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Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 5313 User Manual

Lenovo ideacentre k210 5313: user guide.
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Version 1.1
IdeaCentre K
User Guide
31033098_UG_FM_EN_V1.1.indd 1
2008.2.20 4:33:10 PM


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 5313

  • Page 1 WORLDWIDE PARTNER Version 1.1 2008.2 IdeaCentre K User Guide 31033098 31033098_UG_FM_EN_V1.1.indd 1 2008.2.20 4:33:10 PM...
  • Page 2: Key To Signs Used In This Manual

    Key to signs used in this manual Prohibition: Dangerous operations Danger: Watch out for high risks Caution: Watch out for medium risks Attention: Pay attention to low risks Recommendation: Helpful tips 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 1 2008.2.20 6:40:32 PM...
  • Page 3 Note Before using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read the Safety and Warranty Guide that came with this product . © Copyright Lenovo 2007, 2008. All rights reserved. 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 2 2008.2.20 6:40:32 PM...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    2.4 OneKey Antivirus ...16 Chapter 3 Using the software... 19 3.1 Power2Go — Burning Discs ...20 3.2 WinDVD ...21 3.3 Lenovo Healthcare Software ...22 3.4 PC-cillin ...25 3.5 Lenovo Media Studio ...26 3.6 Veriface ...27 3.7 Earth link (Only for United States ) ...28 Chapter 4 System maintenance and recovery ...
  • Page 5 Chapter 5 Troubleshooting and Confirming Setup... 33 5.1 Troubleshooting display problems ...34 5.2 Troubleshooting audio problems ...34 5.3 Troubleshooting software problems ...35 5.4 Troubleshooting problems with optical drives and hard disks ...36 Contents 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 2 2008.2.20 6:40:32 PM...
  • Page 6: Chapter 1 Instructions For Using Computer Hardware

    Instructions for using computer Chapter hardware This chapter is organized under the following topics: Front view of the chassis (Instruction for the use ÿ of buttons and functional keys on the front panel of the chassis) Rear view of the chassis (Instruction for the ÿ...
  • Page 7: Front View Of The Chassis

    1.1 Front view of the Chassis Instructions for the use of buttons and functional keys that are located at the front of the computer. F-1 Top Mounted Buttons: Including power switch. [1-2] User Guide 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 2 [1-1] Power switch: Press this button to turn the computer on or off, or, if the Power Option in...
  • Page 8: Rear View Of The Chassis

    D-1 Memory card reader Connector: Able to read/write data from Memory Stick /Memory Stick Pro/ Memory Stick Duo /Memory Stick Pro Due SD/Mini SD/SD High Capacity /Mini SD High Capacity/ MMC/ RS-MMC/MMC plus/MMC mobile CF I/CF II/ MD. D-2 USB Connectors: To connect USB devices. D-3 Microphone Connector: To connect the microphone and pass the microphone audio input to the computer.
  • Page 9 Key to symbols used in the above illustrations of the rear of the chassis: ——— Power Connector: To supply power to the computer. ———— PS/2 Mouse Connector: To connect a mouse having a PS/2 connector. —— PS/2 Keyboard Connector: To connect a keyboard having a PS/2 connector.
  • Page 10 connection. X-1 —— On-board VGA Card Connector: To connect with the signal cable of a monitor. On computer models that have an external graphics card, on-board graphics card signals are shielded and there are no VGA signal outputs. (some models are equipped with this connector.) ———...
  • Page 11: Speaker (some Models Equipped With Speaker)

    —— Voltage: selection switch (Some models are equipped with this switch) Check the position of the voltage-selection switch on the rear of the computer. Use a ballpoint pen to slide the switch, if necessary. 1. If the voltage supply range is 100-127 V ac, set the switch to 115 V. 2.
  • Page 12: Notes On Computer Cabling And Installation

    Y-3 Connect to computer Audio-out 1.4 Notes on computer cabling and installation C-1 Monitor power cord C-3 Speaker audio signal cable 1. Connect the monitor signal cable to the on-board graphics card connector if the model you purchased is not equipped with an external graphics card. 2.
  • Page 13: Keyboard

