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Samsung SV-640B Instruction Manual

Samsung sv-640b: instruction manual.
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01299A SV-643B/XEU-GB1
9/3/56 7:15 AM
Page 1
Instruction Manual


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  • Page 1

    01299A SV-643B/XEU-GB1 9/3/56 7:15 AM Page 1 VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER SV-645B SV-643B SV-640B Instruction Manual

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions, About This Manual

    VCR’s features. This symbol is intended to alert you to the presence of dangerous voltage within the The instructions in this manual are for models, SV-645B, SV-643B and SV-640B. product. Before you start reading this manual please check your model number.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ASSETTE ECORDER Deciding How to Connect Your VCR... Connecting Your VCR to the TV using the Coaxial Cable and SCART cable... Connecting Your VCR to the Satellite receiver or Other Equipment... Connecting the Audio Output Cable... Plug &Auto Set Up...

  • Page 4: Safety Instructions, Rear View Of The Vcr

    The following illustrations represent precautions. The lightning bolt is a warning sign alerting you to dangerous voltage inside the product. DO NOT OPEN THE VCR. Refer to service personnel. Do NOT expose the VCR to Do NOT expose the VCR to extreme temperature condi- direct sunlight.

  • Page 5: Infrared Remote Control, Display Indicators, Accessories

    MENU SELECTION BUTTON OK BUTTON TIMER BUTTON Accessories You have just purchased a SAMSUNG Video Cassette Recorder (VCR). Together with your VCR, you will find the following accessories in the box. REMOTE CONTROL & BATTERIES “AA” 1 Cassette loaded indicator...

  • Page 6: Connecting Your Vcr To The Tv Using The Coaxial Cable And Scart Cable

    Front Audio/Video RCA (SV-645B Only) Whenever you connect an audio or video system to your VCR, ensure that all elements are switched off. Refer to the documentation supplied with your equipment for detailed connection instructions and associated safety precautions.

  • Page 7: Connecting Your Vcr To The Satellite Receiver Or Other Equipment, Connecting The Audio Output Cable

    2. By means of RF Coaxial Cable After making this connection, you must preset the station received through the satellite tuner. RF output channel of the satellite receiver should be adjusted away from channel 60, which is used by the VCR, e.g. re-adjust to channel 65.

  • Page 8: Tuning Your Television For The Vcr

    9/3/56 7:15 AM Page 14 Tuning Your Television for the VCR You must tune your television for the VCR only if you are not using a Scart cable To view pictures from your VCR when a Scart cable is used, the television must be set to the audio/video mode (AV).

  • Page 9: Setting The Date And Time

    Do not mix different battery types (manganese and alkaline for example). Setting the Date and Time Your VCR contains a 24-hour clock and calendar used to: Automatically stop programme recording Preset your VCR to record a programme automatically You must set the date and time when:...

  • Page 10: Displaying/hiding On-screen Information, Setting The Vcr Output Channel, Presetting The Stations Automatically

    On completion, press MENU twice to exit the menu. Setting the VCR Output Channel Your VCR output channel may need to be changed if the pictures suffer from interference or if your TV cannot find the pictures. Also, you can change the VCR output channel to adjust the frequency in which information is displayed on the screen.

  • Page 11: Presetting The Stations Manually, Clearing A Preset Station

    M E N U Press the corresponding option is selected. Press the Result: AUTO SET UP MANUAL SET UP Press the VCR OUTPUT CH :CH60 required. Press the Result: E N D: M E N U Press the Result: The frequency band is scanned and the first station found is displayed.

  • Page 12: Changing The Preset Station Table, Selecting The Recording Speed, Nicam

    AUTO SET UP Press the corresponding MANUAL SET UP TV programme is selected. VCR OUTPUT CH :CH60 Result: The selected station is displayed at the same time on the television screen. To change the programme number assigned to a station press the...

  • Page 13: Protecting A Recorded Cassette, Recording A Programme Immediately

    To monitor the programme being recorded, select the television conditions. channel reserved for use with your VCR (or the AV input if used). is displayed. Insert the cassette on which the programme is to be recorded, ON: Normally set at this position.

