Philips HD2103 - Electric Pressure Cooker Manual

Philips HD2103 - Electric Pressure Cooker Manual

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Philips HD2103 - Electric Pressure Cooker Manual

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What's in the box

(fig. 1)
What’s in the box

Main unit Rice spoon
Soup ladle Measuring cup
Power cord User manual
Safety leaflet Warranty card


1 Pressure regulator 9 Side handle
2 Floating valve 10 Water level indications
3 Floater 11 Sealing ring
4 Locking pin 12 Top lid
5 Inner pot 13 Lid handle
6 Power socket 14 Heating indicator
7 Control knob 15 Keep pressure/Keep warm indicator
8 Heating element

Before first use

  1. Remove all packaging materials from the appliance.
  2. Take out all the accessories from the inner pot.
  3. Clean the parts of the electric pressure cooker thoroughly before using it for the first time (see chapter 'Cleaning and Maintenance').

information Note

  • Make sure all parts are completely dry before you start using the electric pressure cooker.

Using the electric pressure cooker

Pressure keeping time regulating range

Cooking function Adjustable pressure keeping time (minute)
White rice 3
Fish 4
Vegetables 3-5
Poultry 10-15
Pork 20-25
Beans 45
Beef 40-60

Preparations before cooking

Before using the electric pressure cooker to cook food, follow below preparation steps:

  1. Hold the lid handle and turn it clockwise until the top lid cannot move any more, then lift it up.
    Preparations before cooking - Step 1
  2. Take out the inner pot from the appliance and put the prewashed food in the inner pot.
    Preparations before cooking - Step 2
  3. Wipe the outside of the inner pot dry, and put it back into the appliance.
    Preparations before cooking - Step 3
  4. Place the top lid onto the appliance and turn it anti-clockwise. You will hear a "click" sound when the top lid is properly assembled.
    Preparations before cooking - Step 4
    Preparations before cooking - Step 5
  5. Turn the pressure regulator to the pressure cooking () or normal cooking position ()
    Preparations before cooking - Step 6

information Note

  • To braise, fry or bake food, turn the pressure regulator to the normal cooking position ( ).
  • Make sure the sealing ring is properly assembled around the inside of the top lid.
  • Make sure the steam vent and floating valve are clean and not blocked.
  • Make sure the outside of the inner pot is dry and clean, and that there is no foreign residue on the heating element.
  • Make sure the inner pot is in proper contact with the heating element.

Cooking food

  • When cooking soup or viscous liquid, do not release pressure by turning the pressure regulator valve to the steam vent position, otherwise liquid might spurt from the pressure control valve. Wait until the pressure is naturally released and the floater has dropped to open the top lid.

information Note

  • Do not fill the inner pot with less than 1/3 or more than 2/3 full of food and liquid.
  • For food that expands during cooking, do not fill the inner pot with more than 1/2 full of food and liquid.
  • For rice cooking, follow the water level indications on the inside of the inner pot. You can adjust the water level for different types of rice or according to your own preference. Do not exceed the maximum indication.
  • Make sure the floater drops down before cooking.
  • Once the pressure cooker is on, turn the control knob and set the pressure keeping time. This is to avoid the pressure cooker to automatically switch to keep warm mode after heating.
  1. Follow the steps in "preparations before cooking".
  2. Put the plug in the power socket.
    Cooking food - Step 1
    The Heating indicator lights up.
    The appliance starts heating and pressurizing.
  3. Turn the control knob clockwise to choose the pressure keeping time.
  4. When the appliance reaches the working pressure, the Heating indicator goes off and the Keep Pressure/Keep warm indicator lights up orange.
    Cooking food - Step 2
    The electric pressure cooker starts working in the pressure keeping mode.
  5. When the pressure keeping time has elapsed, the control knob will be at the Off position, and the appliance automatically switches to keep warm mode.
    Cooking food - Step 3
    The Keep pressure/Keep warm indicator changes its color from orange to green.
  6. Turn the pressure regulator to the vent position ( ).
    Cooking food - Step 4
    The appliance starts releasing pressure.
    The floater drops down when the pressure is released sufficiently.
  7. Hold the top lid handle and turn the lid clockwise until it cannot move any more, then lift it up.
    Cooking food - Step 5

information Note

  • The pressure keeping timer will start counting down when the working pressure is reached.
  • After the cooking is finished and the pressure is released, unplug the electric pressure cooker to turn off the keep warm function or when not in use.


  • Choose the desired pressure keeping time for different food according to the time indications around the control knob. You can also adjust the pressure keeping time for different types of food or according to your own preference.

Assembling and disassembling the pressure regulator

  • Do not disassemble the pressure regulator during cooking. Always unplug the appliance and wait until the pressure has been released sufficiently to do so.

To disassemble the pressure regulator:
To disassemble the pressure regulator

  • Turn the lower screw anticlockwise until it becomes loose, pull it up and take out the pressure regulator.

To assemble the pressure regulator:
To assemble the pressure regulator

  • Put the pressure regulator back to the steam valve and make sure the regulator points at the sealed position ( ). Turn the screw clockwise until it is fastened.


Model Number HD2103
Rated power output 900W
Rated capacity 5.0L
Diameter 22cm
Pressure keeping time 0-60 minutes
information Note
  • Always unplug the appliance if not used for a longer period.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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