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Samsung RCD-S75S Instruction Manual

Samsung rcd-s75s: instruction manual
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Instruction Manual

Before operating the unit,
please read this manual throughly and
retain it for future reference.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Samsung RCD-S75S

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    CD CASSETTE CD-R/RW PLAYBACK RCD-S70/75 Instruction Manual Before operating the unit, please read this manual throughly and retain it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Safety Warnings

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Power Sources ... 5 Setting the Clock ... 6 Tuner Listening to the Radio ... 7 Searching For and Storing the Radio Stations ... 8 Selecting a Stored Station ... 9 Improving Radio Reception ... 9 CD-Player Listening to the Compact Disc ... 10 Selecting a Track/+10 Function ...
  • Page 4: Front Panel View

    Front Panel View 1. Skip or Search 2. Program/Set (refer to p.16,17) 3. Beat Cut (refer to p.21) 4. Function(TUNER/CD/TAPE) 5. MO/ST (refer to p.9) 6. Mode (refer to p.8) 7. Random (refer to p.13) 8. CD Repeat (refer to p.14) 9.
  • Page 5: Remote Control

    Remote Control 1. Standby/On 2. Sleep (refer to p.26) 3. Tape Rewind 4. Tape Fast-Forward 5. REC/Pause 6. CD Synchro (refer to p.23) 7. CD Repeat (refer to p.14) 8. CD Stop 9. Program/Set (refer to p.16, p.17) 10. Skip or Search 11.
  • Page 6: Power Sources

    Power Sources House Current Batteries For critical recordings or disc playing Operating the unit using the AC power is recommended. Note: If the battery power is low, "BATT-LOW" will be displayed during playback and the playback will stop. The unit will not operate from the internal batteries while the AC power cord is connected to the unit.
  • Page 7: Setting The Clock

    Setting the Clock For each step, you have a few seconds to set the required options. If you exceed this time, you must start again. Press Clock /Timer twice. Result: CLOCK is displayed. Press Program/Set. Result: The hour flashes. To... Increase the hours Decrease the hours When the correct hour is displayed,...
  • Page 8: Listening To The Radio

    Listening to the Radio Select the required frequency band by pressing TUNER/BAND. Press the TUNING( Press the Volume button. To improve broadcast reception. Reorient the antenna for FM. Reorient the player itself for AM(MW) or LW(option). For FM ) button.
  • Page 9: Searching For And Storing The Radio Stations

    The automatic search procedure may stop on a frequency that does not correspond to a radio station. If this happens, use the manual search mode. If you do not want to store the radio station found, revert to Step 3 and search for another station. Otherwise: a Press Program/Set.
  • Page 10: Selecting A Stored Station

    You can improve the quality of radio reception by: Rotating the FM or AM(LW, MW) aerial If reception from a specific FM radio station is poor, press MO/ST on the front panel or Mono/ST on the remote control to swich from stereo mode to mono.
  • Page 11: Listening To The Compact Disc

    Listening to the Compact Disc 1,5,6 Select the CD function by pressing CD( Press the Open/Close( Result: The CD tray is opened. Place the CD on the tray so that the CD label faces upward. Press the Open/Close( Result: Number of tracks and the total playback time are shown on the display.
  • Page 12: Selecting A Track/+10 Function

    Selecting a Track/+10 Function Skip/Search Button Selecting a Track You can select the track you wish to listen to, either when the compact disc player is stopped or when a disc is playing. To start playback at the beginning of the... Next track Current track Previous track...
  • Page 13: Searching For A Specific Music Passage

    Searching for a Specific Music Passage Skip/Search Button When listening to a compact disc, you can quickly search for a specific music passage on a track. To search through the tracks... Forwards Backwards It is recommended that you turn the volume down before using this function. Power Surround Mute...
  • Page 14: Random Playback Function

    Random Playback Function You can listen to the tracks on a compact disc in a different order each time, as the various tracks will be selected automatically in a random sequence. Press the Random button. Result: All the tracks are played in a random order. When playing tracks in a random order, you can: Move on to the next track(selected at random) by pressing When you have finished the random playback,...
  • Page 15: Cd Repeat Function

    CD Repeat Function CD Repeat button Press the CD Repeat button on the front Panel. Result: “RPT 1” is displayed. Press the CD Repeat button once again. Result: “RPT ALL” is displayed. RPT ALL When you wish to stop the CD Repeat function, Press STOP ( ) button.
  • Page 16: Repeat A B Function

    Repeat A When you select CD(TAPE) Repeat A which you were listening is repeated 3 times. Press CD( Result: The CD(TAPE) player starts playing. Press Repeat A Result: A Time is memorized. Press Repeat A Result: B Time is memorized. Your selected passages are repeated 3 times.
  • Page 17: Programming The Order Of Playback

