Honor band A1 - Fitness Tracker Manual

Honor band A1 - Fitness Tracker Manual


Honor band A1 - Fitness Tracker Manual


This guide is for information purposes only and does not constitute any kind of warranty. The actual product (including but not limited to the color, size, and display) may differ from the product described in this guide.

Getting to know your Band

Getting to know your Band
Check that the box contents are complete. The box should contain 1 Band, 1 charging cradle, and 1 user guide.

Wearing the Band

To fasten the strap, place your index finger underneath the strap and use your thumb to press down on the metal clip (as shown below).
Wearing the Band

Viewing exercise and sleep data

The Band records your exercise and sleep data in real time. To view your exercise and sleep data, touch , swipe down on the screen to sync your data, and then swipe left or right to view the data.

Sharing exercise data

  1. Touch , and then touch the large exercise circle.
  2. Touch Share to access the share tab.
  3. Select a sharing method and follow the onscreen instructions.

Measuring UV radiation

Touch > > UV monitoring and ensure that you select the correct strap type.

  1. Open the Honor Band app. Swipe left to go to the UV sensor screen.

Activating the Band

To activate your Band, charge it by connecting the charging cradle to a phone charger or USB port. The LED indicator will blink blue and orange to indicate that activation was successful. After the Band has been activated, the LED indicator will turn orange to indicate that the Band is charging.
Fully charge the battery before using the Band for the first time. The LED indicator will turn blue once charging is complete.

You do not need to turn your Band on and off. It will turn off automatically when the battery level drops below 1%. To view the remaining battery level, touch in the Honor Band app.

Downloading the Honor Band app

  1. Ensure that your phone is connected to the Internet over mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  2. Point the Band at the sun and touch Start.
    The UV radiation will be displayed on the screen after a few seconds.
  3. To view more detailed statistics, touch the UV radiation circle.

Locating your Band

In the Honor Band app, touch > > Find Band.
Your Band will vibrate and the LED indicator will blink blue.

Updating the Band software

  1. Ensure that your phone is paired with your Band and connected to the Internet over mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  2. Touch and follow the onscreen instructions.

Updating the Honor Band app

  1. Ensure that your phone is connected to the Internet over mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  2. Scan the QR code below. If you are using an Android phone, download the app from the Huawei HiApp store. If you are using an iPhone, download the app from the App Store.

    Android version

    iOS version
  3. Touch and follow the onscreen instructions to add an account and pair the Band with your phone. To use another account, touch >Unbind.
    To log out of the current account and use another account, ensure that your phone is connected to the Internet, and then touch > >Exit and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. Touch and follow the onscreen instructions.

Restoring factory settings

  1. Touch > Factory data reset.
  2. Touch OK. The Band will automatically restart.

Safety information

Electrical devices
Do not use this device in areas where the use of wireless devices is prohibited. It may interfere with other devices or present other hazards.

Interference with medical equipment

  • Comply with all regulations in hospitals and health care facilities. Turn this device off if the use of wireless devices is prohibited.
  • Some wireless devices may interfere with implantable medical devices and other medical equipment, such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, and hearing aids. Consult the manufacturer of your medical equipment for more information.

Notifications for incoming calls/messages

  1. Touch > > Notifications for incoming calls/ messages.
  2. Switch on Open and configure the alert period.
  3. When the Band is paired with your phone and the Honor Band app is running in the background, the Band will vibrate and the LED indicator will blink blue when you receive an incoming call or message during the preset alert period.

Smart alarms

  1. Touch >Smart alarms.
  2. Touch Add. Configure the alarm settings and touch Save.
  3. The Band will vibrate at the scheduled alarm time.

To delete an alarm, go to the alarm settings screen and touch Delete.

  • Keep this device at a minimum distance of 15 cm from implantable medical devices (such as pacemakers and cochlear implants).

Areas with flammable and explosive substances

  • Do not use this device at gas stations or in areas containing flammable or explosive substances. Always follow all warning symbols and instructions. Using this device in or near areas that contain oil, chemicals, and other flammable and explosive substances may cause an explosion or fire.
  • Do not store or transport this device or its accessories in containers with flammable liquids, gases, or explosives.

Road safety

  • Observe all local traffic laws and regulations while using this device. Do not use this device while driving.
  • Concentrate on driving. Your first responsibility is to drive safely.
  • Wireless signals may interfere with vehicle electrical systems. For more information, consult your vehicle manufacturer.
  • Wireless devices may interfere with flight control systems. Comply with all airline regulations and do not use this device if the use of wireless devices is prohibited.

Operating environment

  • Avoid dusty, damp, or dirty environments and stay away from magnetic fields. Using the device in these environments may result in circuit malfunctions.
  • Use and store the Band at a temperature of -20°C to +50°C. The relative humidity should not exceed 85%.
  • Do not allow the device or its accessories to come into contact with rain or moisture. This constitutes a fire hazard and may cause an electric shock.
  • Do not place the device near sources of heat or naked flames, such as electrical heaters, microwaves, ovens, boilers, stoves, and candles.
  • This device may become warm during use. If it becomes hot to the touch, avoid prolonged skin contact to prevent burns, redness, or other skin problems.
  • Some people may be allergic to plastic, leather, synthetic fibers, or other materials. If you experience a or sweat.
  • Clean the Band regularly using a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any organic solvents.
  • Before charging the Band, ensure that the Band and charging cradle are clean and dry.
  • This product comes with a built-in battery. If you do not plan to use the Band for an extended period, place it in a cool, dry location.
  • If the Band fails to charge, wipe the charging contacts using a soft cloth, and then place the Band back onto the charging cradle.

Environmental protection

This symbol (with or without a solid bar) on the device, batteries (if included), and/or the packaging, indicates that your device, its electrical accessories (for example, a headset, adapter, or cable), and batteries should not be disposed of as household waste. These items should be taken to a certified rash or inflammation after prolonged contact with the device, discontinue use and consult a physician.

  • Do not allow children or pets to bite or chew the device or its accessories. Doing so may damage the device or cause an explosion.

Child safety

  • This device and its accessories may contain some small components that present a choking hazard. Keep the device and its accessories out of the reach of children to prevent injury or accidental damage.
  • This device is not a toy. Children should only use the device when supervised by an adult.


Using a non-standard or incompatible power supply, charger, or battery may cause a fire, explosion, or other hazards.

Battery safety

  • Do not allow metal conductors to touch the battery contacts. collection point for recycling or proper disposal.

For more information about recycling your device or its batteries, contact your local council, household waste disposal service, or Huawei retail store.
The disposal of your device and its batteries (if included) is subject to the WEEE Directive Recast (Directive 2012/19/ EU) and Battery Directive (Directive 2006/66/EC). Separating waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries from other waste minimizes the potential environmental impacts and human health risks associated with hazardous substances.


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