connection.

  • Page 33: Wpa Setting, Wpa-psk

    5.2 WPA Setting WPA is encrypted by a periodic update, making it more difficult to be hacked. Home users and company users are recommended to use <WPA-PSK> and <WPA-EAP> respectively. <WPA-PSK> (1) Select [WPA-PSK], [WPA2-PSK] or [WPA/WPA2-PSK(Recommended)] in the column of [Authentication] . a.

  • Page 34: Wpa-eap

    WLBARGO Manual <WPA-EAP> (1) Select [WPA2-EAP] or [WPA/WPA2-EAP](Recommended). in the column of [Authentication] a. [WPA2-EAP]: The 2nd generation encryption skill performs stricter protec- tion than before. Before selection, please check the function availability of your network adapter, or select b. b.

  • Page 35: Function Introduction, Features, Mode

    Function Introduction The chapter will briefly introduce all functions of this product, and spell them out. Log in the management program and the below interface will appear. 6.1 Features <Mode> Mode Wireless Function Select and switch to Router(wireless broadband router) or AP(Acess point) mode. *Note:When switch to AP mode, the product will stop sending IP, the WAN port will not be function.

  • Page 36

    WLBARGO Manual <WAN setting ( World Wide Web )> The internet setting can be configured, according to your internet connection type, [WAN Speed] - default setting is recommended. A. For [PPPoE]: Username Password Password confirm Service name Connection type IdIe Timeout Authentication and MTU value DNS Server...

  • Page 37

    B.For auto obtain IP (DHCP) : Type Press [MAC address clone] to obtain the Ethernet card's MAC address. Computer name Please refer to your ISP internet service information, add/edit [Computer name]. MTU value Maximum Transmission Unit.Please accept the deafault setting:1500 Byte. DNS Server Select [Auto Setup] or [Manual Setup] to configure DNS1 and DNS2 servers.

  • Page 38: Wan Setting/ Dynamic Dns

    WLBARGO Manual C. For fixed IP WAN IP address Subnet mask Default gateway DNS server Multi-NAT <WAN setting/ Dynamic DNS> Dynamic DNS is a connection of LAN’s virtual server through URL internet ac- cess or called dynamic IP (No fixed IP address) that also can connect through URL internet access.

  • Page 39: Wan Setting/other Setting, Lan Setting/lan Ip

    (3) enter login name. (4) enter login password. (5) Domain name. (6) Click [Save]. *Note: Corega does not provide DDNS service. Please register on one DDNS provider web site before you setup this function. <WAN setting/Other setting> VPN PPTP pass through VPN IPSec pass through <LAN setting/LAN IP>...

  • Page 40: Lan Setting /dhcp Server, Lan Setting/pc Database

    WLBARGO Manual <LAN setting /DHCP server> (1) Select [Enable] to enable DHCP server function. Default is [enable]. (2) Enter DHCP servers start IP and end IP. (3) Then click on save button to save the setting. <LAN setting/PC database> The following table display the current connected users information, you can add/edit/delete users data.

  • Page 41: Wireless Setting/802.11g/b Setting

    <Wireless setting/802.11g/b setting> ESSID ESSID is a name that makes wireless adapter identify this Router .The default ESSID is [corega]. Mode • 802.11b/g: auto connect in either 802.11b or 802.11g. • 802.11g: connect in 802.11g mode. Channel When there is interruption, other channels can be selected.

  • Page 42: Wireless Setting/802.11g/b Security Setting

    WLBARGO Manual <Wireless setting/802.11g/b security setting> This section contains WEP,WAP-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-EAP and WPA2-EAP encryption setting, please refer to Chapter 5 to get detail information. <Wireless setting/Connection control> Wireless to wireless connection Wireless to wire connection MAC address filter list Use MAC address filter to control network 40 40 Configure wireless communication between clients.

  • Page 43: Security Setting, Security Setting/connection Control

    <Security setting> Configuring firewall and no response to WAN Ping requests. <Security setting/Connection control> This function can limit or control some certain networking services: (1) Enter the range of limited IP address. (2) Select one of limit/stop networking services. (3) Select one of protocol. (4) Enter the range of limited port number.

