Troubleshooting - Makita ESC125 Technical Instructions

Electrohydraulic battery crimping tool
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Output force checking and adjustment.
5.4.1. Checking.
• It is recommended to check every year or 10000 cycles the output force of the tool to insure the
quality of the crimping operation. To do this operation a dynamometer is required and refer to its
instructions for use.
• The output force must be measured within the recommended tolerance.
This adjustment is only required when the output force is out of the recommended tolerances.
Normally, this adjustment is not required before 10,000 crimping operations.
As the adjustment requires specific tools and a partial opening of the tool, it should be carried out
by a Cegers-Tools approved workshop or by people who have been trained to the tool maintenance.
Emergency manual return procedure.
Remove the emergency return system cap (6).
Insert a round tool with a diameter between 4 and 6 mm.
Press to activate the return manually.
This will open a hydraulic valve to enable piston retraction.
Choice of return.
The return can be configured in automatic or manual mode with the CTDiag software.
Automatic return : The return is activated after the motor stops at the end of the cycle. The return can
be stopped at any time by pressing one of the two triggers.
Manual return : The tool stops at the end of the cycle. The return trigger (4) must be used to activate
the return.
Caution : The tool must be restarted to take the software configuration into account. Wait for the
LEDs to turn off, then activate the tool by pressing the On/Off trigger (3).


Impossible to fit a die.
• The tool head is designed to receive C12... die sets designed by CEGERS TOOLS.
• If the die compliant with one of these standards has no traces of impacts and deformation at the
sliders, check the housing in the head, the piston and the adapters.
• If the die is not an original from Cegers-Tools, there is a risk of permanent damage to the sliders
and early deterioration to the head (See the WARRANTY section).
No reaction when powering on.
• Check that the battery is charged (Battery LED green or orange) and that the contacts are perfectly
• If these two checks are positive but the tool is still not working, it should be returned to the factory
or to an approved workshop (defective motor, electric or electronic component).
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents