Motorola HK115 - Bluetooth Wireless Headset Quick Start Guide

Motorola HK115 - Bluetooth Wireless Headset Quick Start Guide


Motorola HK115 - Bluetooth Wireless Headset Quick Start Guide

At a glance

the important bits, quick and easy

At a glance
Note: Your battery is designed to last the life of your product. It should only be removed by a recycling facility. Any attempt to remove or replace your battery will damage your headset.
Note: Fully charge before use.

Connect & go

let's get you connected

Connect & go
Tip: For daily use, just make sure your headset is on, and your phone's Bluetooth feature is on. Your headset and phone connect automatically.


standard features, advanced quality


answer a call Press .
reject a call Press and hold until you hear a tone.
make a voice dial call Press and you hear a tone.
mute or unmute Use your phone to mute/unmute a call.
end a call Press .

Note: Some features are phone/network dependent.
Note: Using a mobile device or accessory while driving may cause distraction and may be illegal. Always obey the laws and drive safely.
Note: Use your phone to answer a second incoming call.


more clever stuff

Second device
Using two phones? Or maybe a tablet and a phone? Pair with two devices.

  • Before pairing the second device, turn off the Bluetooth feature of the previously paired device. Now pair your second device as normal, see "Connect & go".
  • Once paired, to connect to both devices simply turn them on.
  • To use headset features, such as voice dial, and end call, with the desired device, just use the feature as normal.

Status light

An easy way to check your headset.

status light headset
green flashes twice turning on
steady green connected
three green flashes turning off

Note: Your headset will flash green while attempting to pair with your device.

Help & more

  • Get help: Visit
  • Find accessories at:

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Product ID: MH001
Bluetooth ID: D031126
IC: 4522A-MH001

Documents / Resources

Download manual

Here you can download full pdf version of manual, it may contain additional safety instructions, warranty information, FCC rules, etc.

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