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Pioneer XM2GO User Manual

Portable satellite radio with mp3.
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   Summary of Contents for Pioneer XM2GO

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Quick Start 1. Charge battery for at least 8 hours (page 12). 2. Set up your inno™ (page 20). 3. Activate your XM subscription (page 18). 4. Listen to and record live XM* (pages 26 and 33). 5. Listen to recorded content (page 37). 6.

  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction Features Congratulations on your purchase of the Pioneer inno™. It’s the next-generation XM2go radio, with an XM receiver, built-in antenna, and storage for XM, MP3, or WMA music files in one portable device. Enjoy XM’s 160 channels from coast to coast, with over 80,000 hours of entertainment each month.

  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Introduction Safety Instructions Please read and understand all the instructions to avoid injury to yourself and/or damage to your inno. Please be aware that Pioneer claims no responsibility for damage from data loss due to breakdown, repair, or other causes.

  • Page 5

    3 feet away are around 90 decibels.) The longer your exposure and/or higher the sound level, the greater the danger of permanent hearing damage. Pioneer disclaims all liability for hearing loss, bodily injury or property damage as a result of use or misuse of this product.

  • Page 6: What's In The Box

    Introduction What’s in the Box inno Battery (GEX-INNO1) Remote Home dock Introduction What’s in the Box AC power Earbuds adapter Home XM antenna USB cable Introduction Travel power RCA audio cable cable Also included: User guide XM+Napster install CD Carrying case/holster Introduction...

  • Page 7: Charging The Battery

    Introduction Charging the Battery Charge the battery for at least 8 hours before using inno for the first time, or if you have not used it for several months. Be sure to charge the battery in a place where the temperature is between 32°F and 113°F (0°C to 45°C). 2.

  • Page 8: Using This Guide

    Introduction inno Controls When you put inno in its home dock, both the display and arrow buttons rotate by 90° so that “up” really points up! Introduction Using This Guide Throughout this guide, you will see instructions such as “Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Setup ➝...

  • Page 9: Inno Display

    Introduction inno Display Available memory or signal strength – Green portion indicates amount of storage taken up by locked XM songs (page 40). In “Live XM” mode, you will see a signal strength indicator instead. Indicates XM channel, playlist, or MP3 genre. Progress bar –...

  • Page 10

    Subscribing to XM Before you can listen to or record XM content, you must activate your inno. 1. Set up your inno, dock station, power adapter, and antenna (page 20 or page 22). Make sure inno can receive the XM signal. 2.

  • Page 11

    Using Your inno Alone Setup To AC power adapter At Home 1. Insert inno into home To your audio system’s dock. line input or AUX input 2. Connect inno to your audio system as shown. If To home antenna your audio system does not have a line-level input, use inno’s built-in FM transmitter (page 66).

  • Page 12

    Using Your inno Alone Setup In a Vehicle (requires Car Accessory Kit CD-INCAR1, sold separately) Every vehicle is different; for your safety, follow all instructions carefully. Consult a professional installer if you have questions. You can listen to your inno through your car stereo by using inno’s built-in FM transmitter. Simply find an unused FM frequency on the stereo and set inno to transmit on that same frequency.

  • Page 13

    Using Your inno Alone 4. To install the swivel mount, first find a suitable location. The swivel mount’s adhesive is very strong and may be difficult to remove. Do not install this mount on leather surfaces and make sure the air temperature is at least 60°F (15°C). Clean the mounting surfaces with the surface preparation kit.

  • Page 14: Live Xm

    Using Your inno Alone Live XM ✍ NOTE: You must receive a live XM signal for at least 8 hours a month (which may be split over several listening sessions). This authenticates your XM subscription and ensures that you can continue to enjoy your recorded XM content and live XM programming. If you do not dock your inno as described, you will lose access to your recorded content and live XM programming.

  • Page 15

    Using Your inno Alone Favorite Channels You can save your favorite channels in an easily accessible list. 1. While you’re tuned to a channel, press the XM button. 2. Select Favorites ➝ Add Channel. 3. Once you’ve saved your favorites, you can quickly access the list. From the “Live XM” screen, simply press the right arrow button to see your “Favorites”...

  • Page 16

    Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone TuneSelect also allows you to type an artist name or song title even if the song isn’t currently playing on your inno. 1.Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Preferences ➝ TuneSelect ➝ Edit List ➝ Add TuneSelect.

