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Kanguru Micro MP3 2GB User Manual

Kanguru micro mp3 2gb: user guide
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Kanguru Micro MP3 Player
User Manual
Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved.



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  Summary of Contents for Kanguru Micro MP3 2GB

  • Page 1 Kanguru Micro MP3 Player User Manual Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved.
  • Page 2: Before First Use

    Kanguru Solutions will not be held responsible for any illegal use of this product nor any losses incurred while using this product. The user is responsible for the copyright laws, and is fully responsible for any illegal actions taken.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    1.1 safety Precautions ... 4 1.2 functions ... 5 2. Parts and functions ... 5 3. Basic functions... 6 3.1 turning the MP3 Player on/off ... 6 3.2 Music playback ... 6 3.2.1 MUsic selection ...7 3.2.2 VolUMe aDjUstMent ...7 3.2.3 fast forWarD/BacKWarD ...7...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Please first refer to this user manual to obtain information about the product and functions. Before using the Kanguru Micro MP3 player, please carefully read all data provided, so that you have a better understanding of how to operate your Kanguru Micro MP3 player.
  • Page 5: Functions

    functions √ Superb exterior design and comfortable handling √ Support for multiple audio formats including: MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG2.5 Layer2/3, WMA and WAV. √ Driver-free operation √ File operation can be done directly through “Removable Disk” in “My Computer” without any additional software. √...
  • Page 6: Basic Functions

    Basic functions turning the MP3 Player on/off Please make sure the player is unlocked. The Hold key should be in the unlocked position Power on: While player is off, press and hold the Power off: While player is on, press and hold on screen.
  • Page 7: Music Selection

    Under Play status, you can pause by first short pressing button again. Stop playing the current song and return to the Main Menu by pressing and holding the note: The player supports “*.LRC” lyrics files to achieve synchronized play between lyrics and the songs.
  • Page 8: Voice Replay

    Voice replay In main menu screen, select Voice Replay mode by pressing the Short press the button to confirm entering audio play mode. Short press the button to play the current recorded file. Short press the the current file Long press the button to return to main screen.
  • Page 9: Fm Radio

    fM radio In the Main Menu, select FM mode by pressing Short press the button to enter FM Radio mode as shown below. channel switch The saved channels can be switched in sequence by short pressing the channel search Search forward or backward through channels using the Volume adjustment Volume can be increased or decreased by pressing the radio Program recording...
  • Page 10: Setting

    setting In the main menu, select Setting mode by pressing the Short press the button to enter Setting mode. Select an item using the The detailed functions and operations are as follows: Press the buttons to select a setting and press •...
  • Page 11 • light color Sets different light colors: Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Color Random • auto Power off Sets the auto-power off time: disable, 2min, 10min, 30min • sample rate setting Sets the sampling rate for voice recording: 32Kbps, 44Kbps, 64Kbps and 88Kbps •...
  • Page 12: Folder

    “Removable disk” after “Removable disk” is found in “My Computer”. note: the connection between the mp3 player and the computer should not be disconnected during transmission of data. This may lead to an error in data transmission or player failure.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    There will be fragments (similar to those on a hard disk) on the internal flash memory after the MP3 player undergoes long-time usage or frequent deletion of files, leading to a slowed response speed. The problem can be solved by formatting the player.
  • Page 14 Kanguru Solutions 1360 Main Street Millis, MA 02054 07.03.08 v3.0 © 2008 Kanguru Solutions Legal terms and conditions available at Please review and agree before use. Thank you.

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