    [B-1] — Press this key under Windows system to launch the IE. [B-2] — LVT key, available for models with the “Rescue System” feature. Press this key to launch “Rescue System” when the “Lenovo” screen appears during booting. User Guide 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 8...
  • Page 14: Chapter 2 Rescue System Operation Instruction

    Rescue System Operation Chapter Instruction The following topics will be introduced in this chapter: Installing Drivers and Software ÿ OneKey Recovery ÿ File Management ÿ OneKey Antivirus ÿ You can recover drive C of the computer to factory status or the last system backup status using OneKey Recovery.
  • Page 15: Installing Drivers And Software Shipped With Computer

    The system restarts. After the system is restarted, the installation process goes on until completion. Method 2: Manual Installation Launch In the Windows system, Click Start → All Programs → Lenovo → Drivers & User Guide 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 10 2008.2.20 6:40:17 PM...
  • Page 16: Onekey Recovery

    Application Installation. In the main interface of software, install all the drivers and software automatically, or install some of them selectively. In the software list, check the software to be installed. It is recommended not to install the software which is already on the computer. Note: In order to use all software shipped with the computer properly, the tool software pctype must be installed.
  • Page 17 If Windows operating system is not installed in your computer before delivery, the OneKey Recovery function works in the following way: Create Base Without factory backup, the Backup Lenovo “OneKey Recovery” enables you to backup all data of the current system partition manually after installing the operating system and common software.
  • Page 18 Recover This operation recovers the Base computer system partition Backup (drive C) to the state of base backup. Instant This operation recovers the Recovery system partition (drive C) of the computer to the state which exists when the user performs the previous “Instant Backup”...
  • Page 19 Detailed operation procedure (example: Recovering Factory Backup): Recover Factory Backup 1. Power on the computer. When the screen displays the “Lenovo” picture initially, press the “LVT” key on the keyboard to start the Rescue System, where you can select OneKey Recovery.
  • Page 20: File Management

    Click the key-shape icon on the upper right side of the main interface to configure the password. To ensure authentication of the user ID who is copying the files, the Lenovo file management function enables you to configure a protection password - the user is unable to access the files in your hard disk drive partitions without passing the...
  • Page 21: Onekey Antivirus

    Launch Power on the computer. When the “Lenovo” picture appears on the screen initially, press the “LVT” key to launch Rescue System. Then select OneKey Antivirus. Scan and kill viruses Select Full Scan or System Scan to scan the disks.
  • Page 22 1. First, make a flash disk for purpose of OneKey Antivirus in the Windows system. Connect the flash disk to the USB connector, and click Start → All Programs → Lenovo → Download USB update package. 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 17 User Guide 2008.2.20 6:40:19 PM...
  • Page 23 Note: Connect to the Internet before making the OneKey Antivirus flash disk. 2. Save the latest virus definitions in the flash disk. Restart the computer and access the OneKey Antivirus interface. 3. Select Obtain latest virus package from flash disk, and click Update Now. The virus definitions will be updated automatically.
  • Page 24: Chapter 3 Using The Software

    _page_display.jsp?seqno=173 Support E-mail: 3. Lenovo Veriface and Lenovo healthcare software only can be functionalized with the Lenovo PC Bright Eye Camera on the Lenovo consumer 19” W LCD or 22” W LCD monitor which can be compatible with this kind of camera .
  • Page 25: Power2go - Burning Discs

    It also supports disc duplication. Starting the burner software 1. Select Programs → Lenovo → Power2Go → Power2Go from the Start menu to launch the burner program. 2. Choose a task for the burner from the task list. Then start the burner to record files.
  • Page 26: Windvd

    For further information about the use of Power2Go, click the Help icon. 3.2 WinDVD With WinDVD, you can play DVD and VCD. 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 21 To launch the player: Double click the InterVideo WinDVD8 on the desktop. Launch the player. User Guide 2008.2.20 6:40:22 PM...
  • Page 27: Lenovo Healthcare Software