  • Page 17: Recording Xm

    Using Your inno Alone 4. Continue selecting letters by using the arrow and XM buttons. 5. Select “Enter” when you’ve entered the entire stock symbol. Your inno is smart enough to automatically complete some stock symbols. 6. You can track up to 20 stock symbols. When you’ve entered all your desired stock symbols, select “Exit.”...

  • Page 18

    Using Your inno Alone Recording a Channel 1. While you’re listening to live XM, select XM ➝ Record ➝ Rec Channel. You will record the channel you’re currently listening to. 2. To stop recording at any time, select XM ➝ Record ➝ Stop Recording. If you change channels, inno automatically stops recording.

  • Page 19: My Music

    Using Your inno Alone 3. To edit an existing session, select XM ➝ Record ➝ Schedule Recording. You will see a list of sessions. Highlight the session you wish to edit. You may not see all the sessions that you scheduled in the past. Sessions that have expired are automatically removed from the list.

  • Page 20: Organizing Your Music

    Using Your inno Alone Organizing Your Music Finding Your Music All songs and tracks that are stored in your inno are normally played in the order that they were recorded or transferred into your inno. You can also sort the selections by artist, category, or channel.

  • Page 21

    Using Your inno Alone Locking and Unlocking XM Content When you record XM, your inno records over the oldest XM tracks first. This ensures that you always hear the latest XM content. You can “lock” a song or track to prevent inno from recording over it.

  • Page 22

    Using Your inno Alone Playlists – Removing Entries You can remove entries from a playlist. Remember that removing a song from one playlist does not remove it from any other playlist, and does not delete that song from inno. To remove one or more songs from a playlist: 1.

  • Page 23

    Using Your inno Alone Playlists – Other Options Normally, the songs in a playlist appear in the order that they were added. To rearrange the songs in a playlist: 1. Select XM ➝ Playlists ➝ (playlist name) ➝ Edit Playlist ➝ Arrange Songs. 2.

  • Page 24

    Using Your inno Alone Deleting Songs When you’re no longer interested in a song or track, you can delete it from your inno. “Deleting” a song permanently erases it from memory, and is different from “removing” a song from a playlist. To delete one song from “My Music”: 1.

  • Page 25: System Requirements

    Using inno with a PC System Requirements The inno will not work with all computers. The PC system must meet the following requirements: Intel ® Pentium ® - class CPU ■ Microsoft Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, or Windows 2000 operating system* ■...

  • Page 26: Registering With Xm+napster

    Using inno with a PC 4. Reboot your PC if necessary, then launch the XM+Napster program from the shortcut on your desktop. 5. Set up inno as shown and plug the USB cable into the PC. You can also connect the USB cable directly between your PC and inno without using the home dock, home antenna, and AC power adapter.

  • Page 27

    Using inno with a PC To register, follow these steps: 1. Click File/Sign In on the XM+Napster application. Click on the link for new members. 2. Follow the directions indicated on the registration screen. You must provide your active XM Radio ID and billing ZIP code to register.

  • Page 28: What Can You Do With Xm+napster

    Using inno with a PC What Can You Do with XM+Napster? Using XM+Napster, you can: Manage songs, playlists, and recording sessions on your inno. ■ Transfer MP3 and WMA files between inno and your PC. ■ Explore and purchase music from XM+Napster’s enormous online store. ■...

  • Page 29

    Using inno with a PC Organizing Your Music The “Folder” pane lets you view the View and manage all the XM tracks stored on inno or on your PC, content you recorded, WMA, playlists, recording sessions, book- and MP3 tracks on your inno marks, and more.

  • Page 30

    Using inno with a PC Playlists You can manage your inno playlists using XM+Napster. Simply dock your inno, then select Library/inno/Playlists. You can create new playlists, or edit or delete any playlists that are stored in your inno. You can also create and manage playlists for any music content stored on your PC. Select Library/My Playlists.

  • Page 31: Listening To Xm Radio Online (xmro)

    Using inno with a PC Disconnecting Your inno From the PC Before you remove your inno from its dock or unplug the USB cable from the dock or the PC, you must disconnect using one of the following methods: In Windows: right-click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon ■...

  • Page 32: Using Your Cds Or Mp3/wma Files

    Using inno with a PC Using Your CDs or MP3/WMA Files Ripping Your CDs Use the XM+Napster application to rip tracks from a CD into your Napster library. 1. Insert an audio CD into your PC’s CD drive. 2. Click on Library, then click on the CD icon in the “Folders” pane. You will see a listing of the CD tracks in the main pane.

