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Summary of Contents for Zanussi 6000 Series

  • Page 1 EN User Manual | Microwave Oven KME525860M KMK525860M\register...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Welcome to AEG! Thank you for choosing our appliance. In our drive to be sustainable, we are reducing paper assets and provide full user manuals online. Access your full user manual at Get usage advice, brochures, trouble shooter, service and repair information at For more recipes, hints, troubleshooting download My AEG Kitchen app.
  • Page 3 • WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. Keep children and pets away from the appliance when in use and when cooling down. • If the appliance has a child safety device, it should be activated. •...
  • Page 4 • Do not activate the microwave function when the appliance is empty. Metal parts inside the cavity can create electric arcing. • Metallic containers for food and beverages are not allowed during microwave cooking. This requirement is not applicable if the manufacturer specifies size and shape of metallic containers suitable for microwave cooking.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    • The appliance should be cleaned regularly and any food deposits removed. • Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance. • Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the glass door since they can scratch the surface, which may result in shattering of the glass.
  • Page 6 electrical ratings of the mains power • Be careful when you open the appliance supply. door while the appliance is in operation. • Always use a correctly installed Hot air can release. shockproof socket. • Do not operate the appliance with wet •...
  • Page 7 2.4 Care and cleaning • Concerning the lamp(s) inside this product and spare part lamps sold separately: These lamps are intended to withstand WARNING! extreme physical conditions in household Risk of injury, fire, or damage to the appliances, such as temperature, appliance.
  • Page 8: Product Description

    3. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 3.1 General overview Control panel Knob for the heating functions Display Control knob Heating element Microwave generator Lamp Turntable shaft 3.2 Accessories Turntable set To prepare food. ≤ 4 kg Grill rack set To grill. 4. CONTROL PANEL 4.1 Retractable knobs To use the appliance press the knob.
  • Page 9: Before First Use

    4.2 Control panel overview Microwave Timer Lock Light Confirm setting Press Turn the knob power Select a heating function to turn on the appliance. Turn the knob for the heating functions to the off position to turn the appliance off. 4.3 Display Display with key functions.
  • Page 10: Daily Use

    5.1 Initial cleaning Before the first use, clean the empty appliance and set the time: 00:00 Set the time. Press 6. DAILY USE WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. 6.1 How to set: Heating functions Step 1 Turn the knob for the heating functions and select the function: Grill. 6.2 How to set: Microwave functions Step 1 Turn the knob for the heating functions and select the microwave function:...
  • Page 11 6.3 Heating functions Heating function Application Heating up drinks and soups, power range: 800 - 1000 W Liquid Heating up pre-prepared meals and delicate food, power range: 300 - 700 W Reheat Defrosting meat, fish, cakes, power range: 100 - 200 W Defrost Melting chocolate and butter, power range: 100 - 400 W Melting...
  • Page 12 P1 - P... Enter the menu. Select Assisted Cooking. Select the dish. Press Insert the dish to the oven. Confirm setting. Press 6.5 Assisted Cooking Legend Legend Shelf level. Function with microwave power. Use mi‐ The display shows P and a number of the crowave safe accessory.
  • Page 13: Clock Functions

    7. CLOCK FUNCTIONS 7.1 Clock functions Clock Function Application When the timer ends, the signal sounds. Minute minder When the timer ends, the signal sounds and the heating function stops. Cooking time To postpone the start and / or end of cooking. Time Delay Maximum is 23 h 59 min.
  • Page 14: Using The Accessories

    How to set: Cooking time Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 The display shows: 0:00 Choose a heating Press repeatedly: function and set the Set the cooking time. Press: temperature. Timer starts counting down immediately. This function is available only for: Grill, Grill Low, Grill High. How to set: Time Delay Step 1 Step 2...
  • Page 15: Additional Functions

    Grill rack set: Place the grill rack with the silicon caps down on the turntable set. 9. ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS 9.1 Lock This function prevents an accidental change of the appliance function. Turn it on when the appliance works - the set cooking continues, the control panel is locked. Turn it on when the appliance is off - it cannot be turned on, the control panel is locked.
  • Page 16: Hints And Tips

    10. HINTS AND TIPS 10.1 Cooking recommendations The temperature and cooking times in the tables are guidelines only. They depend on the recipes and the quality and quantity of the ingredients used. Your appliance may cook differently to the appliance you had before. The hints below show recommended heat‐ ing functions and settings for cooking time for specific types of the food.
  • Page 17 Cookware / Material Ovenproof glass and porcelain with no metal components, e.g. heat- proof glass Non-ovenproof glass and porcelain without any silver, gold, platinum or other metal decorations Glass and glass ceramic made of ovenproof / frost-proof material Ceramic and earthenware without any quartz or metal components and glazes which contain metal Ceramic, porcelain and earthen‐...
  • Page 18 500 - 700 W Defrosting and Cooking egg Heating one-plate Cooking vegetables Simmering stews heating frozen dishes meals meals 300 - 400 W Melting cheese, Cooking / Heating deli‐ Simmering rice Heating baby food Continuing cooking chocolate, butter cate food 100 - 200 W Defrosting cheese, cream, Defrosting bread...
  • Page 19: Care And Cleaning

    MICROWAVE COMBI FUNCTION Grill intensity level Potato gratin, 1.1 kg 30 - 35 Chicken, 1.1 kg high 30 - 35 Put the meat in round glass container. 11. CARE AND CLEANING WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. 11.1 Notes on cleaning Clean the front of the appliance only with a microfibre cloth with warm water and a mild de‐...
  • Page 20: Energy Efficiency

    The appliance does not turn on or does not heat up Problem Check if... You cannot activate or operate the appliance. The appliance is correctly connected to an electrical supply. The appliance does not heat up. The automatic switch-off is deactivated. The appliance does not heat up.
  • Page 21: Menu Structure

    When possible, do not preheat the appliance Cooking with the lamp off before cooking. Turn off the lamp during cooking. Turn it on only when you need it. Keep breaks between baking as short as possible when you prepare a few dishes at one time.
  • Page 24 867371341-B-052023...

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