    Programming the Order of Playback You can decide: The order of the track desired to listen The track not desired to listen A maximum of up to 24 order of tracks desired to listen may be programmed. Before selecting the track, the CD player should be stopped. This function may be used simultaneously with the CD Repeat function.
  • Page 18 Press CD ( programmed. To check your selection of tracks, Press Program/Set. If you have already programmed 24 tracks, program number is displayed. To cancel the selection, press STOP ( Result: PROGRAM is no longer displayed. If you open the compartment, the selection is cancelled. ) to listen to the track selection in the order ) button twice.
  • Page 19: Listening To The Cassette

    Listening to the Cassette Select the TAPE function by pressing TAPE. To open either Deck A or B, press the corresponding Push/Eject ( button. Insert a cassette to Deck A or B. Select Deck A or B by pressing Deck A / B button. Press the TAPE button.
  • Page 20: Various Functions For Tape

    Various functions for tape Repeat A B Button REV. Mode Function This function is only available in Deck B. When the display indicates... Selecting the side of a tape Pressing the TAPE button while playing reverses the side (Front and Back) This function is available in Deck B only.
  • Page 21: Copying A Cassette (Dubbing)

    Copying a Cassette (Dubbing) Put the tape you want to copy into Deck A and put an empty tape into Deck B. <Deck A> To copy a cassette, press Nor/High Dubbing button. To copy a cassette at high speed, press Nor/High Dubbing button for at least two seconds.
  • Page 22: Recording From Radio

    Recording from Radio Insert a cassette to Deck B. Select the required frequency band by pressing TUNER/BAND. Select the radio station that you wish to record by pressing Press the REC/Pause button. To stop recording, press STOP ( Beat-Cut When an AM(MW, LW) is being recorded, the Beat Cut button can be used to reduce noises.
  • Page 23: Recording From Cd

    Recording from CD Insert a cassette to Deck B. Place the CD on the tray. Press the CD( ) button. Press the REC/Pause button. To stop recording, press STOP ( Sleep REC/Pause Repeat Program/ Mono/ST Push Eject With the label facing UP . Power Surround Mute...
  • Page 24: Cd Synchro Function

    CD Synchro Function Insert a cassette to Deck B. Place the CD on the tray. Press the CD Synchro button on the remote control. When stopped, press the button to start the recording from the first piece of music. Press CD Synchro button on the remote control during the playback of CD to start the recording from the first part of the music being played.
  • Page 25: Timer Function

    Timer Function 2,3,4,5,7 The timer enables you to switch the system on or off at specific times. Example:You wish to wake up to music every morning. Before setting the timer, check that the current time is correct. For each step, you have a few seconds to set the required options. If you exceed this time, you must start again.
  • Page 26 Program/Set. Press system switches on. If you select... TAPE (cassette) TUNER (radio) CD (compact disc) Press Program/Set to confirm the timer. Press Standby/On to set the system to standby mode. Cancelling the Timer After having set the timer, it will start automatically as shown by the TIMER indication on the display.
  • Page 27: Sleep Timer/Display Color

    Sleep Timer/Display Color Sleep Button You can set the system to switch off automatically. Example : You wish to go to sleep to music. Sleep Timer Press Sleep one or more times to indicate how long the system should continue playing before it switches off: At any time, you can check the remaining time by pressing Sleep.
  • Page 28: Equalizer Mode

    Equalizer Mode Your CD player is equipped with a preset equalizer that enables you to choose the most appropriate balance between treble and bass frequencies, according to the type of music to which you are listening. Press 3 Mode EQ until the required option is selected. Press EQ on the remote control.
  • Page 29: Power Surround/Mute Function

    Power Surround/Mute Function Power Surround Function The Power Surround replaces conventional stereo sound with a wider and more ture-to-life sound. It creates the feeling of being right at the center of the music and being surrounded by total music sound. Press P.SURR on the front panel.
  • Page 30: Mic Function(Option)

    To record your own voice against a backdrop of music from a radio, CD, cas- sette, insert a blank cassette tape into Deck B and then press REC/Pause.
  • Page 31: Precautions When Using Compact Discs

    Precautions when using Compact Discs Handle your compact discs with care. Always hold them by the edges to avoid leaving fingerprints on the shiny surface. When you have finished playing a compact disc, always put it back in its case. Do not fix paper or adhesive tape to the discs and do not write on the label.
  • Page 32: Before Contacting The After-Sales Service

    • The radio frequency has not been correctly selected. • The aerial has been disconnected or is not facing the right way. Turn it until you find the best orientation. • You are in a building that blocks radio waves; you must use an outside aerial.
  • Page 33: Specifications

    Specifications RADIO LW(OPTION) Frequency range ...144 KHz ~ 290 KHz AM(MW) Frequency range ...522 KHz ~ 1611 KHz Frequency range (option)...520 KHz ~ 1720 KHz Frequency range ...87.5 MHz ~ 108 MHz OIRT (option) ...65 MHz ~ 74 MHz COMPACT DISC PLAYER Frequency response ...20 Hz ~ 20 KHz...
  • Page 34 ELECTRONICS AH68-01126B...

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