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Zanussi ZDC72B4PW User Manual

Zanussi ZDC72B4PW User Manual


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Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZDC72B4PW

  • Page 1 User Manual GETTING STARTED? EASY. ZDC72B4PW EN User Manual Tumble Dryer...
  • Page 2 VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO: Get usage advice, brochures, trouble shooter, service and repair information: SAFETY INFORMATION Before beginning the installation and use of this appliance, carefully read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible for any injuries or damage that are the result of incorrect installation or usage.
  • Page 3 If the tumble dryer is put on top of a washing machine, use the • stacking kit. The stacking kit, available from your authorized vendor, can be used only with the appliance specified in the instructions supplied with the accessory. Read it carefully before installation (refer to the Installation leaflet).
  • Page 4 Items such as foam rubber (latex foam), shower caps, • waterproof textiles, rubber backed articles and clothes or pillows fitted with foam rubber pads should not be dried in the tumble dryer. Fabric softeners, or similar products, should only be used as •...
  • Page 5 • Do not dry dripping wet clothes in the appliance. CARE AND CLEANING WARNING! Risk of injury or damage to the appliance. • Do not use water spray and steam to clean the appliance. • Clean the appliance with a moist soft cloth. Use only neutral detergents.
  • Page 6 EASY START PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Water container Control panel Appliance door Primary Filter Airflow slots Adjustable feet Condenser door Button for condenser door Condenser cover Locks for condenser lid Rating plate For ease of loading laundry or ease of installation the door is reversible. (see separate leaflet).
  • Page 7 Press the touch buttons with your finger in the area with the symbol or name of the option. Do not wear gloves when you operate the control panel. Make sure that the control panel is always clean and dry. Indicators Indicators Description Drying phase...
  • Page 8 Programme Load Properties / Fabric type Cotton 7 kg Drying level: suitable for ironing. Iron Dry Synthetics 3,5 kg Drying level: extra dry. Extra Dry Synthetics 3,5 kg Drying level: cupboard dry. Cupboard Dry Delicate fabrics such as viscose, ray- Delicates 4 kg on, acrylic, and their blends.
  • Page 9 clothes from creases. Laundry can be removed We recommend that you set a short during the anti-crease phase. duration for small quantities of laundry or for only one item. DELICATE With this option you can set a delicate drying LONG ANTICREASE programme that has a low temperature.
  • Page 10 SETTINGS ADJUSTMENT OF THE REMAINING LAUNDRY MOISTURE DEGREE To change the default degree of the remaining moisture of the laundry: 1. Use the programme knob to set any programme. 2. Wait approximately 8 seconds. 3. Press and hold buttons (A) and (B) at the same time.
  • Page 11 NOISES Working pump and transferring condensation to the tank. Different noises may be heard at different times during the drying cycle. They are perfectly normal operating sounds. Rotating drum. Working fans. DAILY USE START A PROGRAMME WITHOUT DELAY Real drying time will depend on type of START the load (quantity and composition), the room temperature and the humidity...
  • Page 12 When the countdown is completed, the programme • The indicator is on but does not flash. starts. • The indicator is on but does not flash. • Start/Pause indicator goes off. CHANGE A PROGRAMME 1. Turn the Programme knob to 1.
  • Page 13 Fabric label Description Laundry is suitable for tumble drying at low temperatures only. Laundry is not suitable for tumble drying. CARE AND CLEANING CLEANING THE FILTER To achieve the best drying CAUTION! Avoid the use of water to performances clean the filter regularly , clean the filter.
  • Page 14 EMPTYING THE WATER CONTAINER You can use the water from the water container as an alternative to distilled water (e.g. for steam ironing). Before you use the water, remove dirt residues with a filter. CLEANING THE CONDENSER...
  • Page 15 CLEANING THE HUMIDITY SENSOR CLEANING THE DRUM CAUTION! Risk of humidity sensor damage. Do not use abrasive materials WARNING! Disconnect the appliance or steel wool to clean the sensor. before you clean it. To assure best drying results the appliance is Use a standard neutral soap detergent to clean the equipped with metal humidity sensor.
  • Page 16 WARNING! Deactivate the appliance before carrying out any check. In case of major problems, the acoustic signals operate, the display shows an error code and Start/Pause button may flash continuously: Error code Possible cause Remedy Appliance motor overloaded. The programme was not completed. Too much laundry or entrap in the Remove the laundry from the drum, drum.
  • Page 17 Problem Possible solution Load is too small, increase the load or use the Time Dry program. The cycle time is too long or unsatisfactory dry- Make sure that the weight of the laundry is appli- cable to the duration of the programme. ing result.
  • Page 18 Frequency 50 Hz Sound power level 67 dB Necessary fuse 13 A Total power 2800 W Energy efficiency class Energy consumption on the standard cotton pro- 4,23 kWh gramme with the full load. Energy consumption on the standard cotton pro- 2,29 kWh gramme with the partial load.
  • Page 19 PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET ACCORDING TO UK ECODESIGN AND ENERGY LABELLING REGULATIONS Product Information Sheet Trade Mark ZANUSSI Model ZDC72B4PW PNC916098950 Rated capacity in kg Air vented or condenser tumble dryer Condenser Energy efficiency class Energy consumption in kWh per year, based on 160 drying cycles of the...
  • Page 20 Weighted programme time of the 'standard cotton programme at full and partial load' in minutes Programme time of the 'standard cotton programme at full load' in mi- nutes Programme time of the 'standard cotton programme at partial load' in mi- nutes Condensation efficiency class on a scale from G (least efficient) to A (most efficient)

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