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Canon SELPHY CP760 Printing Manual

Compact photo printer.
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Printing Guide
© CANON INC. 2008


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   Summary of Contents for Canon SELPHY CP760

  • Page 1 Printing Guide ENGLISH CDI-E361-010 © CANON INC. 2008 PRINTED IN CHINA...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    SELPHY Has Come to Your Home. A stylish and powerful printer for preserving precious family moments. SELPHY enriches your daily life with beautiful photo prints. Table of Contents Unpack ...p. 4 Getting Started ...p. 5 Printing from Memory Cards ...p. 7 What You Can Do with Your SELPHY Printer ...p.
  • Page 3 Accessories (Sold Separately) ...p. 0 Cleaning, Storing or Carrying the Printer ...p. 1 Troubleshooting ...p.  Please Read (Safety Precautions and Handling Precautions) ...p. 7 Specifications ...p. 0 Scrapbook created by Art&Craft DUO YOKOHAMA-AOBADAI SHOP by KURETAKE Co.,Ltd. (m&k)
  • Page 4: Unpack

    Unpack Package Contents The package contains the following accessories. If there is anything missing, please contact the store where you purchased this product. Printer Unit Starter Paper Pack (Postcard Size, 5 sheets) Starter Ink Cassette (Postcard Size for 5 prints) •...
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    • Always use the paper specific to SELPHY CP series printers included in the genuine Canon brand Color Ink/Paper Sets. Commercially sold printing paper, regular postcards, or paper specified for use in SELPHY ES series printers cannot be used.
  • Page 6 Installing the Ink Cassette and the Paper Cassette Open the two covers of the printer. Paper cassette compartment cover Insert the ink cassette and the paper cassette. Paper visible through opening Paper cassette (Insert all the way into the slot) To remove the ink cassette, slide up the ink cassette lever.
  • Page 7: Printing From Memory Cards

    Printing from Memory Cards Print images from a memory card that is inserted into the printer. • Make sure that no camera or computer is connected to the printer. • This SELPHY printer supports image data conforming to the Design rule for Camera File system (Exif compliant) and DPOF (Ver.1.00) standard.
  • Page 8 Printing the Selected Image (Basic Printing) You can select images, specify the number of copies for each, and then print them all out. If you want to embed the date, follow the instructions on page 12 before printing. • Do not pull out the paper cassette or open the ink cassette cover just after turning on the printer or while printing.
  • Page 9: What You Can Do With Your Selphy Printer

    What You Can Do with Your SELPHY Printer Enjoy a multitude of basic and advanced functions with SELPHY. Buttons and LCD Monitor Controls The LCD monitor may be covered with a thin plastic film for protection against scratches during shipment. If so, remove the film before using the printer.
  • Page 10: Print Settings

    Print Settings You can make print-related settings such as bordered/borderless or print layout. Date Prints images with the date when they were taken. Off ( ) Page Layout Sets the number of images to print on a single sheet of paper. The number of copies selected for an image (p.
  • Page 11 Press The menu screen appears. [DPOF Print] displays only when you insert a memory card with DPOF settings made with the camera. Press to select [Print Settings]. Press The Print Settings menu appears. Press to select an item you wish to set. Press to change the setting value.
  • Page 12 Printing with the Date Print images with the date when the images were taken. Follow the steps below before selecting images. Press Select [Print Settings] with Press Press Press Returns to the menu screen. Press display. • You can change the display order of the date in [Date Format] (p. 14). •...
  • Page 13: Print All Images

    Other Printing Modes Printing Images Using Camera Specified Settings (DPOF Print) Select images or specify print settings with the camera before printing. For details on the DPOF settings, refer to the user guide provided with your camera. Insert a memory card, containing DPOF settings made with the camera into the card slot.
  • Page 14: Making Printer Settings

    Making Printer Settings You can make printer settings such as the display language. Item Date Format Sets the date format used when printing out with the date. Language Sets the display language of the LCD monitor. Info Display Displays the properties of the print settings or file number of the image.
  • Page 15: Printing From Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones Or Computers

    Printing from a Camera Print from a camera supporting the printer. This guide explains the procedure for printing with a Canon digital camera connected as an example. * PictBridge is an industry standard that allows any digital camera or video camera, regardless of the manufacturer or model, to print images directly without using a computer.
  • Page 16: Printing Via Bluetooth

    For instructions for connecting or communication with Bluetooth, refer to the user guide provided with your Bluetooth unit. If prompted by the mobile phone for a device to connect to, select [Canon SELPHY CP760- xx:xx:xx (where x refers to a numerical digit)].
  • Page 17: Printing From A Computer