  • Page 33: Updating Inno Firmware

    Updating inno Firmware Occasionally we make improvements to the inno firmware, which is the software that makes your inno work. Updating the firmware is a quick and easy process. Remember that: Your inno must be docked with a power adapter and must be connected to your PC. You ■...

  • Page 34: Settings

    Settings FM Modulator Set the FM frequency that inno transmits on. Turn the FM modulator on or off manually – or automatically when inserted into a home or car dock. Adjust the volume level of the FM transmission. Settings FM Frequency Your inno contains a built-in FM modulator (or FM transmitter) that allows you to listen to whatever your inno is playing using an ordinary FM radio.

  • Page 35: Aiming The Antenna

    When listening to your inno using the FM modulator, you can adjust its volume level to match other audio sources (your CD player, other FM stations, or MP3 player). 1. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ FM Modulator ➝ FM Level.

  • Page 36

    Settings Audio Tone You can adjust the audio tone quality to suit the kind of music you’re listening to. 1. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Preferences ➝ Set Tone. 2. Press the up or down arrow buttons to select either “Bass” or “Treble.” Adjust the tone settings by pressing the left or right arrows.

  • Page 37: Channel Access

    Settings Stock Ticker If you created a stock ticker, you will see stock symbols and their prices displayed at the bottom of inno’s display. You can control the way the ticker is displayed. 1. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Preferences ➝ Change Display ➝ Display Appearance ➝...

  • Page 38: Clock And Sleep Timer

    Settings Channel Skip/Add You can simplify the list of channels that you see when you press the up and down arrow buttons. To skip a channel: 1. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Preferences ➝ Channel Access ➝ Channel Skip/Add. 2. You will see a list of channels. Press the XM button to skip a channel. You’ll see the Channel Skip icon displayed beside the channel name.

  • Page 39: Vehicle Mode

    Settings Vehicle Mode If you listen to your inno in a vehicle, you’ve probably plugged the power adapter into the cigarette lighter socket. In some vehicles, the cigarette lighter is turned on or off with the ignition key; in other vehicles, the cigarette lighter is powered all the time. To prevent your battery from being drained, choose one of the following settings: 1.

  • Page 40: Restoring Factory Defaults

    Settings Restoring Factory Defaults To restore all inno settings and preferences to a “factory fresh” state: 1. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Setup ➝ Factory Defaults. 2. You should see this display: 3. Confirm by selecting Yes, or cancel by selecting No. Settings Restore just the settings to factory defaults.

  • Page 41: Customer Support

    Customer Support Troubleshooting If your inno does not work the way you expect, first consult this troubleshooting guide. To reset your inno, remove the battery then re-insert it. If you see this on the display: You should: No Signal Something is blocking the XM signal. Move your inno away from the obstructed area (e.g., an underground garage).

  • Page 42: Specifications

    Customer Support Troubleshooting If this happens: You should: inno does not communicate with your PC. Check the power and USB connections between the dock and your PC. Be sure to use the supplied USB cable; any others may prevent your inno from charging or communicating properly with your PC.

  • Page 43: Patent Information

    Customer Support Specifications Remote Dimensions 39 mm (W) x 95 mm (H) x 12 mm (D) 1.5 in (W) x 3.7 in (H) x 0.47 in (D) Weight 40 g 1.4 oz Battery Type: CR2032 Voltage: 3 V Model Numbers inno player GEX-INNO1 Home kit...

  • Page 44: Fcc Statement

    PRODUCT PURCHASE WARRANTY Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. (PUSA), and Pioneer Electronics of Canada, Inc. (POC), warrants that products distributed by PUSA in the U.S.A., and by POC in Canada that fail to function properly under normal use due to a manufacturing defect when installed and operated according to the owner’s manual enclosed with the unit will be repaired or replaced with a...

  • Page 45


  • Page 46

    Pioneer will investigate the dispute and will either: (1) respond to your complaint in writing informing you what action Pioneer will take, and in what time period, to resolve the dispute; or (2) respond to your complaint in writing informing you why it will not take any action.

  • Page 47

    Programming stored on the device cannot be transferred off the unit. Download legally. Buy digital music from XM+Napster. The XM name, related logo, and TuneSelect are trademarks of XM Satellite Radio Inc. All rights reserved. inno is a registered trademark of Pioneer Electronics (U.S.A.) inc. ©2006...

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