Lab.gruppen LAB 4000 User Manual

Lab.gruppen lab 4000: user guide.
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Unpacking 2
1. Speaker damage
2. Speaker output hazard.
3. Radio interference.
1. Front panel
2. Rear panel
1. Mounting
2. Cooling
3. Operating voltage
4. Grounding
5. Power consumption
6. Denmark: National deviation
7. Switzerland: National deviation
8. Input connections
9. Connecting speakers
10. Impedance matching (MLS-switches)
1. Stereo
2. Tandem mono
3. Bridged mono
4. Stereo reverse
1. Operation precautions
2. Powering up -Soft start
Input attenuators
4. Gain switch
5. Indicators
1. Clip-limiter
2. Thermal protection
3. VHF protection
4. Short circuit protection
5. Adaptive Fuse Saver (AFS)
6. AC mains voltage protection
7. D.C. protection
LAB 4000
Rev. 3
Light weight
Regulated power supply
Safety approvals
EMC approvals
Appendix A
Mains voltage selection
Technical assistance and services 13
Factory services


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  • Page 1

    5. Indicators Protections 1. Clip-limiter 2. Thermal protection 3. VHF protection 4. Short circuit protection 5. Adaptive Fuse Saver (AFS) 6. AC mains voltage protection 7. D.C. protection LAB 4000 USER MANUAL Rev. 3 Design features Cooling • Light weight •...

  • Page 2: User Responsibility

    Unpacking Carefully open the shipping carton and check for any noticeable damage. Every LAB.GRUPPEN amplifier is tested and inspected before leaving the factory and should arrive in perfect condition. If found to be damaged, notify the shipping company immediately. Only the consignee may institute a claim with the carrier, for damage incurred during shipping.

  • Page 3: The Front Panel

    Introduction Thank you for purchasing a LAB.GRUPPEN power amplifier. The amplifier you have chosen is the culmination of many years of Research and Development. This amplifier makes amplification more controllable instead of the traditional "Boring black box" you have become accustomed to.

  • Page 4: The Rear Panel

    Cooling Your amplifier uses forced air cooling system to maintain a low and even operating temperature. All LAB.GRUPPEN amplifier, ventilated, have front to rear cooling. There are several reasons for this, one is that there's usually cooler air outside the rack than inside and therefore the amplifiers can run at higher continuos power levels without thermal problems.

  • Page 5

    Denmark: National deviation concerning installation of the LAB 4000: Danish safety regulation only permits 8A main fuse. As the LAB 4000 use an internal primary mains fuse of 15A, the LAB 4000 must be equipped with an industrial mains connector rated for 16A, or as an alternative be fixed installed to a 16A circuit.

  • Page 6

    The power consumption according to the chart above is then 1300 watts. The heat power produced is the difference between the power consumption and output power; 1300 - 525 = 775 watts per amplifier. Input connections XLR Input connectors are balanced and wired according to the IEC 268, that is pin 2 hot, and wired in the following way: PIN 1...

  • Page 7

    The fixed positions shown in Table 2. guarantee 2100 watts but higher powers can be achieved utilising higher MLS to lower impedance's see Table 2. As you can see from Table 2 the LAB 4000 can produce in excess of 2100 watts MLS SWITCH SETTING -4 dB...

  • Page 8: Operation Modes

    Operation modes 1. Stereo operation For stereo (dual channel ) operation, leave the Link and Phase reverse switches in the undepressed position. In this mode, both channels operate independently of each other, with their level attenuators controlling their respective levels. Never connect either output terminal to ground or in parallel.

  • Page 9: Protection Features

    0 dB for full power in 4 ohms. Figure 13. Front indicators Protection features Each LAB.GRUPPEN amplifier has many advanced protection features, that will protect both the amplifier and the speakers connected to it, should a fault condition arise. Under normal use these features are inaudible.

  • Page 10: Design Features

    AC line falls by more than 20% ! Efficiency is also assured, and in the case of the LAB 4000 this is especially apparent ; its power supply draws only 6 kW and yet it produces 2 x 2100 W.

  • Page 11

    This audio power amplifier conforms with the EMC-directive and relates to the following standards: Safety approvals LAB.GRUPPEN amplifiers are designed to meet the IEC65 (now called EN 60 065), a stringent electrical safety approval from the technical Commission. The IEC65 is recognized world-wide equivalent.

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    LAB 4000 is normally shipped for 230 volt AC operation only. For export there is a 115/230 volt AC option available. To check if the amplifier is equipped with this option, please follow these steps: 1. Make sure that the LAB 4000C is unplugged from the mains voltage.

  • Page 13: Warranty And Disclaimers

    Technical assistance and services • International If your LAB.GRUPPEN product needs repair, contact your LAB.GRUPPEN dealer or distributor, or contact LAB.GRUPPEN by fax, to obtain the location of the nearest authorised service centre. • Factory services In the event that your LAB.GRUPPEN product...

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