Tv Connection; Antenna Connection; Speaker System Connection; Optional Equipment Connection - LG HT313SU Manual

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Do not touch the inner pins of the jacks on the rear
panel. Electrostatic discharge may cause permanent
damage to the unit.
Be careful of the following
Be careful to make sure children not to put their hands or
any objects into the speaker duct.
*Speaker duct: A hall for plentiful bass sound on speaker

TV Connection

Make one of the following connections, depending on the
capabilities of your existing equipment.
Depending on your TV and other equipment you wish to
connect, there are various ways you could connect the
DVD/CD Receiver. Use one of the connections described
Please refer to the manuals of your TV, VCR, Stereo System
or other devices as necessary to make the best connections.
Make sure the DVD/CD Receiver is connected directly to the
TV. Select the correct AV input on your TV.
Do not connect your DVD/CD Receiver to the TV via your
VCR. The DVD image could be distorted by the copy
protection system.
SCART connection
Connect the EURO AV OUTPUT (TO TV) socket on the DVD/CD
Receiver to the corresponding jacks on the TV using the scart
cable (T).
Component Video connection
Connect the COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks from the DVD/CD
Receiver to the corresponding jacks on the TV using a Y PB PR
cable (C).
If your television is a high-definition or "digital ready"
television, you may take advantage of the DVD/CD
Receiver's progressive scan output for higher video
If your TV does not accept your resolution setting, abnormal
picture appears on the screen. Please read owner's manual
for TV then set the resolution that your TV can accept.
Composit Video connection
Connect the MONITOR jack from the DVD/CD Receiver to the
Video IN jack on the TV using the video cable supplied (V).

Antenna Connection

Connect the supplied FM antenna for listening to the radio.
Connect the FM Wire aerial to the FM aerial connector.
Be sure to fully extend the FM wire aerial.
After connecting the FM Wire aerial, keep it as horizontal as

Speaker System Connection

Connect the speaker wires the speaker terminals.
To obtain the best possible surround sound, adjust the speaker
parameters (volume, distance, etc.).
Be sure to match the speaker wires to the appropriate
terminal on the components, + to + and – to –. If the cables
are reversed, the sound will be distorted and will lack bass.
If you use front speakers with low maximum input rating,
adjust the volume carefully to avoid excessive output on the

Optional Equipment Connection

Connect a VCR to the AUX IN connectors.


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