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TD-BK100GH Series
TD-BK110GH Series
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Summary of Contents for Toshiba TD-BK100GH Series

  • Page 1 TUMBLE DRYER OWNER’S MANUAL MODEL: TD-BK100GH Series TD-BK110GH Series Read This Manual Read and follow the instructions carefully. Keep the operation instructions handy for future use . Please contact the customer service if you are in need of a new user manual.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety Instructions ............ INSTALLATION Product Description ..........Installation ..............OPERATION Quick Start ..............Before Each Drying ........... Control Panel ............. Option................Display................Programmes..............Instructions to Connection with the TSmartLife ................Drying Programmes Table ........MAINTENANCE Cleaning and Care ............. Trouble Shooting ............
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety Instructions For your safety,the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury or loss of life. Explanation of the symbols: Warning! This combination of symbol and signal word indicates a potentially dangerous situation which may result in death or serious injuries unless it’s avoided.
  • Page 4 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety Instructions • This appliance must be grounded. In the event of malfunction or breakdown , grounding will reduce the risk of electric shock by providing a path of least resistance for electric current. • This appliance is equipped with a cord having an equipment-grounding conductor and grounding plug.
  • Page 5 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • The appliance must not be supplied through an external switching device, such as a timer, or connected to a circuit that is regularly switched on and off by a utility. • Do not use multiple outlet sockets,an extension power cable or double adapter with this appliance.
  • Page 6 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Warning! Risk of Explosion & Fire • Please do not dry the clothes with any flammable substances such as kerosene or alcohol. • The tumble dryer is not to be used if industrial chemicals have been used for cleaning. •...
  • Page 7 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • If it is unavoidable that fabrics that contain vegetable or cooking oil or have been contaminated by hair care products are placed in a tumble dryer they should first be washed in hot water with extra detergent. This will reduce, but not eliminate, the hazard.
  • Page 8 For use in other contries This appliance doesn’t have symbol above. If you want to dispose your appliance, please contact your local authority or retailer for futher information on collection and disposal. Rated capacity Model 9.0kg TD-BK100GH Series 10.0kg TD-BK110GH Series...
  • Page 9: Installation

    INSTALLATION Product Description Power cord Top board Control panel Water container Door Drum Door filter Air inlet Base filter Maintenance cover Note: The actual model you purchased might differ. Please see the product you purchased in kind prevail. Accessories The following parts are optional for specific models. If your dryer has following parts, please wear gloves to install them...
  • Page 10 INSTALLATION If you want to install the drying support, first clamp the support on the door filter,then hook it in the front support slot(as shown below). front support slot door filter Note! Drying support is mainly used for items that is not suitable for tumble dry, like hats,shoes, plush toys etc.
  • Page 11 INSTALLATION Installation Place Warning! • Do not allow children to play with pacckaging materials. • The appliance must not be installed behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite side to that of the tumble dryer, in such a way that a full opening of the tumble dryer door is restricted.
  • Page 12: Operation

    OPERATION Quick Start Note! Before using, make sure the tumble dryer is installed correctly. Before Drying plug in load close the door Drying select program select function start or default After Drying Buzzer beep and " "on display. open the door and pull out the pour out clean the filter...
  • Page 13: Before Each Drying

    OPERATION Before Each Drying Note! • Leave it to stand for 2 hours after transporting. Before first use, please use the soft fabric to clean the inside drum. . Put some clean rags into the drum. Plug the power, press 【 】...
  • Page 14: Control Panel

    OPERATION Control Panel Display On/Off The display shows the setting, estimated Product is switched on or off. program time remaining and status messages Start/Pause of your dryer. Press the button to start or pause the Programmes drying cycle. Different drying cycles can be selected according to the users need and the type of Option laundry to be dried.
  • Page 15 OPERATION The reference weight of dry clothes (weight per item) Sweater Jacket Jeans Bath Towel (mixed 800g) cotton 800g ) (800g) cotton 900g ) Shirt Single bedsheet Work clothes Pyjamas cotton 300g ) cotton 600g ) ( 1120g) ( 200g) Socks T-Shirt Underwear...
  • Page 16 OPERATION Option Delay Delay This function is used for delaying the start of the drying programme up to 24 hours. When the delayed programme starts, the time starts to countdown on the display and the delay icon blinks. 1.Load your laundry and make sure the machine door is closed. 2.Press the 【...
  • Page 17 OPERATION Lamp Lamp The drum light will be on for 1 minutes when the button is pressed or 1 minute when the door is open. Signal Signal Set the buzzer on or off. In default condition, the buzzer is on. When the buzzer is on: 1.The dryer will affirm pressed function button by a sound.
  • Page 18 OPERATION WiFi Press INTENSITY ] for 3 seconds to configure the network or reset the network. Remote Control This is the switch of remote control, if you want to use your smartphone to control the machine remotely, you need to hold [ANTI CREASE] for 3 seconds. Considering the safe operation of the machine, the smartphone remote control should meet the following conditions: 1.
  • Page 19: Display

    OPERATION Display Delay Child lock Remaining Time indicator/Error message Anti crease Clean filters (warning) Empty water container (warning) Dryness level Lamp Signal Hygiene Memory Wi-Fi Remote control “Cotton standard” is the recommended dryer program designed to minimize energy consumption for normally soiled load at rated capacity. The wool drying cycle of this machine has been approved The Woolmark Company for the drying of machine dryable wool products provided that the products are...
  • Page 20: Programmes

    OPERATION Programmes Programme selector 1.When the LED display screen brightens up, rotate the programme knob to select the desired programme. 2.Select the【Delay】,【Time】,【Intensity】,【Anti-Crease】or【Signal】 functions for additional options. 】button. 3.Press the【 】button after the programme has comlpeted. 4.Press the【 Programme start The drum will rotate after the programme starts. and the remaining programme time will be displayed.
  • Page 21: Instructions To Connection With The Tsmartlife App

    OPERATION Instructions to Connection with the TSmartLife App Before you start, make sure that: 1. Your smartphone is connected to home WiFi network,and you know the network password. 2. Make sure you are near the home appliance. 3. The 2.4GHz band wireless signal is enabled on your wireless router. Follow the below steps to enter the remote control state Download the TSmartLife App On an app market (Google Play Store, Apple App Store), search for...
  • Page 22 OPERATION 4:If a message of "Smart devices discovered nearby" appears, click to add. 5:If no message appears, select " + " on the page and select your device in the list of nearby devices available. If your device is not listed, please add your device manually by the device category and device model.
  • Page 23 OPERATION WiFi Status Light Slowly flashing Waiting for connection Connecting Quickly flashing Quickly flashing solid Connected to your wireless router Notes Make sure your devices are powered on. Keep your mobile phone close enough to your device when you are connecting network to your device. Connect your mobile phone to the wireless network at home, and make sure you know the password of the WiFi.
  • Page 24: Drying Programmes Table

    OPERATION Drying Programmes Table Programme Application/Properties Load Load 9.0kg 10.0kg Cotton For single or multi-layer cotton laundry . Synthetics 3.5kg 3.5kg To dry thin synthetic textiles, which are not ironed, such as easy care shirts, baby cloths or socks. 3.5kg 3.5kg For mixed fabrics from cotton and synthetics.
  • Page 25: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Cleaning and Care Empty the water container 1. Pull out and hold the water container with two hands. 2. Tilt the water container, pour out the condensate water into the basin. 3. Install the water container. Warning! • Empty the water container after each use. Once the water container is filled completely, the programme will be paused and the "...
  • Page 26 MAINTENANCE Clean the base filter 1. Open the cover. 2. Unlock three locking levers and grasp the filter handle. 3. Remove the base filter and clean it. If there is too much lint on the filter, clean it in water. Dry the filter thoroughly before installing it back.
  • Page 27 MAINTENANCE Clean Tumble dryer Warning! • Disconnect the power cord before cleaning! • Clean the dryer with a wet cloth which is only damped by clean water. • Do not use solvents, abrasive cleaners, glass cleaners or all-purpose cleaners. These could damage plastic surfaces and other parts. •...
  • Page 28: Trouble Shooting

    MAINTENANCE Trouble Shooting If you encounter an issue with the dryer, first check the table below and try to solve the issue before calling the service. Problem Solution • Check if the power supply works. • Display is not on •...
  • Page 29 MAINTENANCE Display Reason Solutions Humidity sensor error “ ” Please contact your local Temperature sensor error “ ” service center if the “ ” BLDC motor communication error problem occurs. “ ” PCB communication error Warning! • Only authorised technicians can carry out repairs.
  • Page 30: Technical Specifications

    MAINTENANCE Technical Specifications Model TD-BK110GH Series TD-BK100GH Series Parameter Dimension(W*D*H) 595*640*845(mm) 595*640*845(mm) +5°C ~ +35°C +5°C ~ +35°C Ambient temperature Rated input power 1050W 1050W Rated voltage 220-240V~ 220-240V~ Rated frequency 50Hz 50Hz Refrigerant R134a R134a Weight of product 54kg...

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