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LG LDG3016ST Installation Manual

Gas double oven range.
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Please read this guide thoroughly before installation.
P/No.: MFL62177703


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    INSTALLATION MANUAL GAS DOUBLE OVEN RANGE Please read this guide thoroughly before installation. LDG3019ST LDG3017ST LDG3016ST LDG3015ST/SB/SW LDG3011ST P/No.: MFL62177703

  • Page 2: Installation Instructions, Before You Begin

    • Remove all tape and packaging. • Make sure the burners are properly seated and level. • Take the accessory pack out of the oven and/or drawer. • Check to be sure that no range parts have come loose during shipping.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE INSTALLATION INSTALLATION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU BEGIN Remove all tape and packing materials before using the range. Dispose of all plastic bags after unpacking the range. Never allow children to play with packing materials. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read these instructions completely and carefully.

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    • Leak testing of the appliance shall be conducted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. (continued) - If the range is pulled away from the wall for cleaning, service, or any other reason, ensure that the Anti-Tip Device is properly reengaged when the range is pushed back against the wall.

  • Page 5: Preparing For Installation

    18”. (See the Dimensions and Clearances illustration in this manual.) • DO NOT attempt to operate the oven of this range during a power failure. • When using a flexible gas connector, it must not exceed 3 feet in length.

  • Page 6: Dimensions And Clearances, Installation Clearances

    DIMENSIONS AND CLEARANCES Provide proper clearances between the range and adjacent combustible surfaces. These dimensions must be met for safe use of your range. The location of the electrical outlet and pipe opening (see “GAS PIPE AND ELECTRICAL OUTLET LOCATIONS”) may be adjusted to meet specific requirements.

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    LOCATION Do not locate your range where it may be subject to strong drafts. Any openings in the floor or wall behind the range should be sealed. Make sure the openings around the base of the range that supply fresh air for combustion and ventilation are not blocked by carpeting or woodwork.

  • Page 8: Provide Adequate Gas Supply

    A flexible metal appliance connector used to connect the range to the gas supply line should have an I.D. of 5/8” and a max of 5ft. In Canada, flexible connectors must be single wall metal connectors less than 6 feet in length.

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    2. CONNECT THE RANGE TO GAS Shut off the range gas supply valve before removing the old range and leave it off until the new hook-up has been completed. Because hard piping restricts movement of the range, the use of a CSA International-certified flexible metal appliance connector should be used unless local codes require a hard-piped connection.

  • Page 10: Electrical Connections, Seal The Openings

    The National Electrical Code requires the use of GFCI’s in kitchen receptacles installed to serve countertop surfaces. Performance of the range will not be affected if operated on a GFCI-protected circuit but occasional nuisance can occur.

  • Page 11: Assemble The Surface Burners, Check Ignition Of Surface Burners

    Medium burner head and cap (on some Large burner Front of range head and cap 6. CHECK IGNITION OF SURFACE BURNERS ELECTRIC IGNITION Select a top burner knob and simultaneously push in and turn to the “LITE” position. You will hear a clicking sound indicating proper operation of the spark module.

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    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 7. ADJUST THE SURFACE BURNER TO THE LOW FLAME(SIMMER) SETTING. 1) Light all surface burners. 2) Turn the knob on the burner being adjusted to “LO”. 3) Remove knob. 4) Insert a small, flat bladed screwdriver into the valve shaft as shown in Fig.

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    9. AIR SHUTTER ADJUSTMENT FOR BAKE AND BROIL BURNERS. The range comes from the factory with air shutters adjusted for proper air flow for natural gas. If converted to LP, follow the instructions provided in the conversion kit to properly adjust the air shutters.

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    Install the oven shelves in the oven and locate the range where it will be installed. Check if the range is level by placing a spirit level or a cup, partially filled with water, on one of the oven shelves. If using a spirit level, take two Lower readings—...

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    CONVERTING TO LP GAS (OR CONVERTING BACK TO NATURAL GAS FROM LP) This range leaves the factory set for use with natural gas. The conversion to LP gas must be performed by a qualified LP gas installer when converting to LP gas.

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    LG Customer Information Center 1-800-243-0000 USA, Consumer User 1-888-865-3026 USA, Commercial User Register your product Online! Printed in Mexico...

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