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Hanns.G HW191 User Manual

Compaq 19 inch wide screen tft lcd monitor user's manual
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19 inch Wide Screen

TFT LCD Monitor




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  • Page 1: Tft Lcd Monitor

    19 inch Wide Screen TFT LCD Monitor HW191 USER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 2 User’s Manual Before operating the monitor, please read this manual thoroughly. This manual should be retained for future reference. FCC Class B Radio Frequency Interference Statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 3 Some of the features of the TCO’03 Display requirements: Ergonomics Good visual ergonomics and image quality in order to improve the working environment • for the user and to reduce sight and strain problems. Important parameters are luminance, contrast, resolution, reflectance, colour rendition and image stability. Energy Energy-saving mode after a certain time –...
  • Page 4: Recycling Information

    User’s Manual Recycling Information We, Hanns.G care very much about our environment protection strategy and firmly believe that it helps us have healthier earth via appropriate treatment and recycling of industrial technology devices at the end-of-life. These devices contain recyclable materials, which can be re-decomposed and re-integrated into brand-new marvels.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

  • Page 6: Safety Notice

    User’s Manual SAFETY NOTICE 1. The changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. 2. Shielded interface cables and AC power cord, if any, must be used in order to comply with the emission limits.
  • Page 7: Special Notes On Lcd Monitors

    SPECIAL NOTES ON LCD MONITORS The following symptoms are normal with LCD monitor and do not indicate a problem. Due to the nature of the fluorescent light, the screen may flicker during initial use. Turn • off the Power Switch and then turn it on again to make sure the flicker disappears. You may find slightly uneven brightness on the screen depending on the desktop pattern •...
  • Page 8: Before You Operate The Monitor

    User’s Manual BEFORE YOU OPERATE THE MONITOR FEATURES 19” Wide screen TFT Color LCD Monitor • Crisp, Clear Display for Windows • Recommended Resolutions: 1440 X 900 @60Hz • ® EPA ENERGY STAR • Ergonomic Design • Space Saving, Compact Case Design •...
  • Page 9: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION: 1. Align the monitor with the opening in the base. 2. Note that the longer section of the base points forward. 3. Snap the monitor into its base. A clear click sound will affirm that the base is connected correctly.
  • Page 10: Making Connections

    User’s Manual MAKING CONNECTIONS CONNECTING TO A PC: Turn off your computer before performing the procedure below. 1. Connect one end of the D-Sub cable to the back of the monitor and connect the other end to the computer’s D-Sub port. 2.
  • Page 11: Adjusting The Viewing Angle

    ADJUSTING THE VIEWING ANGLE For optimal viewing it is recommended to look at the full face of the monitor, then adjust • the monitor’s angle to your own preference. Hold the stand so you do not topple the monitor when you change the monitor’s angle. •...
  • Page 12: Operating Instructions

    User’s Manual OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Press the power button to turn the monitor on or off. The other control buttons are located on the front panel of the monitor (See Figure 4). By changing these settings, the picture can be adjusted to your personal preferences.
  • Page 13: Front Panel Control

    FRONT PANEL CONTROL Power Button: • Press this button to switch ON/OFF of monitor’s power. Power Indicator: • Green — Power On mode. Orange — Power saving mode. MENU / ENTER: • 1. Activates the OSD menu or confirms adjustments to settings. 2.
  • Page 14: How To Adjust A Setting

    User’s Manual HOW TO ADJUST A SETTING FUNCTION DESCRIPTION Select the 「Brightness」 option on the 「Main Menu」 . Enter the option by Brightness pressing the 「Menu」 button again, and adjust the level. Select the「Contrast」option on the「Main Menu」. Enter the option by Contrast pressing the 「Menu」...
  • Page 15 Select the「Phase Adjustment」option to reduce the horizontal flicker of Phase Adjustment characters on the screen. Enter the option and adjust the level. Exit Exit the OSD menu function. FUNCTION DESCRIPTION 5500K/6500K/ Move the cursor to one of the preset options and select it. 9300K Move the cursor to the Panel Default option and select it.
  • Page 16 User’s Manual Select the「OSD Color」setting option to adjust the color of the OSD. OSD Color Enter the option and adjust the level. Select the「Language」 option to change the language of the OSD. Language Enter the option and select a language. (Reference only, the OSD Language is depended on selected model) Exit Exit the OSD menu function.
  • Page 17: Plug And Play

    User’s Manual PLUG AND PLAY Plug & Play DDC2B Feature This monitor is equipped with VESA DDC2B capabilities according to the VESA DDC STANDARD. It allows the monitor to inform the host system of its identity and, depending on the level of DDC used, communicate additional information about its display capabilities. The DDC2B is a bidirectional data channel based on the I²C protocol.
  • Page 18: Technical Support (Faq)

    User’s Manual TECHNICAL SUPPORT (FAQ) Q & A FOR GENERAL PROBLEMS PROBLEM & QUESTION Power LED is not on No Plug & Play The display is too dark or too bright. Picture bounces or a wave pattern is present in the picture The power LED is ON (orange) but there’s no...
  • Page 19: Error Message & Possible Solutions

    APPLE MAC-480 640x480 VESA-480-72Hz 640x480 VESA-480-75Hz 720x400 VGA-400-TEXT 832x624 APPLE MAC-800 800x600 800x600 VESA-600-60Hz 800x600 VESA-600-72Hz 800x600 VESA-600-75Hz 1024x768 1024x768 COMPAQ-XGA 1024x768 VESA-768-70Hz 1024x768 VESA-768-75Hz 1024x768 APPLE MAC-768 1152x864 1280x960 1280x1024 VESA-1024-60Hz 1280x1024 VESA-1024-75Hz 1440x900 VESA-1440-60Hz 1440x900 VESA-1440-75Hz HORIZONTAL MODE...
  • Page 20: Appendix

    User’s Manual APPENDIX SPECIFICATIONS Driving system LCD Panel Size Pixel pitch Video H-Frequency V-Frequency Display Colors Maximum Screen Size Max. Resolution Plug & Play ON Mode EPA ENERGY Power Saving Mode ≤2W ® STAR OFF Mode Input Connector Power Source Environmental Considerations Dimensions...

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