Pioneer DR024GHFD18HT2 Service Manual

Pioneer DR024GHFD18HT2 Service Manual

High efficency air handler
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• DR024GHFD18HT2
• DR036GHFD18HT2
• DR048GHFD18HT2
• DR060GHFD18HT2
- 208~230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
- 18 SEER
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Thank you very much for purchasing this Air Conditioner. Please read this manual carefully before
installing or operating your new air conditioning system. Be sure to save this manual for future reference.
Technical &
Service Manual


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Pioneer DR024GHFD18HT2

  • Page 1 CENTRAL SPLIT AIR CONDITIONER Technical & Service Manual HIGH EFFICENCY AIR HANDLER Models: • DR024GHFD18HT2 • DR036GHFD18HT2 • DR048GHFD18HT2 • DR060GHFD18HT2 - R-410A REFRIGERANT - 208~230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz - 18 SEER IMPORTANT NOTICE: Thank you very much for purchasing this Air Conditioner. Please read this manual carefully before...
  • Page 2 SAFETY SUMMARY IMPORTANT NOTICE ● We pursue a policy of continuing improvement in design and performance of products. The right is therefore reserved to vary specifications without notice. ● We cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard. ●...
  • Page 3 ● If circuit breaker or fuse is often activated, stop the system and contact your service contractor. ● Check that the ground wire is securely connected. If the unit is not correctly grounded, it will lead to electric shock. Do not connect the ground wiring to gas piping, water piping, lightning conductor or ground wiring for telephone.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1. General ..............................1 1.1 Features ............................1 1.2 Product lineup ..........................1 1.3 Nomenclature ..........................1 1.4 Unit installation ..........................2 1.5 Working range ..........................2 1.6 Product appearance ........................2 2. Specifications............................3 3. Outlines and dimensions........................5 4. Electrical data ............................7 5. Blower data ............................8 6.
  • Page 5: General

    Being equipped with TXV metering, supporting cooling and heating. Multi-speed ECM blower motor Selecting electric heater kits within available models. Up to 0.8W.C ESP. Being in accordance with ETL AHRI. 1.2 Product Lineup Model (Btu/h) Type Air Handler :available model 1.3 Nomenclature DR024GHFD18HT2 DR036GHFD18HT2 DR048GHFD18HT2 DR060GHFD18HT2...
  • Page 6: Unit Installation

    1. GENERAL 1.4 Unit Installation 1:1 system is the only compatible combination. (Only one indoor unit can be connected with one outdoor unit.) 1.5 Working Range Power Supply 2 4 K Working Voltage 198V ~ 253V Voltage Imbalance Within a 3% deviation from each voltage at the main terminal of outdoor unit Higher than 85% of the Rated Voltage Starting Voltage Storage Condition...
  • Page 7: Specifications

    2. SPECIFICATIONS 2. Specifications Indoor model Type US Duct US Duct US Duct US Duct Power Supply V/ph/Hz 208~230/1/60 208~230/1/60 208~230/1/60 208~230/1/60 Capacity Btu/h 24000 36000 48000 56000 Capacity Btu/h 6700-26000 11800-36800 18300-52000 18300-59400 (min.-max.) Capacity 2227-7327 2814-10697 5363-15240 5363-17409 (min.-max.) Cooling Input...
  • Page 8 2. SPECIFICATIONS Indoor model 2(17-1/2×16-1/2× 2(17-1/2×16-1/2×2-1 2 (20×21-1/2×2- 2 (20×21-1/2×2- Dimension(W×H×D) Indoor Coil 2-1/8) 11/16) 11/16) Number of Circuits In.W.C. Rated 0.18(45) 0.228(57) 0.276(70) 0.276(70) (Pa) In.W.C. Range 0-0.8(0-200) 0-0.8(0-200) 0-0.8(0-200) 0-0.8(0-200) (Pa) Indoor Noise Level (Hi) dB(A) Throttle Type 500×1170×550 500×1170×550 560×1370×610...
  • Page 9: Outlines And Dimensions

    3. OUTLINES AND DIMENSIONS 3. Outlines and Dimensions 24K/36K Unit : in.(mm)
  • Page 10 3. OUTLINES AND DIMENSIONS 48K/60K Unit : in.(mm) 24(610)
  • Page 11: Electrical Data

    4. ELECTRICAL DATA 4. Electrical Data Power Supply Applicable Voltage Indoor Unit Nominal Frequency Nominal Voltage (V) Umin. (V) Umax. (V) Sensitive (Hz) Current (A) Current (mA) 24K/36K/ 208/230 48K/60K NOTE: 1. The above compressor data is based on 100% capacity combination of indoor units at the rated operating frequency. 2.
  • Page 12: Blower Data

