Philips LivingColors Mini - Color-Changing Ambiance Light Manual

Philips LivingColors Mini - Color-Changing Ambiance Light Manual

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Philips LivingColors Mini - Color-Changing Ambiance Light Manual

Thanks for buying Philips LivingColors Mini.

LivingColors Mini has been especially designed to create your own ambiance at home, through color and light.

If using LivingColors Mini for the first time, please read these instructions very carefully and save them for future reference. By following our guidelines, you will enjoy the full functionality of Philips LivingColors Mini.


  • Carefully remove the parts from the packaging.
  • Check whether all parts are available.
  • Check the connections.
  • Remove dust cover before using portable luminaire.

Getting Started


  1. Place LivingColors Mini at a selected location on a at, stable surface.
  2. Direct LivingColors Mini towards the wall, insert the connection plug into the lamp (drawing A), and then plug the other end into the wall socket. LivingColors Mini will show a short introduction of the color possibilities (this is normal).
  3. Switch on LivingColors Mini by pushing on the "I" (on) on the On(I)/Off(0) button (drawing B).
  4. Create your own ambiance by touching the desired color on the touch ring (drawing C). To re ne the color, move your nger over the touch ring.
  5. Switch off LivingColors Mini by pushing the "0" on the On(I)/Off(0) button. LivingColors Mini will remember the last setting (drawing B).

Setting Loop Mode

Push on "I" for 5 seconds, LivingColors Mini will turn into the loop mode. To switch back to normal mode, switch off "0" and on "I" again (drawing B).


  1. LivingColors Mini is not providing light:
  • Check the connections
  • Check the plug
  1. LivingColors Mini is still not working up to standards:
  • Contact Philips Lighting

Cleaning and Maintenance

Remove the plug from the wall socket.

To avoid scratching, LivingColors Mini and the plug should only be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

Do not use cleaning agents.


Never use with an extension cord unless plug can be fully inserted. Do not alter the plug.

  • Keep the plug and LivingColors Mini away from liquids and humidity.
  • LivingColors Mini is for indoor use only. Do not use in wet locations, e.g bathrooms or outdoors.
  • LivingColors Mini is not a toy designed to be played with by children.
  • Do not place on hot surfaces.
  • Do not tamper with LivingColors Mini or its power supply.
  • Only use the plug supplied: using the wrong plug with the wrong polarity or current can damage your LivingColors Mini.

Plug Specifications

AC plug: US type

Model: SA3607-20060US

Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 0.3A

Output: 12V DC, 0.6A

This device is in conformance with Part 5 of the FCC Rules and Regulations for Information Technology Equipment. Operation of this product is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. this device may not cause harmful interference, and
  2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. If interference occurs, change the location of the products involved.

Philips Lighting Company
200 Franklin Square Drive
Somerset, NJ 08873

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