Miele F1801SF Operating And Installation Instructions
Miele F1801SF Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele F1801SF Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele f1801sf: install guide


Operating and Installation
K 1801 SF
K 1811 SF
K 1901 SF
K 1911 SF
en - US, CA
To prevent accidents
and machine damage
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 07 360 820


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Miele F1801SF

  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Refrigerator K 1801 SF K 1811 SF K 1901 SF K 1911 SF en - US, CA To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 07 360 820...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 4 Guide to the refrigerator ..........7 Before use .
  • Page 3 Contents Dimensions............39 Installing the appliance .
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using the appliance, follow basic safety precautions, including the following: Read all instructions before installation and use to prevent accidents and machine damage. This appliance is intended for residential use only. Use only as described in this Operating manual. Only use the appliance for its intended purpose.
  • Page 5 This appliance must be installed and connected in compliance with the installation instructions. Installation and repair work should be performed by a Miele authorized service technician. Work by unqualified persons could be dangerous and may void the warranty. Installation must comply with local regulations and state laws.
  • Page 6: Disposal Of Your Old Appliance

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Disposal of your old appliance Before disposing of an old appliance, first make the door latch or lock unusable. Take off the door. Leave the shelves in place so that children may not easily climb inside. Consult with your municipal policy on recycling.
  • Page 7: Guide To The Refrigerator

    Guide to the refrigerator a Hinged door shelf b Shelves (height adjustable) c Door shelves (height adjustable) d Deli drawer e Control panel f Main switch g Humidity filters h SmartFresh drawers...
  • Page 8 Guide to the refrigerator Control panel a Access button "p" activates the control panel b Refrigerator c Upper SmartFresh drawer d Lower SmartFresh drawer e Temperature display X colder; Y warmer Allows you to set the desired temperature in the refrigerator f Food type(s) to be stored in the SmartFresh drawers g On/Off sensor button for the...
  • Page 9: Before Use

    Before using for the first time The stainless steel surface of the appliance is protected with a plastic film, which protects it during shipping. Do not remove this protective film until the appliance has been completely installed. After removing the protective film clean the exterior surface with the supplied stainless steel agent.
  • Page 10: Settings

    Settings Using the settings When a sensor button has been selected with a finger touch, it will appear yellow. A de-selected button will appear white. ^ Touch the access button "p" so it turns yellow. On the control panel you will now see the sensor buttons for the three appliance zones.
  • Page 11: Turning The Button Sound On/Off

    Custom settings In the custom settings mode you can select and change functions. The function possibilities are described in the respective chapters of this manual. Function Display text Temperature °C - °F RemoteVision Module settings Button sound on/off Exit Custom Settings mode Turning the button sound On/Off...
  • Page 12: Turning Off For Longer Periods Of Time

    Settings ^ By touching the X button, you can choose between: = 0 : Button sound is off = 1 : Button sound is on = – : Return to menu. ^ Touch the access button "p" to confirm the setting. ^ Tap the X button until you see ;...
  • Page 13: Alarm

    The appliance is equipped with an alarm system, to ensure that the temperature does not rise unnoticed because of energy loss or an open door. The alarm system is always operational, it does not need to be switched on. Temperature alarm If the temperature becomes too warm, an alarm sounds, the "alarm"...
  • Page 14: Setting The Temperature

    Setting the temperature Setting the temperature in the refrigerator ^ Touch the access button "p" so it turns yellow. ^ Touch the sensor button for the refrigerator so it turns yellow. ^ Use the X and Y buttons next to the temperature display to set the temperature warmer or colder.
  • Page 15 Temperature unit (Fahrenheit/Celsius) The temperature can be displayed in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C). ^ Touch the access button "p" so it turns yellow. ^ Touch the sensor button for the refrigerator section so it turns yellow. ^ Note the position of the button X, but do not touch.
  • Page 16: Smartfresh Drawers

    SmartFresh drawers The SmartFresh drawers provide the right combination of temperature and humidity. The result is freshness up to three times longer than in the other zones of the refrigerator. Storage temperatures For fresh foods that are not adversely affected by cold, the best range is 32°...
  • Page 17 For optimal storage conditions, it is always best to store similar foods together in one drawer. The upper SmartFresh drawer is the best place to store moisture sensitive foods. Foods that are best stored under dry conditions – fresh fish and shellfish, meats, poultry, sausage, dairy products and deli salads.
  • Page 18: Using The Refrigerator Efficiently

    Using the refrigerator efficiently Different storage zones Due to the natural circulation of air in the appliance, there are different temperature zones in the refrigerator. Cold, heavy air sinks to the lowest section of the appliance. Make use of these different zones when placing food in the appliance.
  • Page 19: Supercool

    When the SuperCool function is activated, the appliance is cooled as cold and quickly as possible (to a factory-preset temperature). The SuperCool function is ideal for the rapid cooling of drinks and for refrigerating large quantities of foods. Switching on SuperCool ^ Touch the sensor button for the refrigerator so it turns yellow.
  • Page 20: Automatic Defrost

