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Electrohydraulic battery crimping tool
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The tool's battery charge indicator indicates the remaining charge:
Green: remaining charge > 20%.
Orange: remaining charge < 20%, plan a charge.
Red: battery completely run down; the tool will no longer run in order to protect the battery
from deep discharging.
Starting the tool.
After an extended period of time without use, the tool switches to stand-by mode to maintain its
To activate the tool, press the On / Off trigger (3). The tool LEDs will turn on to indicate the battery
and tool status.
Caution: For reliability reasons, a timer prevents the tool from operating if the triggers are pressed
too frequently.
Tool heating..
The tool is filled with high viscosity oil TOTAL EQUIVIS XV 32 and has an operating temperature
of -20°C to +60°C. Nevertheless, if it has been stored for a long period at a temperature below -5°C,
it is recommended to warm it in a temperature place. At least 3 empty crimps must be carried out
before starting crimping, it will work better.
• When the connector to crimp is installed in the dies, work can begin. Hold the handle with one hand
and keep the other at about 10 cm from the head.
Never place hands near the moving parts.
• Press the On/Off trigger (3), the tool will build pressure until it releases automatically and then
stops indicating that the crimping is complete.
• In the case of an automatic return, the piston will retract after the motor has stopped. Its return can
be stopped any time by pressing one of the triggers.
• With the manual return, press the return trigger (4) to actuate the piston return.
• A complete return is required to remove the crimped connector. When several crimping operations
are needed on the same connector, it is recommended to make limited retractions which are sufficient
to allow the movement of the tool on the connector. During an indenting operation, the indent must
be fully retracted to enable tool movement.
• Once the dies are in contact with the connector the return can no longer be actuated. The crimping
must be completed and the tool triggered to be able to activate the return.
• The battery LED may change color during the crimping. This is normal and should be ignored.
Noise level
A-weighted emission sound pressure level, LpA
(reference 20 µPa), in decibels
Uncertainty, KpA, in decibels
Reference standards: NF EN ISO 3744 et NF EN ISO 11201
Measurements based on the standard NF EN ISO 15744
"Hand-Arm" vibration
Values determined in accordance with the standard NF EN ISO 20643
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Noise transmission values declared
In accordance with ISO 4871
Acceleration transmission values declared in accordance with EN 12096
Work cycle
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Indice : B
Measured value of
acceleration, a
< 2,5 m/s²
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Indice : A
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Uncertainty, K
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents