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GE 45138 User Manual page 9

Wireless alarm system signal repeater
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Limitations of Alarm Products
This product should be tested periodically to make sure
it is working properly. The product, if used properly, may
reduce the risk of burglary, robbery, or other adverse events.
However, JASCO is not an insurer, this product is neither
insurance nor a guarantee that such an event will be
prevented, and users should protect themselves with proper
insurance. JASCO makes no representation that this product
cannot be compromised or circumvented, that it will provide
an adequate warning, or that it will prevent any personal
injuries, property damage, or other losses. Like any alarm
product, including expensive commercial systems, it may be
bypassed, it is subject to compromise, and it may fail to warn
for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: improper
installation or positioning; improper maintenance; tampering;
dead or improperly installed batteries; sensing limitations;
component failures; receivers; intrusions may be outside
of a product's designed range and certain environmental
conditions may impact performance and audible alarm
signals may be outside of hearing range, muted by doors,
walls, and floors, unheard by deep sleepers or the hearing-
impaired, or overwhelmed by other sounds.



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