    Printing from a Computer Print from a computer connected to the printer. • Make sure that no memory card is inserted in the printer, and that no camera is connected to the printer before connecting a computer. • The printer may not function properly if other USB devices (with the exception of a USB mouse or USB keyboard) are used at the same time as the printer.
  • Page 18 Installing the Printer Driver • Do not connect the computer to the printer before placing the CD-ROM in the computer. • You must login to the computer as an administrator before beginning installation. The instructions in this section are intended for Windows XP and Mac OS X (v10.4). If you are using another version, actual screen contents and procedures may differ slightly from those indicated here.
  • Page 19 • Refer to the [Help] menu of the software for operations. • Download ZoomBrowser EX/ImageBrowser Software Guide (PDF) from: • For Ulead Photo Express LE customer support, consult the following website. Macintosh Place the supplied CD-ROM...
  • Page 20: Other Accessories

    Accessories (Sold Separately) Color Ink/Paper Sets and Paper Cassettes The color ink cassette and the paper cassette differ depending on the paper size. Check the table below Paper size Postcard Size Color Ink/Paper Set KP-36IP Color Ink/Paper Set KP-72IP Color Ink/Paper Set KP-72IN Color Ink/Paper Set KP-108IP Color Ink/Paper Set KP-108IN L Size...
  • Page 21: Cleaning The Printer

    Cleaning, Storing or Carrying the Printer Cleaning the Printer Cleaning the Inside of the Printer Remove dust inside of the printer with the supplied cleaner. Remove the ink cassette (p. ). Insert the cleaner all the way in the ink cassette compartment and slide it in and out  or  times.
  • Page 22: Storing The Printer

    If you wish to mount prints in an album, select an album with photo covers made of nylon, polypropylene or cellophane. Color may change over time depending on the conditions of storage. Canon assumes no liability for color changes. Carrying the Printer •...
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    Consult this section when the printer does not function as expected or an error occurred. You Think There is a Problem If the solutions below do not remedy your problem, contact the retail outlet or a Canon customer support center.
  • Page 24 • Is the printer connected to the camera correctly? (p.15) • Does the firmware of the Canon-brand camera support the printer? • Does the camera battery have sufficient charge? Replace the battery with a fully charged (or new) battery, or use the compact power adapter for the camera.
  • Page 25: Paper Problems

    After using the computer to cancel a print in progress, an image that had already been printed was printed again when resumed printing. • Are you using a Macintosh computer? When you restart printing on a Macintosh computer after canceling, an already printed image may print again when printing resumes.
  • Page 26: Error Messages

    If the paper is not feeding correctly into the printer, remove the paper cassette and any paper left in the printer. Paper jam! • Contact a Canon Customer Support center if the paper will not come out even when the power is turned off and back on. There is a problem with the ink cassette! •...
  • Page 27 If the equipment is dropped or the casing becomes damaged, do not continue operation. • Stop operating the equipment immediately if it emits smoke or noxious fumes. Immediately contact the retail outlet or a Canon Customer Support center. • Do not allow water or other liquids to enter the interior of the equipment.
  • Page 28: Warranty Limitations

    This printer’s warranty is only effective in the country of sale. If a problem arises while the printer is in use abroad, please convey it back to the country of sale before proceeding with a warranty claim to a Canon...
  • Page 29 Printer • Do not apply excessive force to the printer. Force or impact on the printer may result in paper jams or equipment damage. • Do not turn the power on and off repeatedly when you do not intend to print. The printer initialization process consumes ink and the equivalent of several pages could be wasted.
  • Page 30: Specifications

    Specifications All data is measured according to standard Canon testing procedures. We reserve the right to change specifications without notice. SELPHY CP70 Printing Method Print Resolution Gradation Paper Print Size Postcard Size L Size Card Size (per label) Wide Size...
  • Page 31 Compact Power Adapter CA-CP00 Rated Input 100 – 240 V AC (50/60 Hz) 1.5 A (100 V) – 0.75 A (240 V) Rated Output 24 V DC, 2.2 A Operating Temperatures 0 – 45°C (32 – 113°F) Dimensions 122.0 x 60.0 x 30.5 mm (4.80 x 2.36 x 1.20 in.) (excluding power cord) Weight Approx.
  • Page 32: Fcc Notice

    While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate and complete, no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions. Canon reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software described herein at any time without prior notice.

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