Motorola GTX User Manual
Motorola GTX User Manual

Motorola GTX User Manual

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GTX Mobile Radio
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GTX Mobile Radio
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  • Page 1 GTX Mobile Radio User Guide page GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 1...
  • Page 2: General Information

    GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A FUNCTIONS OF THE BUTTONS GENERAL INFORMATION With the GTX mobile radio you have made an (A) Radio ON/OFF and Volume control excellent choice. Your GTX mobile radio has left (B) Three-LED indicators our factory only after extensive tests.
  • Page 3 Scan On/ Off. Press this Call button once to make a Private Call, and twice to make Call Alert. Press this Menu button to select the list of Menu features GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 3...
  • Page 4: General Operation

    - a repeater and its frequency. As soon as the conversation ends, the repeater ote: Ignition must be connected to the mobile radio. If not becomes free for other users. Motorola Trunked the radio will turn off. Radio System has a central controller that does the automatic frequency assignment.
  • Page 5 Some of the key benefits of the overall Motorola * Only one attempt is required to access the sys- Trunked Radio System are: tem. If all channels are busy, the call request enters a queue and the central controller auto- * No channel monitoring required prior to trans- matically assigns the next available channel.
  • Page 6 6 GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A Types of Tones Type of Tone Meaning What to Do AILSOFT Continuous faint “beep” Operating under “failsoft” conditions. You can still transmit and receive, but every 10 seconds. A system failure has occurred: the mobile...
  • Page 7: Display Icons

    Monitor Scan PRIVATE Announcement Calls Not Used Program Conversation Systemwide Calls External Alarm Direct Call Alert Encode Announcement Calls Systemwide Calls TELEPHONE Systemwide Calls PHONE Button pressed SCAN Button pressed CALL Button pressed INTERCONNECT GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 7...
  • Page 8: Display Character Summary

    68P02946C75-A DISPLAY CHARACTER SUMMARY Private Conversation Call This display indicates you The GTX radio has a 3-character display. The have received an incoming character displayed on the left side of the display private conversation phone indicates type of incoming calls, while the other call.
  • Page 9: Basic Operation

    If you hear tone(s) when you push the PTT switch, the system alerts you that certain condi- tions exist. Refer to the Alert Tone table for expla- nations. GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 9...
  • Page 10: Multiple System And Talkgroup Selection

    Members of a specific talk- each system, and ten Conventional Systems or group hear only messages intended for their talk- Channels. GTX mobile radios allow the operator to group. select up to ten systems to be programmed into the radio.
  • Page 11: Call Alert

    Call Alert has been sent. When the If your unit is equipped with optional horn/lights Call Alert has been acknowledged, the display will alert, see the description of Horn/Lights given on show: page 21. GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 11...
  • Page 12: Private Conversation

    12 GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A The radio will then sound four beeps and the dis- PRIVATE CONVERSATION play will automatically return to dispatch mode. Private Conversation Encode This feature enables a mobile unit to exchange pri- ote: If the radio is not in service or out of range, a low pitch...
  • Page 13 If you press the PTT switch before you press the CALL button, the response will be transmitted to everyone in the talkgroup. To return to the last used talkgroup, press the (home) button. GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 13...
  • Page 14 14 GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A ote: You have 20 seconds to answer the call before the When enhanced calling the last ID number radio automatically returns to the home display received, the display shows: Press the Call (Call) button, the display will show: When calling the last ID number transmitted, press the PTT switch.
  • Page 15 ID number in the list, and press the PTT switch. If the radio you are calling is on the air, you will hear a telephone-type ring. GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 15...
  • Page 16: Telephone Interconnect

    16 GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A TELEPHONE INTERCONNECT You will hear dial tone. Select a phone number from the list by using talkgroup or talkgroup Your radio is equipped with a telephone intercon- button. After selecting, the desired phone location, nect option that allows you to call land line tele- press the PTT switch.
  • Page 17 When a call is received, the vehicle’s horn will sound or the lights will flash for six seconds. to indicate a received call. GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 17...
  • Page 18: Smartzone/Amss Roaming Features

    18 GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A When in Site Locked Mode and you want to SMARTZONE/AMSS ROAMING FEATURES change to Site Unlocked Mode. Site Lock/Unlock • Press the Menu (Menu) button until the display In the unlocked mode (automatic roaming), the...
  • Page 19 A forced search can be activated during normal operation as well as during Call Alert, Private Con- ote: To initiate a call properly during scan mode, press the versation, Phone. PTT switch for a few seconds. GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 19...
  • Page 20 20 GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A Programming/Viewing a Scan List list, press the (select) button when the desired Press Menu (menu) button until the display shows: talkgroup is shown on the display. The display will show: Press the (select) button to select “Scan Pro-...
  • Page 21 Off-Hook Suspend Scan If this feature is enabled (RSS programmable), the radio will stop scanning when the radio is off-hook. Scan will be resumed when the microphone is To disable - press any key. replaced on-hook. GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A page 21...
  • Page 22 GTX Mobile Radio 68P02946C75-A IMPORTANT GENERAL SAFETY INFORMATION ACCESSORIES READ THIS INFORMATION BEFORE USING YOUR Please contact your local Motorola representative MOBILE RADIO for further information about the accessories listed For the safe and efficient operation of your mobile, below: observe these guidelines.
  • Page 23 • All equipment must be properly grounded • pull off the road and park before making or according to Motorola installation instructions answering a call if driving conditions so for safe operation. require. • All equipment should be serviced only by an •...
  • Page 24: Radio Care

    OFF when in a “blasting area” or in stored in semiconductor memories or other media. Laws in the United States and other countries preserve for Motorola/Europe and Motorola Inc. certain exclusive areas posted: “turn off two-way radio.” Construc- rights for copyrighted computer programs, including the right to copy or reproduce in any form the copyrighted computer program.

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