Samsung HT-FS6200/XU User Manual

Samsung HT-FS6200/XU User Manual

2.1ch blu-ray home entertainment system


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2.1CH Blu-ray™
Home Entertainment System
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the possibilities
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Summary of Contents for Samsung HT-FS6200/XU

  • Page 1 HT-FS6200 2.1CH Blu-ray™ Home Entertainment System user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at
  • Page 2: Safety Information

  • Page 3: Disc Storage & Management

    • If the product makes an abnormal noise or produces Disc Storage & Management a burning smell or smoke, turn off the power switch immediately and disconnect the power plug from • Holding Discs the wall outlet. Then, contact the nearest customer - Fingerprints or scratches on service centre for technical assistance.
  • Page 4: Using The 3D Function

    Safety Information Using the 3D Function The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia IMPORTANT HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION FOR Interface, and the HDMI 3D PICTURES. Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Read and understand the following safety information HDMI Licencing LLC in the United States and other before using the 3D function.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    38 Listening to Radio 40 Using the Special Effects Remote Control Buttons Contents NETWORK SERVICES 41 Logging In to Your Samsung Account 41 Before Using Movies & TV Shows or Apps SAFETY INFORMATION 42 Using Movies & TV Shows 42 Using Apps...
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Please note that this is not a defect in the product. Samsung cannot guarantee that this product will play every disc bearing the Blu-ray Disc, DVD or CD logo because disc formats evolve, and problems and errors may occur during the creation of Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and CD software and/or the manufacture of discs.
  • Page 7: Logos Of Discs The Product Can Play

    Region Code Logos of Discs the Product can Play Both products and discs are coded by region. These regional codes must match for a disc to play. If the codes do not match, the disc will not play. The Region Number for this product is displayed on the rear panel of the product.
  • Page 8 Getting Started Supported Formats Video File Support File Frame rate Bit Rate Container Video Codec Resolution Audio Codec Extension (fps) (Mbps) Divx 3.11 / 4 *.avi / 5 / 6 *.mkv *.asf MPEG4 SP/ASP *.wmv H.264 BP/ *.mp4 Dolby Digital MP/HP *.3gp LPCM...
  • Page 9 Supported DivX subtitle file formats Picture File Support *.ttxt, *.smi, *.srt, *.sub, *.txt File Extension Type Resolution | NOTES | Some MKV and MP4 format discs may not play, *.jpg 15360x8640 JPEG depending on their video resolution and frame rate. *.jpeg Music File Support *.png...
  • Page 10: Accessories

    “x.v.Colour” format. HDD manufacturer. • “x.v.Colour” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. • SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage • “AVCHD” and the AVCHD logo are trademarks of or data loss. Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. and Sony Corporation.
  • Page 11: Front Panel

    Front Panel VACUUM TUBE AMP VOLUME CONTROL OPEN/CLOSE PLAY/PAUSE STOP FUNCTION DISC TRAY DISPLAY 5V 0.5A REMOTE CONTROL SENSOR POWER | NOTES | Cellular phones or mobile devices placed near the vacuum tube amp or electronic products placed on the top of the product can cause audio noise or distortion.
  • Page 12: Remote Control

    Getting Started Remote Control Tour of the Remote Control Press to select the home cinema's Turn the product on and off. mode (HDMI1, AUX, BD/DVD, etc.). FUNCTION To change to Television mode Press to select TV's video mode. SOURCE and control the TV, press the TV button.
  • Page 13 18, 40 remote control may not work on some brands of TVs. 03, 15, 40 Toshiba 19, 57, 63, 71 The remote control will work with Samsung TVs by Vidtech default. 01, 15, 16, 17, 37, 38, 39, Videch 59, 60, 69...
  • Page 14: Connections

    Connections This section describes various methods of connecting the product to other external components. Before moving or installing the product, be sure to turn off the power and disconnect the power cord. Connecting the Speakers Position of the product Place it on a stand or cabinet shelf, or under the TV stand.
  • Page 15 Installing the Speakers on the Tallboy Stand Stand Base Speaker Turn the Stand Base upside-down and connect it to the Speaker as shown in the illustrator. Use the driver to combine the screws on the 4 marked holes. This is the appearance after the speaker is installed. Follow this steps to install another speaker. Connecting The Speakers Match each speaker cable bundle to the correct speaker by matching the colour coded plug on each bundle to the coloured sticker on the bottom of each speaker.
  • Page 16: Connecting To Tv/External Devices

  • Page 17: Connecting To A Network Router

    IP router is currently being used by another device Your router or your Internet Service Provider's policies nearby, it will result in interference and communication may prevent the product from accessing Samsung's failure. software update server. If this occurs, contact your In compliance with the newest Wi-Fi certification Internet Service Provider (ISP) for more information.
  • Page 18: Settings

    Display 3D Settings Add App Add App Add App Web Browser Settings Audio TV Aspect Ratio 16:9 Original a Samsung Account d Screen Mirroring Network BD Wise Resolution Auto Smart Features Movie Frame (24Fs) Auto System DVD 24fps Conversion Movies & TV Shows : Download movies and...
  • Page 19: Settings Menu Functions

