Getting Started; Turning On The Nfc Function; Nfc Detection Area; Using Smart Connect To Manage Your Tags - Sony XPERIA SmartTags NT1 User Manual

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Getting started

Turning on the NFC function

To get started, you must first turn on the NFC function in your phone so that the
phone can recognise NFC tags.
To turn on the NFC function
From your phone's main application screen, find and tap Settings > More....
Mark the NFC checkbox.
Make sure that the devices you are sharing with also have NFC turned on.

NFC detection area

The location of the NFC detection area in a phone can vary depending on the phone.
You can swipe an NFC tag against the back of your phone to detect where the NFC
detector is located. For more information, refer to the User guide of your phone.

Using Smart Connect to manage your tags

The Smart Connect application, formerly known as LiveWare™ manager, helps you
to use and manage your SmartTags. Smart Connect is sometimes installed on your
phone at purchase. For optimum performance, you should always have the most up-
to-date version installed. You can download it from Google Play™.
Smart Connect is only available for phones running Android version 4.0 or later. Before
downloading applications from Google Play™, make sure you have an Internet connection and
a Google™ account. You may also need to have a memory card inserted in your phone.
To install Smart Connect
From your phone's main application screen, find and tap Play Store.
to display the search field, then type Smart Connect.
to launch a search on Google Play™.
Select Smart Connect in the result list, then follow the instructions to install the
application on your phone.
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