    Automatic defrost Refrigerator and SmartFresh drawers The refrigerator and SmartFresh drawers defrost automatically. During normal operation, condensate and frost can form on the rear wall of the refrigerator and drawers. You do not need to remove this build-up, it will defrost and evaporate automatically with the heat generated by the appliance.
  • Page 21: Adjusting The Interior Fittings

    Moving the shelves The shelves can be adjusted according to the height of the food. ^ Using both hands, grasp the shelf from underneath and lift slightly so that the rear of the shelf is slightly above the mountings. ^ Pull the shelf forward. ^ Move the shelf to the desired height, then insert the (rear) hooks into place.
  • Page 22 Adjusting the interior fittings SmartFresh drawer These drawers are set on telescopic tracks. They can be pulled in and out for loading and unloading, or removed for cleaning. ^ Open the drawer. On the hinged side of the door is a safety lock, which must be turned to a horizontal position before the drawer can be removed.
  • Page 23: Removing The Storage Shelf From Above The Drawer

    Adjusting the door shelves For easier loading, unloading, and cleaning, the door shelves can be shifted or completely removed. ^ Using both hands, grasp the door shelf by the frame and tip it slightly forward. ^ Slide the tipped shelf up or down along the slide-rails, and click it into place with the lower hooks.
  • Page 24: Cleaning And Care

    Stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned using a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner (available from Miele). Only use a mild solution of warm water and liquid dish soap to clean this appliance. Do not use a steam cleaner to clean this appliance.
  • Page 25: Humidity Filters

    Aluminum frames The shelf frames are made of aluminum. ^ Clean the frames with a mild solution of warm water and liquid dish soap. Aluminum is susceptible to scratches and nicks, treat with care. The aluminum frames may become discolored or otherwise altered if soiling is not cleaned away promptly.
  • Page 26: Ventilation Slits

    Cleaning and care Ventilation slits ^ Check the ventilation slits in the base panel regularly. Remove any dirt/dust with a vacuum cleaner or brush. Clean as needed. Door seals Do not use oil or grease on the door seals. This may cause the seals to deteriorate and become porous over time.
  • Page 27: Changing The Light Bulb

    Changing the light bulb The lighting automatically switches off after the door has been open for approx. 5 minutes. This is not a fault. After the bulb has cooled for a short time it will turn on again. If the light does not come on when the door is opened briefly, the light bulb should be changed.
  • Page 28 Cleaning and care Side lighting ^ Turn the light cover counterclockwise and pull out. Never touch a halogen bulb with bare fingers. When inserting a glass halogen bulb, always hold with a soft cloth. ^ Pull the defective light bulb from the socket.
  • Page 29: Frequently Asked Questions

    With the aid of the following guide minor problems can be corrected without a ser- vice call. Repairs should only be carried out by a qualified and trained person in strict accordance with local and national safety regulations. Unauthorized repairs could cause personal injury or machine damage and may void the warranty.
  • Page 30 Frequently asked questions Issue The compressor kicks on very frequently and for too long. Issue The alarm is ringing. Issue The alarm is ringing and the "alarm" indicator is flashing. Possible fault The ventilation slits are covered or dusty. The door has been opened too frequently, or a large amount of fresh food has been put in at...
  • Page 31 The appliance is making noises. Issue Brrrrr... Blubb, blubb... Click... Sssrrrrr... Rattling, vibrating Frequently asked questions Possible fault Humming noise made by the compressor. This noise can get louder for brief periods when the motor is switching A gurgling noise can be heard when coolant is circulating through the pipes.
  • Page 32: After Sales Service

    Miele appliance. Please note that unless expressly approved in writing by the Miele Ser- vice department, Extended Service Contracts offered by other providers for Miele products will not be recognized by Miele.
  • Page 33: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use.
  • Page 34: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of packing materials The cardboard box and packing materials are biodegradable and recyclable. Please recycle. Ensure that any plastic wrappings, bags, etc., are disposed of safely and kept out of the reach of babies and young children.
  • Page 35: Installation

    Have the appliance installed by a qualified technician, according to the enclosed installation instructions. WARNING This appliance is top-heavy and must be secured to prevent it from tipping forward. Keep the door closed until the appliance is completely installed and secured as per the installation instructions.
  • Page 36 To ensure that the appliance is installed securely and functions properly, the base must be flat, level and made of a hard, rigid material. If in doubt, contact Miele. Furniture/fixtures The new appliance will be mounted securely to adjacent and overhead furniture/fixtures.
  • Page 37: Installation Options

    This appliance can be installed "side-by-side" with another fridge/freezer using a "Merging Kit". The "Merging Kit" can be obtained from Miele. Contact Miele or your dealer for specific information about which combinations will work with your appliance..without partition...
  • Page 38: Side Panels

