Maintenance - Craftsman CMCE600 Instruction Manual

V20 max cordless caulk and adhesive dispenser
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4. Break inner seal of caulking tube or material nozzle using the
located on the under side of the cartridge holder.
NOTICE: If the inner seal is not broken, material
could be forced out through the rear of the tube and
damage the tool.
NOTICE: Keep plunger rod, cartridge holder and cartridge
clean of all material. Retracting a plunger rod that is
covered with dried material may damage the internal
parts of the tool and cause misalignment of tube.
5. Securely hold the tool and pull the plunger rod handle 
back to allow the caulk/material tube to fit inside the
cartridge holder
6. Insert caulk/material tube with the nozzle towards the
front of the tool.
7. Push the plunger rod handle
is against the tube.
8. Rotate cartridge holder to desired angle.
9. When ready to dispense, squeeze the trigger switch
Electronic Overload Protection
The CMCE600 has an electronic overload protection feature. If too
much pressure is exerted on the tube, the tool will turn off. This
helps to prevent damage to the tool and the caulk or material tube.
If the tool turns off, make sure that:
1. Caulk or material nozzle tip is cut.
2. Inner seal in the caulk or material tube is broken.
3. Hardened material is removed from the nozzle.
4. Caulk or material tube is not damaged or frozen.
5. Plunger rod
is free of caulk or adhesive materials.
6. Release the trigger switch 
again to reset the tool.
7. If the tool turns off again, move the variable speed
to the middle position and squeeze the trigger
again. If the tool continues to turn off, try
another tube of caulk or material or take the tool to an
authorized service center.
Hang Hook (Fig. A)

WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal injury,
do not use the tool's hang hook to hang the tool from
your body. DO NOT use the hang hook for tethering or
securing the tool to a person or object during use. DO
NOT suspend tool overhead or suspend objects from
the hang hook.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury from the tool
falling on operators or bystanders, make sure it is
supported securely when using the hang hook, or
resting in a secure and stable location when not in
use. Be sure to keep the area below clear to reduce
the risk of the tool falling and striking someone or
something below it.

WARNING: The hang hook is not for tethering or
securing the tool to a person or object during use
when elevated.
The CMCE600 has a convenient hang hook 
to hang on a suitable, stable structure between uses.
forward until the
and squeeze the trigger
that allows it


WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal
injury, turn unit off and remove the battery pack
before making any adjustments or removing/
installing attachments or accessories. An
accidental start‑up can cause injury.
Your CRAFTSMAN power tool has been designed to operate
over a long period of time with a minimum of maintenance.
Continuous satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool
care and regular cleaning.
Cleaning (Fig. A)

WARNING: Blow dirt and dust out of the main
housing with dry air as often as dirt is seen collecting
in and around the air vents. Wear approved eye
protection and approved dust mask when performing
this procedure.

WARNING: Never use solvents or other harsh
chemicals for cleaning the non‑metallic parts of the
tool. These chemicals may weaken the materials used
in these parts. Use a cloth dampened only with water
and mild soap. Never let any liquid get inside the tool;
never immerse any part of the tool into a liquid.
NOTICE: Material left in the cartridge/sausage
holder may dry if left unattended. Do not attempt to
dispense material under this condition. Follow the
adhesive manufacturer's recommendations when
using caulk or adhesive material to reduce the risk of
property damage.
To clean the cartridge holder, follow adhesive manufacturer's
recommendations for cleaning material from nozzle, barrel
plunger and plunger rod.

WARNING: Since accessories, other than those
offered by CRAFTSMAN, have not been tested with
this product, use of such accessories with this product
could be hazardous. To reduce the risk of injury, only
CRAFTSMAN recommended accessories should be used
with this product.
Recommended accessories for use with your product are
available at extra cost from your local dealer or authorized
service center. If you need assistance in locating any
accessory, please contact CRAFTSMAN Call 1‑888‑331‑4569.


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