    Click the “?” icon to obtain more information about WinDVD. 3.3 Lenovo Healthcare Software Lenovo Healthcare Software is a smart software platform that helps parents to guide their children to use computer correctly, thus to protect and promote healthy growth of their children.
  • Page 28 • Helps the child keep a proper sitting posture while operating a computer. In a word, the Lenovo Healthcare Software protects the healthy growth of children’ s spines and vision (the use of Lenovo PC Bright Eye camera is required before such functions are available).
  • Page 29: Brightness Adjustment

    Adjusting the position and pitching angle of the camera to make the whole face display in the video capture window. So that you may use the Lenovo PC Bright Eye camera and Lenovo Health Care Software very well.
  • Page 30: Pc-cillin

    2. There are three levels of ambient brightness: Dim, Moderate, and Bright. 3. When you use the computer for the first time, you should set the proper display brightness according to each level of ambient brightness. 4. For each level of the ambient brightness, the recommended display brightness is selected by default.
  • Page 31: Lenovo Media Studio

    Start Select [Start] → [Programs] → [ Lenovo] → [ Lenovo Media Studio]. Capture Use the capture function of the software to import video or audio file from external devices.
  • Page 32: Veriface

    3.6 Veriface The Lenovo VeriFace software was developed by Lenovo for application in a wide array of security systems. It is a fast and accurate biometrics, facial recognition system that can be implemented with Lenovo computers and video-capture hardware. This software applies only to the computers equipped with Lenovo PC Bright Eye camera and is available only after the camera is installed.
  • Page 33: Earth Link (only For United States )

    following situation may affect the results: Bright light behind your head A window with bright light Bright light pointed directly at your face or the camera Insufficient, directional light, such as a reading lamp Darkness Glasses: Because different glasses have different effects on light, we recommend you to take off your glass or wear untinted glasses with very narrow rims.
  • Page 34: Chapter 4 System Maintenance And Recovery

    System maintenance and Chapter recovery This chapter includes the following topics: System restoration ÿ Hard disk cleanup ÿ Hard disk error checking and correcting ÿ Hard disk defragmenting ÿ Daily maintenance ÿ 31033098_IdeaCentre K UG_EN.indd 29 User Guide 2008.2.20 6:40:28 PM...
  • Page 35: Restoring The System

    4.1 Restoring the system The system can develop problems due to erroneous operation or the installation of additional software. If software problems develop in the originally installed software, you can restore the system by using system backup and restoration features. Notes: •...
  • Page 36: Checking For, And Correcting Disk Errors

    3. Click the OK button to start the cleanup process. 4.3 Checking for, and correcting disk errors To properly maintain your system, you should periodically check for and fix hard disk errors by doing the following: 1. Right-click the icon for the hard disk drive (HDD) that you want to reorganize, then select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  • Page 37 Do not do any of the following: • Allow water to enter the computer • Use a heavily dampened cloth • Do not spray water directly onto the surface of the monitor or inside of computer. Daily attention should be given to LCD monitors. Use a dry cloth daily to brush dust from the monitor and keyboard.
  • Page 38: Chapter 5 Troubleshooting And Confirming Setup

    Troubleshooting and Confirming Chapter Setup This chapter contains information on the following topics: Troubleshooting display problems ÿ Troubleshooting audio problems ÿ Troubleshooting software problems ÿ Troubleshooting problems with optical drives ÿ and hard disks The description of the TV card in this manual is only used for the machines which have the TV card.
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting Display Problems

    2. Move any interfering devices away from the computer. 3. If the problem persists, consult with Lenovo Service. 5.2 Troubleshooting audio problems Problem: When you connect the headphones to the front audio output connector, the speakers connected to the back audio output connector are silenced.
  • Page 40: Troubleshooting Software Problems

    3. Check that the volume of each sound channel is set to an audible level; if not adjust the volume to the appropriate level. 4. If the problem persists, re-install the driver for the audio card by clicking in succession Start → All Programs → Lenovo → Drivers and Software Installation. 5.3 Troubleshooting software problems Problem: You are unable exit a running problem normally.
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting Problems With Optical Drives And Hard Disks

    1. Check to determine if there is an optical drive icon in the resource manager of the operating system. If not, restart your computer. If there is still no icon, contact Lenovo Service. Otherwise, continue with the next step of this procedure.

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