    BLOWER DATA 5. Blower Data Airflow performance data is based on cooling performance with a coil and no filter in place. Check the performance table for appropriate unit size selection. External static pressure should stay within the minimum and maximum limits shown in the table below in order to ensure proper cooling, heating , and electric heating operation.
  • Page 13 BLOWER DATA Air Flow Table External Static Pressure in.H2O[KPa] Handler Motor Speed Model 0[0] 0.1[0.02] 0.18[0.045] 0.3[0.07] 0.4[0.1] 0.5[0.12] 0.6[0.15] 0.7[0.17] 0.8[0.20] Tap(1) 1756 1701 1626 1579 1520 1468 1425 1386 1346 -Default Watts Setting 1799 1746 1678 1634 1571 1522 1449 1402...
  • Page 14: Sound Data

    6. SOUND PRESSURE DATA 6. Sound Pressure Data Indoor Unit Model Model 3.28ft. (1.0m) in front of the outlet of the 3.28ft. (1.0m) in front of the outlet of the Test Condition Test Condition wind tunnel; 3.28ft. (1.0m) above the bottom wind tunnel;...
  • Page 15: Refrigerant Cycle

    7. REFRIGERANT CYCLE 7. Refrigerant Cycle Indoor Unit Cooling Cycle 24K/36K/48K/60K Heating Cycle List of Components Hexagon Nut Indoor Heat Exchanger...
  • Page 16: Wiring Diagram

    8. WIRING DIAGRAM 8. Wiring Diagram 8.1 Electrical Wiring Diagram Electrical Wiring Diagram 2157413.B NOTES: 1. Use copper wire (75℃ Min) only between disconnect switch and unit. 2. To be wired in accordance with NEC and local codes. 3. If any of the original wire supplied must be replaced, use the same or equivalent type. 4.
  • Page 17: Control Board Picture

    8. WIRING DIAGRAM 8.2 Control Board Picture Description Description AC Power L2 Thermostat AC Power L1 Electrical Heat Kit L1 for Fan Motor DIP Switch for Blower Speed L1 for Transformer Fan Motor Control L2 for Transformer Fuse AC 24V from Transformer L2 for Fan Motor...
  • Page 18: Common Wiring

    8. WIRING DIAGRAM 8.3 Common Wiring Wiring Diagram Thermostat Power (L1)(L2) ( ) C B Y W SI G R C W1 SI Terminal Panel Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit L1 L2 PE Power Supply Power Supply NOTE: (1) Donotconnectdashedlinewhenelectricheaterisnotused. (2) Wiringmustbeperformedaccordingtowiringdiagramthatpastedonindoorunit. (3) The SI wire between the indoor and outdoor units is not indispensable, especially when the outdoor unit is connected to an indoor unit of a different brand.
  • Page 19: Field Setting

    9. FIELD SETTING 9. Filed Setting Static Pressure Setting: Blower DIP Switch S2 Static Pressure Fan Speed Select Speed Setting (W.C.[kPa]) 48K/60K Medium Low 0.18[0.045] 0.24[0.057] 0.28[0.07] (Default setting) Medium 0.25[0.08] 0.4[0.1] 0.4[0.1] Medium High 0.58[0.145] 0.58[0.145] 0.58[0.145] High 0.8[0.2] 0.8[0.2] 0.8[0.2] NOTE: Symbol "...
  • Page 20: Checking Components

    10. CHECKING COMPONENTS 10. Checking Components 10.1 Check Refrigerant System TEST SYSTEM FLOW: Conditions: ① Compressor is running. The air condition should be installed in good ventilation.  Tool: Pressure Gauge Technique: ① see ② feel ③ test See ----- Tube Defrost. Feel ----- The Difference between Tube’s Temperature.
  • Page 21 10. CHECKING COMPONENTS Heating Mode Test system pressure. Is the high The pressure on the pressure normal at high side. service part ? Recharge refrigerant Remove the back after air purging with The pressure on the panel."see"the the vacuum low side. capillary tube1 and pump.
  • Page 22: Check Parts Unit

    10. CHECKING COMPONENTS 10.2 Check Parts Unit 1. Indoor Unit Fan Motor Duct motor model 24K: ZWK702B006073 36K: ZWK702B500026 48K: ZKSD-560-8-50-14 60K: ZKSD-560-8-58 Test in resistance. TOOL: Multimeter. Test the resistance of the main winding. The indoor fan motor fails if the resistance of main winding is 0(short circuit)or∞...
  • Page 23: Disassembly And Assembly For Compressor And Motor

    11. DISASSEMBL AND ASSEMBL FOR MOTOR 11. Disassembly and Assembly for Motor Indoor Unit 24K/36K/48K/60K Important: Before disassembly and assembly, make sure that the power to the system has been disconnected and verified as voltage free. Step Illustration Handling Instruction Use screwdriver to remove the electric box cover and unplug 1.
  • Page 24: Control Logic Description

    12. HEATER KIT 12. Heater Kit (Optional) MAX. Fuse or Breaker MIN. Circuit Ampacity Fan Speed Tap Electric Electric (HACR) Ampacity Heat Kit Handler Heat Model Model (kW) 230VAC 208VAC 230VAC 208VAC 21-4245-01 28.3 25.9 ● ● ● ● 21-4245-02 40.7 37.2 ●...
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