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Huawei BBU3900 Installation Manual page 10

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Installing the BBU in the APM30
Installing the BBU Cables
3. Install the E1 transfer cable.
Fix the DB25 connector of the E1 transfer cable to the INSIDE port on the UELP
and the DB26 connector to the E1/T1 port on the GTMU.
4. Install the E1 cable.
4.1. Cabling the E1 cable.
4.2. Fix the DB26 connector of the E1 cable to the OUTSIDE port on the UELP.
4.3. Strip the jacket off the E1 cable near the grounding point at the lower right corner of
the cabinet to expose the shielding layer
4.4. Thread the E1 cable through the grounding clip. Then, tighten the screw on the
grounding clip to make the shielding layer of the E1 cable in full contact with the
grounding clip. Finally, connect the PGND cable on the grounding clip to the grounding
bolt of the APM30.
E1 transfer cable
Ensure that both ends of the E1 cable are disconnected. Then, weld connectors to
the bare wires at one end of the E1 cable all at once.
Shielding layer of
the E1 cable