  • Page 44: Security Setting/filter List, Advanced Setting/virtual Server, Advanced Setting/special Applications

    WLBARGO Manual <Security setting/filter list> This function can forbid users to access certain website on the Internet: (1)Enter the forbidden URL or keywords (2) Then click [save] to complete the configuration. All the forbidden data will be displayed in the table below. <Advanced setting/virtual server>...

  • Page 45: Advanced Setting/dmz

    <Advanced setting/DMZ> If the online game’s port range is unknown, or its parameter is different every login, DMZ function is recommended. While this function starts, select the PC, being allowed to connect with, then click [Save]. *Note: 1.The PC becomes vulnerable to being hacked if DMZ function starts. Please only use it in need.

  • Page 46: Advanced Setting/routing Table/routing Table, Advanced Setting/upnp, Advanced Setting/snmp

    WLBARGO Manual <Advanced setting/Routing Table/Routing Table> All routing logs are displayed in the table. <Advanced setting/UPnP > Activating this function can detect the device or software of LAN, supporting UPnP. For example: online games supporting UPnP or Windows Messenger (Ver. 4.7 or above), MSN Messenger (Ver. 5.0 or above) and so forth. Set its status usable.

  • Page 47: Management

    <Management> Admin login name Admin login password Default password is empty. Password comfirmation Connection Timeout Back to default setting Reboot Save Setting Load Setting Language Firmware update Time Setup Remote control PING testing User name for login this management program. Default setting is [root].

  • Page 48: Time Setup, Firmware Update, Remote Control

    (3) When the countdown starts, do not click any button. The update will complete soon afterward. *Note:You may proceed [Check for updates] to look up the latest firmware from corega's web page. *Remote control The setting allows accessing the management program via remote control.

  • Page 49: Status, Status/log Display/dos Attack Log

    The activation processes are as follows: (1) Select [Enable]. (2) Indicate 1 ~ 9600 for parameters of port range. e.g. ) 8080 (Recommended keeping default values). (3) Click on [Save] after completing settings. e.g. ) Assume the port value is 8080, enter IP address as the type : [http:// 8080] to access the management program by remote control.

  • Page 50: Status/log Display/system Log, Status/log Display/e-mail Function

    WLBARGO Manual <Status/Log Display/system log> System log is displayed in the table. <Status/Log Display/E-mail function> An E-mail address can be set below. Special incidents will be recorded and sent to the appointed E-mail address. After entering all information, click [Save] to save and complete the setting. 48 48 48 48 48...

  • Page 51

    When the installation fails or the connection doesn’t succeed, it’s recommend- ed to take the following actions. (1) Find your problem in the troubleshooting collection. (2) Search on our official website at for the latest information of this product. (3) Go to our official website at>click [Support] ->select the [Online Customer Support] item->fill the form page and note...

  • Page 52

    Q6. Failure in firmware update. A: If the firmware update fails, please contact us by Online Customer Support webpage. Please go to the website of -> click on [Support] and right click the [Online Customer Support] item -> Filling the form ->...

  • Page 53

    <Windows XP/ 2000> (1) Click [Start] => [Programs] => [Command prompt]. (2) Input [ipconfig] => [Enter]. (3) Confirm IP address (which sould be 192.168.1.x). If the IP is incorrect, please enter 1-byte character as [ipconfig /renew] => Press [Enter]. <Windows Me/ 98/ 95> (1) Click [Start] =>...

  • Page 54

    Specifications WLBARGO Manual Compliance Stand- Interface   Transmission speed Transmission Power Coverage Area Transmission method Protocol Security Antenna Type Antenna Gain Power Requirement Power Current Power Consumption Operating Storage Support OS Case Material Dimension Weight 52 52 WLAN:IEEE802.11, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g LAN:IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x WAN:10/100Mbps x 1 Port (RJ-45, Auto MDI/MDI-X) LAN:10/100Mbps x 4 Ports (RJ-45, Auto MDI/MDI-X)

  • Page 55: Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement

    Appendix WLBARGO Manual Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential instal- lation.

  • Page 57

    Taiwan Inc. 7F., No. 10, Lane 345,YangGuang St. Nei-Hu Chiu, Taipei City 114, Taiwan TEL: +886-2-8751-9164 FAX: +886-2-8751-9174 PN: T30-UM8410-00 Rev.D...

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