Toshiba VEC008Z - Digital Encoder Manual

Toshiba VEC008Z - Digital Encoder Manual

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Toshiba VEC008Z - Digital Encoder Manual


TOSVERT VF-AS3 series inverter is applicable as PG feedback interface for differential line driver output (TIA/EIA RS422) type encoder.
This manual contains information on installation of this option. See Digital Encoder instruction manual (E6582148) for detail configuration and functions.

  • Do not use the encoder out of applicable type specified in this manual.
    This can result in damage or accident.

Interface connector


15pin D subminiature connector (high density type: DE-15 / HD15) is prepared in this option. Pin numbers of connector are shown the figure in below. Prepare the same type male connector separately for the cable end of interconnection cable.

Pin assignment

Pin assignment

No. Symbol Input/ output Function / Electrical specifications Internal circuit
1 A Input Phase A PG feedback (TIA/EIA-RS422)
Termination: 120Ω
Refer to (a)
2 NA Input
Output Power supply for encoder
DC 24V (+10/-15%), 100mA
Refer to (b)
4 - - (reserved) -
5 - -
6 - - (don't use) -
Output Power supply for encoder
DC 12V (+/-5%), 100mA
Refer to (b)
8 PGCC Common Equipotential terminal for encoder
9 - - (NC) -
10 B Input Phase B PG feedback (TIA/EIA-RS422)
Termination: 120Ω
Refer to (a)
11 NB Input
12 - - (don't use) -
13 - -
14 - -
Output Power supply for encoder
DC 5.2V (+/-5%), 250mA
Refer to (b)
Housing Shield - Cable shield (metal housing of connector)
This part is connected to PE terminal inside the inverter
Internal circuit
(a) Internal circuit a
(b) Internal circuit b


Multi-layer shielded cable is recommended.
When wiring, follow the instructions bellow.

  • Use twisted pair wire for A/NA, B/NB and PGVC/PGCC each
  • For PGVC, select a pin according to the encoder supply specification. Parameter configuration is also needed (See instruction manual)
  • Do not connect any wire to unused pins
  • Recommended wire size is 0.25 mm2 (AWG26) for signal line (A, NA, B and NB), 0.5mm2 (AWG20) for power supply (PGVC and PGCC)
  • The cable length is 100m at maximum. At that time, supply voltage drop by wire impedance should be taken into account.

Mounting and removing


  1. Insert the option into the slot B straightly and slowly. Keep the option from hitting other parts near slot.
    Mounting - Step 1
  2. The option should be inserted until the body is totally covered by the slot. (Refer to the picture above)
    Mounting - Step 2


  1. Remove the option in the direction of arrow while pushing the "PUSH" tab by a screw driver.

Outline drawing and terminals

Outline drawing

Outline drawing

Product Specification

Item Specification
Type form VEC008Z
Product name Digital Encoder
Function PG feedback interface (Line driver type)
Applicable encoder Incremental rotary encoder with differential line driver (TIA/EIA RS422) output
Pulse frequency 300kHz or less (Duty: 50% +/- 10%)
Power supply voltage for encoder
(Open circuit voltage)
Pin3 (24V): 24V +10%/-15%
Pin7 (12V): 12V +/-5%
Pin15 (5V): 5.2V +/-5%
Maximum load of power supply for encoder Pin3 (24V): 100mA
Pin7 (12V): 100mA
Pin15 (5V): 250mA
Recommended cable Multi-layer shielded cable
Size: 0.25 mm2 (AWG26) for signal line, 0.5mm2 (AWG20) for power supply
Length: 100m or less
Connector D subminiature connector (DE-15 / HD15)
Applicable model VF-AS3
(Applicable on slot B)
Operation Environment Operating temperature: -10 to 50°C (Inverter operating temperature), in accordance with inverter for other environment.
Storage temperature -25 to 70°C

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