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Miele S5 S5980 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele s5 s5980: user guide
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Operating instructions

Vacuum cleaner

S 5980
en - US, CA
To prevent accidents
and machine damage,
read these instructions
before installation and use.
M.-Nr. 07 176 510



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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Vacuum cleaner S 5980 en - US, CA To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions before installation and use. M.-Nr. 07 176 510...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Before using the vacuum cleaner ........
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Connecting the vacuum cleaner to a higher voltage than indicated in these instructions may result in damage to the vacuum cleaner or injury. To reduce the risk of electric shock, this appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other.) This...
  • Page 5 Important Safety Instructions. This appliance is intended strictly for household use only. Do not allow the vacuum cleaner to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used near children. Never use the vacuum cleaner without the dustbag or filters in place.
  • Page 6: Using Accessories

    Danger of electric shock! Unplug the vacuum when changing accessories, especially the Turbobrush, and Powerbrush. To avoid the risk of injury when vacuuming with a Miele Power or Turbobrush do not touch the rotating roller brush. Danger of injury.
  • Page 7 Miele Powerbrush specified for use with this appliance. Danger of injury. The Miele Powerbrush is a motor driven accessory for use only with Miele vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner must not be used with another manufacturer’s powerbrush.
  • Page 8: Guide To The Vacuum Cleaner

    Guide to the vacuum cleaner...
  • Page 9: Guide To The Vacuum Cleaner

    Guide to the vacuum cleaner a Hand piece b Suction power buttons + / – c On/Off button for Powerbrush with LED d Standby button with LED for vacuum pauses e Power level display f Lock release button g Electro Telescopic wand...
  • Page 10: Before Using The Vacuum Cleaner

    Before using the vacuum cleaner Connecting the Electro hose ^ Insert the elbow into the suction socket until it clicks. Use the inlet guides to direct insertion. Disconnecting the Electro hose ^ Press the release buttons at the sides of the elbow and lift the hose from the...
  • Page 11 ^ Press the telescopic wand release button (see arrow) to release the tubes and adjust to the desired height. Before using the vacuum cleaner...
  • Page 12: Using The Powerbrush

    The Powerbrush can also be used on smooth floor surfaces. The standard floor brush or the Miele parquet floorbrush should be used to clean delicate hard flooring and floor surfaces susceptible to scratching.
  • Page 13 The floor brush is suitable for cleaning carpets, rugs, and hard surfaces. For flooring susceptible to scratching, use one of the special Miele floor brushes (see "Optional accessories"). Connecting the Electro Telescopic wand to a floor tool ^ Fit the Electro Telescopic wand firmly into the floor tool.
  • Page 14: Included Accessories

    Included accessories The following accessories are included: a Crevice nozzle b Dust brush with natural bristles c Upholstery tool Taking the accessories out ^ Press the releasing lock (see arrow). The accessory compartment opens. ^ Take out the accessory needed. ^ Close the lid securely.
  • Page 15 Included accessories Crevice tool For cleaning in folds, crevices and corners. Dust brush with natural bristles For cleaning moldings, ornate or carved articles, etc. The head of the dusting brush swivels and can be turned to attain the best cleaning position.
  • Page 16 Included accessories Upholstery tool For cleaning upholstery, mattresses, cushions, curtains, covers, etc. Standard floor brush The standard floor brush can be used for normal cleaning of carpets, rugs, hard surfaces, carpeted stairs, etc.
  • Page 17: Use

    Do not alter the plug in any way. Danger of overheating and damage. Rewinding ^ Unplug the vacuum from the outlet. ^ Press the rewind switch - the power cord will rewind automatically. Hold the plug so that it does not whip...
  • Page 18: Turning The Vacuum On And Off

    To turn the vacuum on: ^ Press the Standby button at the hand piece. The LED goes out and the vacuum cleaner turns on to the last selected power level. The respective symbol on the hand piece lights green.
  • Page 19: Adjusting The Suction

    Adjusting the suction Use the + and - on the handpiece to adjust the suction to suit the type of flooring. By reducing the suction power the floor brush can be pushed easier. The symbols on the controls indicate the type of use the settings are suitable for.
  • Page 20: Turning The Powerbrush On And Off

    While vacuuming The vacuum cleaner can also stand on its end for vacuuming stairs, drapes etc. To prevent static electricity your hand must touch the metal inlay on the underside of the vacuum handpiece. Be certain to continuously touch this inlay when...
  • Page 21: Transport And Storage