  • Page 14: Recording A Programme With Automatic Stop

    Switch on the television. To monitor the programme being recorded, select the television channel reserved for use with your VCR (or the AV input if used). Insert the cassette on which the programme is to be recorded, with the window visible and the safety tab intact or the opening covered with adhesive tape.

  • Page 15: Using The Videoplus+ Feature (sv-645b/sv-643b Only)

    Page 25 Using the VIDEOPLUS+ Feature (SV-645B/SV-643B Only) Before presetting your VCR: Switch on both the television and your VCR Check that the date and time are correct Insert the cassette on which the programme is to be recorded (safety tab intact) Up to six programmes can be preset.

  • Page 16: Modifying Videoplus+ Programming (sv-645b/sv-643b Only), Using The Timer Programming Feature

    Using the Timer Programming Feature The Timer Programming feature allows you to preset the VCR to record a programme up to one month before that programme is to be broadcast. Up to six programmes can be preset.

  • Page 17: Checking A Preset Recording, Cancelling A Preset Recording, Adjusting Picture Alignment Automatically

    On completion, press MENU twice. Playing a Cassette This function allows you to play back any pre-recorded cassette. Switch on both the television and your VCR. Insert the video cassette to be played. If the safety tab on the cassette is intact, press Otherwise, the cassette is played automatically.

  • Page 18: Intelligent Picture Control, Format 16:9 (wide Screen), Selecting The Colour Mode

    A U T O O F F O S D Set when you use a wide TV. The VCR automatically TAPE SELECT detects if programmes being played back or recorded COLOUR SYSTEM FORMAT 16:9 are in normal or Wide Screen format.

  • Page 19: Selecting The Audio Output Mode, Playing A Cassette In Slow Motion

    To return to the normal speed, press the ll button twice. ) buttons to minimize this effect. When you have been using the Slow Motion function for more than about five minutes, the VCR will automatically play to protect the: Cassette Video heads...

  • Page 20: Playing A Sequence Frame By Frame, Picture Search, Fast Forward/rewind, Searching For A Specific Sequence

    If you press and HOLD down the search at 9 times the normal speed. Releasing the return the VCR to search at 5 times the normal speed. To return to normal playback mode, press the Whilst in Picture Search mode, if you press the the VCR will enter normal Fast Forward mode.

  • Page 21: Auto Repeat Play, Interval Repeat Play

    EASY OPERATION menu is displayed. will wait until the signal is sent to confirm the programme is starting and the VCR will record the programme even if it is two or buttons, until the option is selected. more, hours late.

  • Page 22: Videoplus+ Extend (sv-645b/sv-643b Only), Using The Tape Counter

    9/3/56 7:17 AM Page 38 VIDEOPLUS+ EXTEND (SV-645B/SV-643B Only) To prevent delays or over-runs the VCR has a function called Videoplus EXTEND allowing you to extend the recording time by up to 60 minutes. Only use if PDC is not available or set to OFF.

  • Page 23: Using The Assemble Edit Function, Recording From Another Vcr Or Camcorder

    Press the F.ADV ( advance frame by frame, until the exact recording position is located. While the VCR is in still mode, hold the REC button down for a while to activate the Assemble Edit function. Result: Record symbol flashes in the display.

  • Page 24: Technical Specifications

    2.8 Kg (net) Dimensions (WxHxD) 360 x 94 x 240 mm Problems and Solutions Before contacting the Samsung after-sales service, perform the following simple checks. Problem Explanation/Solution No power Check that the power plug is connected to a wall outlet.

  • Page 25

    01299A SV-643B/XEU-GB4 9/3/56 7:17 AM Page 44 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS (UK) LTD AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTERS In the event of warranty service being required, please contact your retailer first. If they cannot provide service, please contact your nearest service centre listed below. Service facilities are return to base, however some agents may provide an in-home service (there may be a cost for call out).

  • Page 26

    01299A SV-643B/XEU-GB4 9/3/56 7:18 AM Page 46 THIS APPLIANCE IS DISTRIBUTED BY AC68-01299A...

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