PHILIPS HD2630 - Toaster Manual

PHILIPS HD2630 - Toaster Manual

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PHILIPS HD2630 - Toaster Manual



  1. Warming rack
  2. Warming rack lever
  3. Crumb tray
  4. Bun warming button
  5. Defrost button
  6. Reheat button
  7. Browning control
  8. Stop button
  9. Toasting lever

Before first use

Put the toaster in a properly ventilated room and select the highest browning setting. Let the toaster complete a few toasting cycles without bread in it. This burns off any dust and prevents unpleasant smells.

Toast, reheat, or defrost bread

Toast, reheat, or defrost bread

To toast bread, follow the steps 1, 2, 3, 5.

  • Select a low setting (1-2) for lightly toasted bread.
  • Select a high setting (5-7) for darkly toasted bread.

To reheat bread, press the reheat button () after step 3.
To defrost bread, press the defrost button () after step 3.


  • You can stop the toasting process and pop up the bread at any time by pressing the stop button (STOP) on the toaster.
  • The reheat function has a preset duration. The toasting time does not change when you turn the browning control to another setting.

Bun warming

Bun warming
Push down the warming rack lever to unfold the warming rack. At step 4, press the bun warming button ( ).


  • Never put the rolls to be warmed up directly on top of the toaster. Always use the warming rack to avoid damage to the toaster.



  • Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids to clean the appliance.

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