    When you connect a Samsung TOOLS INFO product and a Samsung TV with BD BD Wise Wise to each other via HDMI, and BD Wise is on in both the product and TV, the product outputs video at...
  • Page 20 Settings Lets you set the product to output Lets you set the Digital Output to video from the HDMI OUT jack with match the capabilities of the AV HDMI Deep Deep Colour. Deep Colour provides receiver you’ve connected to the Colour Digital Output more accurate colour reproduction...
  • Page 21 Lets you connect a Wi-Fi Direct You can lock access to Video on device to the product using a peer- Demand (VOD) content based on its to-peer network, without the need rating. for a wireless router. VOD Rating | NOTES | Note that if the product is connected Lock The default security PIN is 0000.
  • Page 22 Samsung TV remote. To operate The default security PIN is 0000. this function, you must connect this Enter the default PIN to access product to an Anynet+ Samsung TV the security function if you haven't using an HDMI Cable. created your own PIN.
  • Page 23: Networks And The Internet

    In the Home screen, select Settings, and then Support press the E button. When activated, lets Samsung Select Network, and then press the E button. Call Centre agents diagnose and Select Network Settings, and then press the E fix problems with the product button.
  • Page 24 Settings Select the desired network, and then press the E Select the IP setting field, and then set it to Enter manually. button. Select a value to enter (IP Address, for example), On the Security screen, enter your network's and then press E. Use the number keypad on security code or pass phrase.
  • Page 25 On the Security type screen that appears, use the WPS(PBC) ▲▼ buttons to select the network's Security type, One of the easiest ways to set up the wireless network and then press the E button. On the next screen, connection is using the WPS(PBC) function. If your enter your network's security code or pass phrase.
  • Page 26: Upgrading Software

    The upgrade is complete when the product turns off, Through the Product Using PBC and then turns on again by itself. Samsung Electronics takes no legal responsibility for Select the Wi-Fi Direct device you want to connect product malfunction caused by an unstable Internet to this product, and then press the E button.
  • Page 27 Product Information section of 12. In the product’s menu, go to Settings > Support > the Contact Samsung screen. Software Update. Do not turn off the product during the software 13. Select Update now.
  • Page 28: Media Play

    Media Play Your home cinema can play content located on Blu-ray/ Method 1 DVD/CD discs, USB devices, PCs, smart phones, tablets, and on the Web. Turn the product on. To play content located on your PC or a mobile device, Connect the USB device to the USB port on you must connect the PC or mobile device and the the front panel of the product.
  • Page 29: Using The Allshare Network Function

    AllShare PC and "Using the AllShare Network Function" on page 29. mobile devices need to support AllShare. For more information, visit the Samsung Content & Service portal Playing a Disc with User Recorded (
  • Page 30: Controlling Video Playback

    Play back View button to go to the playlist. PC's files AllShare POPUP During playback, press this button to Control PC's files Connection MENU display the Popup menu. to Product Smart Phone (Only available with Samsung phones supporting AllShare functionality.) English...
  • Page 31 2 Playback related buttons The screen may not display Chapter or Title The product does not play sound in Search, Slow, or immediately. Continue to press the ▲▼ buttons until Step mode. your choice is inside the applicable field. • To return to normal speed playback, press the 6 To return to normal play, press the REPEAT button button.
  • Page 32 Media Play Press the E button at the If there is more than one movie on point where you want repeat the disc or device, select to start a play to stop (B). different title. Select Search Titles, and | NOTES | Search Titles then press the E button.
  • Page 33: Controlling Music Playback

    Select Send to upload To view a scene from another selected files to apps (Picasa, angle. The Angle option displays Angle Facebook etc) or devices. the number of angles available to Send To use Send, you need to view (1/1, 1/2, 1/3, etc.). establish an account with the BONUSVIEW on-line site, and then log in...
  • Page 34 Media Play Using the View & Options Menus Fast Play (Audio CD (CD-DA) only) During playback, press the 3 or 4 button. On the screen that lists the music files, use the ▲▼◄► Each time you press the 3 or 4 button, the buttons to select View or Options in the upper right, and playback speed will change.
  • Page 35 To remove a track from the list, move to the track, Select to manage the text Encoding and then press the E button again.The check on encoding options. the track is removed. When done, press the  buttons to select Play, | NOTES | and then press the E button.
  • Page 36 Media Play Use the ▲▼ buttons to select the device to store • In poor reception-sensitivity areas, the Bluetooth the ripped files on, and then press the E button. connection may not work properly. • The Home Cinema has an effective reception range | NOTES | of up to 10 meters in all directions if there are no Do not disconnect the device while ripping is in...
  • Page 37: Playing Photo Contents

    In Bluetooth mode, the screen saver will start if | NOTES | the Bluetooth device stays in the Ready state for 5 The Home Cinema only supports Middle Quality SBC minutes. To reconnect the Bluetooth device, turn off data (up to 237kbps@48kHz), and does not support the screen saver, and then connect the device.
  • Page 38: Listening To Radio

