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Safety Precautions
Operating Instructions
Installation Instructions
Care and Cleaning
Troubleshooting Tips
Warning notices: Before using this product,
please read this manual carefully and keep
it for future reference.
change without prior notice for product
improvement. Consult with your dealer or
the manufacturer for details.
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Summary of Contents for Toshiba TDDP2213ES2

  • Page 1 Safety Precautions Operating Instructions Installation Instructions Care and Cleaning Troubleshooting Tips USER MANUAL TDDP2213ES2 Warning notices: Before using this product, TDDP3513ES2 please read this manual carefully and keep TDDP5013ES2 it for future reference. TDDP5013ES2P change without prior notice for product improvement.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    User Manual Safety Precautions ........................3 Operating Instructions ......................6 Installation Instructions ......................12 Care and Cleaning ........................13 Troubleshooting Tips ......................14 Read This Manual Inside you’ll find many helpful hints on how to use and maintain your dehumidifier properly. Just a little preventive care on your part can save you a great deal of time and money over the life of your dehumidifier.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed. Incorrect operation due to ignoring of instructions may cause harm or damage. The level of risk is shown by the following indications. WARNING: This symbol indicates the possibility of death or serious injury.
  • Page 4 CAUTION • Do not use the unit in small spaces. Lack of ventilation can cause overheating and fi re. • Do not use in places where water may splash onto the unit. Water may enter the unit and degrade the insulation. It may cause an electric shock or fi re. •...
  • Page 5 WARNING - Electrical Information • The manufacturer’s nameplate is located on the rear panel of the unit and contains electrical and other technical data specifi c to this unit. • Be sure the unit is properly grounded. To minimize shock and fi re hazards, proper grounding is important.
  • Page 6: Operating Instructions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Product Overview F r o n t R e a r Control panel Air outlet Panel Air intake Air filter (behind the grill) Continuous Water bucket drain hose outlet Power cord buckle Water level (placed in the water window bucket, used only when storing the unit.)
  • Page 7 CAUTION Clean your unit occasionally to keep it looking new. Be sure to unplug the unit before cleaning to prevent shock or re hazards. Key Pad Features Comfort dehumidifying Continuous operation operation on indicator light on indicator light lter Bucket full Auto defrost High fan Timer on/...
  • Page 8 TURBO Button LED Display Control the Turbo speed. Press to select either Shows the set % humidity level from 35% to 85% Turbo or normal fan speed. Set the Turbo control or auto start/stop time (0 ~ 24) while setting, to high for maximum moisture removal.
  • Page 9 • Turning the unit ON or OFF at any time or Setting the Timer ON and Timer OFF adjusting the timer setting to 0.0 will cancel • When the unit is on, fi rst press the Timer the Timer function. button, the Timer OFF indicator light •...
  • Page 10 Removing Collected Water (cont.) NOTES • When you remove the bucket, do not touch any parts inside the unit. Doing so may damage the product. • Be sure to push the bucket gently all the way into the unit. • When the unit is on, if the bucket is removed, the compressor , then the unit will beep 8 times and the 3.
  • Page 11 Removing Collected Water (cont.) NOTE: The pump may cause big noise when it starts to work for 3~5 minutes. It is a normal phenomenon. NOTE: The pump operation on light blinks at 1Hz when the pump is operational failure. Please turn o the unit and plug the power cord out.
  • Page 12: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Positioning the Unit operating in a basement will have little or no e ect in drying an adjacent enclosed storage area, such as a closet, unless there is adequate circulation of air in and out of the area. (See Fig.
  • Page 13: Care And Cleaning

    CARE AND CLEANING Turn the dehumidifier off and disconnect the plug from the wall before cleaning. 1. Clean the Grill and Case • Use water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or abrasives. • Do not splash water directly onto the unit. Doing so may cause an electrical shock, cause the insulation to deteriorate, or cause the unit to rust.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting Tips

    TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS Before calling for service, review this list. It may save you time and money. This list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance. Problem Solution Make sure the dehumidifi ers plug is connected fi rmly into the wall outlet. Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box.

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