    "Merging Kit". The "Merging Kit" can be obtained from Miele. Side panels If one side of the appliance is visible, a side panel must be used. The side panel must be firmly secured...
  • Page 39: Dimensions

    Niche dimensions K 18X1 SF K 19X1 SF 30 1/2" (774.6 mm) 36 1/2" (927 mm) Dimensions 30" (762 mm) 36" (915 mm)
  • Page 40 Dimensions 1: Power connection 2: Water connection (not applicable for this model) K 18X1 SF 15" (381 mm) K 19X1 SF 18" (458 mm) Door dimensions (open min. 90°) K 18X1 SF K 19X1 SF " (829 mm) " (982 mm)
  • Page 41: Installing The Appliance

    Before you begin Read these instructions completely and carefully. Have the appliance installed by a qualified technician, according to the enclosed installation instructions. To reduce the risk of injury or damage to the product, two people should be used for installation. These installation instructions are intended for use by qualified installers.
  • Page 42: Check The Installation Niche

    Installing the appliance Check the installation niche To ensure a safe, trouble-free installation and the best possible cosmetic result, check to be sure that the installation space complies with the installation requirements. ^ Check the base (see "Installation"). ^ Check the dimensions of the cavity. ^ Check that the cavity is square.
  • Page 43: Remotevision Module Installation (Optional Accessory)

    ^ Loosen the bracket that holds the appliance to the pallet. Caution! The appliance is no longer secured and may be unstable. ^ From the rear of the appliance carefully lift it from the pallet. Once the appliance is on the ground it can be wheeled around.
  • Page 44: Preparing The Installation Niche

    In that case, repeat the process. If that does not correct the problem, contact Miele. ^ Pull the antenna d straight out. ^ Guide the cover b over the antenna d and screw on the cover.
  • Page 45 Anti-tip brackets The anti-tip brackets help keep the appliance safely attached to the installation space, which helps prevent tipping. Two anti-tip brackets are recommended for each appliance or appliance combination (side-by-side). The distance "D" between the anti-tip brackets b is the width of the appliance.
  • Page 46 Installing the appliance Securing an alternative anti-tip device If the anti-tip brackets cannot be attached securely, an alternative anti-tip device can be used. Ensure that there is no "give" between the appliance and the anti-tip device. If possible, always screw the wooden beam to existing studs.
  • Page 47: Sliding The Appliance Into The Installation Space

    Sliding the appliance into the installation space ^ Unscrew the plinth. ^ To protect the corners of the installation space, attach the supplied edge protector a on both sides with adhesive tape. ^ Plug the appliance into the power outlet b. Installing the appliance In the case of side-by-side installations, a separate outlet must...
  • Page 48: Aligning The Appliance

    Installing the appliance Aligning the appliance ^ Align the appliance with the custom front. The height-adjustable feet at the front and rear can all be adjusted from the front. – Front: with an open-ended wrench ½" (SW 13). The feet can be adjusted from the top and bottom e.
  • Page 49: Attaching The Appliance To The Installation Niche

    Note: – Do not twist or jam the appliance inside the niche. When unscrewing the height-adjustable feet, proceed gradually, alternating between left and right. – The adjustment of the rear feet is aided if the appliance is lifted at the rear (tipped forward slightly).
  • Page 50 Installing the appliance Attaching the toe-kick panel The maximum height of the toe-kick panel is 4" (101 mm) from the top of the floor. Do not cover the ventilation slits in the base panel. Risk of damage to the appliance. ^ If required, cut the toe-kick panel to the required length and height.
  • Page 51 Mounting the air separator The air separator keeps the supply and exhaust air separate. This prevents warm exhaust air from flowing into the machine, optimizing the energy performance of the unit. ^ If necessary, shorten the three parts of the air separator. ^ Insert the foam pieces back into the sides.
  • Page 52: Electrical Connection

    If there are any questions regarding the electrical connection of this appliance to the power supply, please consult a licensed electrician or call the Miele Technical Service. U1-800-999-1360 V1-800-565-6435 The appliance comes with a UL-listed, 3-wire power supply cord.
  • Page 53: Remotevision

    RemoteVision module see the "Installation" section of this manual. The RemoteVision system is available as an optional accessory from Miele. It can only be installed by a Miele Service Technician. RemoteVision Be sure your wireless system meets the following requirements –...
  • Page 54 RemoteVision Accessing the RemoteVision control panel ^ Touch the access button "p" so it turns yellow. ^ Touch the sensor button for the refrigerator section so it turns yellow. ^ Note the position of the button X, but do not touch. ^ Touch the access button "p"...
  • Page 55 MasterCool control panel options for RemoteVision Selectable Description of function options Back Reboot the module Reset the module to factory settings Enter Ad-Hoc Mode Note: If you cannot select any option (other than ; - "back"), the module has not been installed correctly.
  • Page 56 Alteration rights reserved / 3308 M.-Nr. 07 360 820 / 00 For the most updated manual see the Miele web site.

Table of Contents