    Media Play Select Send to upload Equaliser This function is only available when selected files to on line Settings Equaliser Mode is On. sites (Picasa, Facebook etc) or devices. To use | NOTES | Send Send, you need to Depending on the disc or storage device, the Options establish an account with menu may differ.
  • Page 39 Press the TUNER MEMORY button. To show the RDS signals • NUMBER flashes on the display. You can see the RDS signals the station sends on the Press the TUNER MEMORY button again. display. • Press the TUNER MEMORY button before Press the RDS DISPLAY button while listening to an FM NUMBER disappears from the display on its own.
  • Page 40: Using The Special Effects Remote Control Buttons

    Media Play RDS DISPLAY 3D Sound PTY- PTY SEARCH PTY+ You can enjoy more natural and vivid surround sound with enriched tones by adjusting the depth of sound using the level options. Off  High  Low Press the PTY SEARCH button while listening to an FM station.
  • Page 41: Network Services

    Samsung account. TV Shows or Apps for the first time, the product will ask To log in to your Samsung account, follow these steps: you to perform the Smart Hub set up procedure. With the Home screen displayed, press the RED (A) On the Home screen, select either Movies &...
  • Page 42: Using Movies & Tv Shows

    If you don't have a credit card associated with your Using Movies & TV Shows Samsung account, after you log in, the Register Card screen will appear. Follow the directions on the You can download or stream for pay and free-of-charge screen.
  • Page 43 Samsung Apps | NOTES | To buy an app, you must be logged into your Samsung account and have a credit card registered to WebBrowser Storage Category : XXXXX | Version : X.XXX | Size : XX.XKB the account.
  • Page 44 Network Services Delete an App from My Apps Using the Options Menu Functions On the More Apps screen, use the ▲► buttons to Lock/Unlock go to Options at the top of the screen, and then press the E button. Using the Lock/Unlock function and the Security PIN, you Select Edit My Apps, and then press the E can lock applications so they cannot be started on either button.
  • Page 45 Select OK, and then press the E button. The Move to Folder folder is renamed. Move to Folder lets you move apps to the folder of your Select Close on the right side of the screen, and choice. then press the E button. On the More Apps screen, use the ▲►...
  • Page 46: Screen Mirroring

    Network Services Update Apps Using the Web Browser When the application require to update to the latest You can access the Internet using the Web Browser version, select Apps and then select More Apps. On the application. More Apps screen, select Update Apps, and then select Select Web Browser on the Home screen, and then application from the list.
  • Page 47 The Control Panel, which runs across the top of the When you click the , the screen, has a series of icons which start a number of or access a data or text entry field, and useful functions. The icons are described below, starting then press the E button, the keyboard pop-up appears.
  • Page 48 Approved Sites list, you then press the E button. will not be able to access any Internet sites. 100% Enable Grabbing Enable or disable the Privacy mode.
  • Page 49: Linking Your Internet Service Accounts To The Product

    To create a service account link, follow these steps: On the Home screen, press the RED (A) button on your remote to log in to your Samsung Account. After you have logged in, press the RED (A) button on your remote again.
  • Page 50: Appendix

    CEC. • Depending on the disc type, some aspect ratios may not be available. • If your Samsung TV has an Anynet+ logo, then it supports the Anynet+ function. • If you select an aspect ratio and option which is...
  • Page 51 DivX® Video On Demand Selecting the Subtitle Language • For more information about DivX(R) VOD, visit “http:// • Depending on the Blu-ray Disc / DVD, you may be”. able to change the subtitle language in the Disc Menu. Press the DISC MENU button. Front Display •...
  • Page 52 Appendix Digital Output Selection Bitstream Bitstream Bitstream Setup (Re-encoded (Unprocessed) (Re-encoded DTS) Dolby D) Connection HDMI supported AV receiver Re-encoded Up to PCM 7.1ch DTS re-encoded Dolby Digital * Re-encoded Dolby Digital Up to PCM 2.1ch Dolby Digital DTS re-encoded Dolby Digital * Dolby Digital Re-encoded...
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting

    Refer to the table below when this product does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instructions below do not help, turn off the product, disconnect the power cord and contact the nearest authorized dealer or Samsung Electronics Service Centre. Symptom Check/Remedy I cannot eject the disc.
  • Page 54 Appendix Symptom Check/Remedy • The disc is rotating but • Is the TV power on? no picture is produced. • Are the video cables connected properly? • Picture quality is poor • Is the disc dirty or damaged? and the picture is •...
  • Page 55 | NOTES | When the factory default settings are restored, all stored user BD data will be deleted. Hereby, Samsung Electronics, declares that this Home Cinema System is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 56: Specifications

    3.41 • Network speeds equal to or below 10Mbps are not supported. • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications without notice. • Weight and dimensions are approximate. • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Page 57 Contact SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care centre. Contact Centre  Contact Centre  Area Web Site Area Web Site ` Europe LUXEMBURG 261 03 710

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