Sanyo CA21XS2S Instruction Manual

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  • Page 1 CA21XS2S CP21XS2S CA21YS2S Instruction Manual CP21YS2S CA21YS22 CP21YS22 Colour Television CA21YS22B CP21YS22B CA21YS2BS CP21YS2BS CA21KS2 CP21KS2 CA21KS2K CP21KS2K CA21KS22 CP21KS22 CA21KS22K CP21KS2K(S) CA21SF1 CP21SF1 CA21VF1S CP21VF1S Flat Screen CA21MS22 Multi System CATV Hyper Band CP21MS22 256 Programmes with Automatic Tuning...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION If a television is not positioned in a sufficiently stable location, it can be potentially hazardous due to falling. Many injuries, particularly to children, can be avoided by taking simple precautions such as: ● Using cabinets or stands recommended by the manufacturer of the television.
  • Page 3: Warnings And Cautions

    Warning and Caution Warning High voltages are used in the operation of this television receiver. Do not remove the cabinet back from your set. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Do not drop or push objects into the television cabinet slots or openings. Never spill any kind of liquid on the television receiver.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Information ....2 Skip Channel Set and Cancel ...13-14 Warnings and Cautions ....3 Setting of the Private Position .
  • Page 5: Front Control

    Each button listed in this section has the same function as it’s corresponding Front Control button on the remote control. Model CA21XS2S, CP21XS2S Press to open VIDEO L-AUDIO-R TV/AV MENU Model CA21SF1, CP21SF1 Model CA21YS2S, CP21YS2S, CA21YS2BS, CP21YS2BS, CA21YS22, CP21YS22, CA21YS22B, CP21YS22B...
  • Page 6 Each button listed in this section has the same function as it’s corresponding Front Control button on the remote control. Model CA21KS2, CP21KS2, CA21KS2K, CP21KS2K, CA21KS22, CP21KS22, CA21KS22K, CP21KS2K(S) Pull to open L-AUDIO-R VIDEO Model CA21MS22, CP21MS22 Press to open VIDEO L-AUDIO-R TV/AV MENU Model CA21VF1S, CP21VF1S...
  • Page 7: Remote Control Transmitter

    Remote Control Transmitter TIMER button TV / AV Power ON/OFF button TV / AV Selector button TIMER MUTE button RECALL/COLOUR SYSTEM button Programme Selector button -/- - -/- - ALTERNATE button DIGIT button Programme UP button SWAP CH SCAN CHANNEL SCAN button SWAP button VOLUME - button VOLUME + button...
  • Page 8: General Operation

    General Operation ❒ Remote Control Operation Standby/Power-on To switch the TV on and off. For shutting off a power supply completely, Press the Mains ON/OFF button on the front control of TV set. Sound mute -/- - To switch the sound from the speakers. The sound changes as follows; normal → mute ( -/- - -/- - Timer...
  • Page 9: Off Timer

    General Operation ❒ Off Timer ❒ On Timer (Continued) The OFF TIMER will switch off the TV automatical- Press the VOLUME ( + or - ) button. The set ly after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes, time will be increased or decreased by 10 or 2 hours.
  • Page 10: Picture Adjustment

    Colour and Sound System ❒ Setting of the Sound System (Semi-Auto or Manual Tuning mode ) Broadcast Transmission System List Colour Sound Country Area MODE SEMI System System SEARCH START POSITION SYSTEM AUTO Union of Arab Emirates, Middle Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, East SKIP Yemen, Bahrain, etc. MEMORY Indonesia, Malaysia, Asia SELECT...
  • Page 11: Audio Adjustment

    Picture Adjustment ❒ Basic Picture Adjustment Operation (Continued) ■ To return Main menu, press When “PICTURE” is not selected, select ALTERNATE button. “PICTURE” with the Programme UP or DOWN button. ■ To return to the normal TV mode, press the MENU button. ( Or will automatically return to PICTURE the normal TV mode after 20 seconds.) AUDIO...
  • Page 12: Tuning Of The Channels

    Tuning of the Channels Up to 256 broadcast stations in your reception ❒ Semi-Auto Tuning and Manual Tuning area can be stored in the electronic memory. Press the MENU button for MAIN menu There are three ways of tuning as follows; display. 1. Automatic Tuning (the basic way): All receivable channels are automatically tuned Select “PRESET”...
  • Page 13: Channel Copy

    ❒ Channel Copy Press the DIGIT button, “ 1 “ button and then This function can be utilized after Automatic “ 2 ” button on the remote control to enter Tuning. programme number 12. (For example, to For example, to copy a TV channel on pro- enter programme number “...
  • Page 14: Setting Of The Private Position

    ❒ Skip Channel Set and cancel (Continued) Select “SKIP” by pressing the Programme UP Select “MEMORY” pressing or DOWN button,then press the VOLUME + Programme UP or DOWN button, then press or - button to set SKIP to ON. To cancel Skip the VOLUME + or - button for memory. Channel function, set to OFF.
  • Page 15: Setting Of The Osd Language

    Setting of the OSD Language Press the MENU button for MAIN menu display. ENGLISH VIETNAMESE PICTURE P CC AUDIO FRANCAIS PRESET BAHASA INDONESIA LANGUAGE Select “LANGUAGE “ by pressing the Select“ENGLISH”, “ ”, programme UP or DOWN button. “ VIETNAMESE ”, “ ”, “FRANÇAIS”, “BAHASA INDONESIA”...
  • Page 16: Selecting The Colour System In Av Mode

    ❒ Connecting To the Rear AV1 Input  Jacks (Continued) ■ When watching a video program input from the AV1 terminal, press the TV/AV button to select AV1. ■ Whenever the TV/AV button is pressed, the mode will change as follows: AV1(DVD) TV mode (Optional model) ■ You can select a TV programme while watching a playback from a VCR ■...
  • Page 17: Connection To The Front Av2 Input Jacks

    ❒ Connecting To the Front AV2 Input  Jacks (Optional  Model) It is convenient to use the AV input jack on the front panel for equipment that is often connected and disconnected. ■ ■ To watch the Front AV2 video input picture, select AV2 position by pressing the TV/AV Selector.
  • Page 18: Aerial Connection

    Aerial Connection ❒ Connecting Outdoor Aerial Connect the cable with a plug from a UHF (or VHF) aerial to the aerial socket on the cabinet back. Outdoor Aerial Aerial Cable Aerial Socket For all aerial circuit problems please consult your local dealer. Care and Cleaning The surface of the cabinet can be damaged if not properly maintained.
  • Page 19: Specifications

    CA21KS2K, CA21YS2BS, CP21YS2BS, CP21KS2K, CA21VF1S, CP21VF1S, CA21YS22, CP21YS22, CA21YS22B, CP21YS22B, CA21KS22, CP21KS22, CA21KS22K, CP21KS2K(S), CA21MS22, CP21MS22: 5 cmx 9 cm x 2 pcs Model: CA21XS2S, CP21XS2S: 6 cm x 12 cm x 2 pcs Ext. terminals DVD Video Component: Composite/Component Y, CB,CR input Video Inputs: Phone Jack x 2 (1.0Vp-p, impedance 75 Ω) *...
  • Page 20: Hints-Problems/Solutions

    If the picture of TV set is not properly horizontal (slant), try to change face direction of your TV set. This case may be caused by geo-magnetic on your place where you live. Part No. 1AA6P1P5578-C BE4D-C (FC8-A) SANYO ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.

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