Pioneer XMp3 - Portable XM Satellite Radio/MP3 Player Installation Guide

Pioneer XMp3 - Portable XM Satellite Radio/MP3 Player Installation Guide

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Pioneer XMp3 - Portable XM Satellite Radio/MP3 Player Installation Guide

Thank you for purchasing the XMp3 Home Kit! You are one step closer to experiencing XM Satellite Radio in your office, cabin, or second room in the home.

What's in the box?


  1. Insert your XMp3 radio into the home stand.

  2. Connect the power adapter, audio cable, and XM home antenna.
    Setup - Connecting

The XM home antenna plugs into the jack labeled antenna.

line out
The audio cable plugs into the line out jack.

The home power adapter plugs into the 5V DC jack.

  1. Connect your XMp3 radio to your home, office, or other stereo system via the audio input jack.
  2. Place the XM home antenna in or near a south facing window for optimal indoor reception.
  3. To optimize signal reception, you may mount the XM home antenna outdoors, facing south.
    Setup - Step 2
    Setup - Step 3

Aiming the Antenna

For best reception, your XM antenna should have an unobstructed view of the XM satellites in the southern sky. In large cities, XM's network of repeaters helps increase signal coverage.

The XMp3 radio can help you aim the antenna for best reception.

  1. Select menu Settings Antenna Aiming
  2. The "Satellite" and "Terrestrial" bars show the level of your current signal.
  3. Rotate or move the antenna to make at least one of the bars as strong as possible.

Remote Control functions

Remote Control functions

30-Minute Replay Buttons
Pause and replay up to 30 minutes of live XM broadcast.

Select/XM Button
Press to confirm selections.

Go to My Music Library, access advanced features and configuration options or info extras information.

Number Keys
Enter a channel directly or select your favorite channels.

Switches between current channel and previous channel.

Arrow Buttons
Select menu entries, change channels.

Record a song or channel.

TuneSelect, bookmarks, favorites, auto recording, and view programs for channel.

Silences live, saved songs, and replayed XM content.

+ and -
Change channels or control volume for audio system (sold separately).

Return to previous screen. Press and hold to return to the previous channel.


For additional information on this product and its warranty, please contact:
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Pioneer Electronics of Canada, Inc

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