    Turning on and off with the Park-System Parking the floor brush while vacuuming automatically turns the vacuum off. Lifting the floor brush out of the Park-System turns the vacuum back Transport and storage...
  • Page 22 – Standard floor brush – Turbobrush – Hard floor brush This makes the vacuum easier to carry and store. Push the parts of the electro telescopic wand into each other for greater stability.
  • Page 23: Maintenance And Care

    G/N. A "SUPER air clean" exhaust filter and a dust compartment filter are supplied with every box of Miele dustbags. If you wish to purchase exhaust filters or dust compartment filters separately, please quote the model number on the data plate located underneath the vacuum.
  • Page 24: When To Change The Dustbag

    When to change the dustbag Change the dustbag when the colored marker in the airflow indicator fills the display. Miele dust bags are disposable and made to be used only once. Do not attempt to reuse. Checking the airflow indicator ^ Attach the floor tool to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Page 25: How To Change The Dustbag

    How to change the dustbag ^ Lift the release button for the dust compartment, raise the lid until it clicks into place. ^ Grasp the collar by the two finger holes and pull it out from the dustbag holder. The dustbag has a flap which closes automatically to prevent dust from escaping when the dustbag is removed.
  • Page 26: When To Change The Exhaust Filter

    50 hours of operation which is about a year of average use. You can continue to vacuum. However, the suction power will be reduced as will the effectiveness of the filter if it is not replaced. You can replace the "ACTIVE HEPA"...
  • Page 27: Replacing The "Active Hepa" Filter

    The filter change indicator (Reset button) must be reset each time the filter is replaced. To do this, the vacuum cleaner must be plugged in. ^ Press and hold the filter change indicator light until it goes out. The display is now reset.
  • Page 28: Exchanging Exhaust Filters

    If a Super Air Clean filter is used, the reset button can be disregarded. The Super Air Clean filter should be changed whenever a new box of Miele dustbags is opened. The indicator goes out when the reset button is pressed.
  • Page 29: When To Change The Dust Compartment Filter

    Maintenance and care When to change the dust compartment filter Change the filter each time you open a new box of genuine Miele dustbags. A dust compartment filter is supplied with every box of Miele dustbags. How to change the exhaust filter ^ Open the dust compartment lid.
  • Page 30: When To Change The Thread Catcher

    ^ Push and take out the roller axle. ^ Take out the roller. ^ Remove all threads, hair, etc. and reassemble the parts. New thread catcher pads can be purchased from any authorized Miele vacuum dealer or Miele.
  • Page 31: Cleaning And Care

    Turn off the vacuum and unplug it from the outlet before performing any maintenance work. Vacuum cleaner and accessories The vacuum cleaner and other plastic accessories can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a cleaner suitable for plastics. Do not use abrasive, glass or all purpose cleaners! They will damage the surface.
  • Page 32: Frequently Asked Questions

    A heavily soiled exhaust or dust compartment filter can also be the cause of overheating. Turn the vacuum off and pull the plug from the outlet. ^ Check for any blockages and allow the vacuum to cool for 30 minutes.
  • Page 33: Technical Service

    Technical Service In the event of a fault which you cannot fix yourself please contact the Miele Service Department at the phone number listed on the back of this booklet. ^ Please quote the model type of your appliance. This can be found on the data plate on...
  • Page 34: Optional Accessories

    The Turbobrush is recommended for cleaning short to medium pile carpeting. It is mechanically driven by the suction power of the vacuum. In addition to dust particles it also removes stubbornly adhered threads, hairs and carpet fluff.
  • Page 35 Optional accessories Hard floor brush SBB 235-3 To vacuum sturdy hard floors, e.g. tiles and stone floors. Parquet floor brush SBB-3 Special brush with natural bristles intended for cleaning parquet and laminate floors, especially those susceptible to scratching. The parquet floor brush can be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner using the crevice nozzle if necessary.
  • Page 36 Optional accessories Universal brush For dusting books, shelves, etc. Mattress tool For cleaning deep crevices, mattresses and upholstery.
  • Page 37 Optional accessories Radiator brush (only usable with the crevice nozzle) For cleaning radiators, narrow shelves and crevices. Crevice nozzle 12" (300 mm) For cleaning in folds, crevices and corners.
  • Page 38 Optional accessories MicroSet This set is specially designed for cleaning small objects and difficult to reach areas (such as PC keyboards, stereo equipment, carved furniture, ornaments, models, etc). The set consists of: – Micro hose with combi nozzle (crevice nozzle and dust brush) –...
  • Page 39: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposing of the dustbag and filters Genuine Miele dustbags and filters are made of environmentally friendly materials. They can be thrown out with the household trash provided the vacuum cleaner has been used only for...
  • Page 40 All rights reserved / 1108 M.-Nr. 07 176 510 / 01 For the most updated manual see the Miele web site.

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