LG BD670 Owner's Manual

LG BD670 Owner's Manual

Blu-ray disc/dvd player
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Table of Contents
Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Player
Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.
P/NO : SAC35095316


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL Blu-ray Disc™/DVD Player Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. BD670 P/NO : SAC35095316...
  • Page 3: Getting Started 3

    Safety Information CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK) NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. This lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product’s...
  • Page 4 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC and 2009/125/EC. Please contact to the following address for obtaining a copy of the DoC (Declaration of Conformity). European representative : LG Electronics Service Europe B.V. Veluwezoom 15, 1327 AE Almere, The Netherlands (Tel : +31-(0)36-547-8888) Indoor use only.
  • Page 5: Notes On Copyrights

    Notes on Copyrights y Because AACS (Advanced Access Content System) is approved as content protection system for Blu-ray Disc format, similar to use of CSS (Content Scramble System) for DVD format, certain restrictions are imposed on playback, analog signal output, etc., of AACS protected contents.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    – About the “7” Symbol Display – File requirement – AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) – About DLNA – Certain System Requirements – LG Remote – WOL (Wake On LAN) – Regional Code – Compatibility Notes Remote control Front panel...
  • Page 7 – Changing subtitle code page – Changing the Picture Mode Audio CD Recording Viewing information from Gracenote Media Database Using the Premium Using the LG Apps – Signing in – Managing my Apps Troubleshooting Troubleshooting – General – Network – Picture –...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Getting Started Introduction Playable Discs and symbols used in this manual Media/Term Logo Blu-ray DVD-ROM DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW (8 cm, 12 cm) DVD-RW (VR) (8 cm, 12 cm) Audio CD (8 cm, 12 cm) CD-R/RW (8 cm, 12 cm) Note –...
  • Page 9: About The "7" Symbol Display

    LG players when formatting rewritable discs. When setting the option to Live System, you cannot use it on LG player. (Mastered/Live File System : Disc format system for windows Vista) Getting Started About the “7” Symbol Display “7”...
  • Page 10: File Requirement

    Getting Started File requirement Movie files File File Location Extension “.avi”, “.divx”, “.mpg”, “.mpeg”, “.mkv”, “.mp4”, Disc, “.asf”, “.wmv”, “.m4v” (DRM free) “.avi”, “.divx”, “.mpg”, “.mpeg”, “.mkv”, “.mp4”, DLNA, PC “.asf”, “.wmv”, Music files File File Location Extension Disc, “mp3”, “.wma”, USB, “.wav”, “.m4a”...
  • Page 11: Avchd (Advanced Video Codec High Definition)

    Note y The file name is limited to 180 characters. y Maximum files/Folder: Less than 2000 (total number of files and folders) y Depending on the size and number of the files, it may take several minutes to read the contents on the media.
  • Page 12: Certain System Requirements

    Visit “Apple iTunes” or “Google Apps Marketplace” for detailed information of “LG Remote”. WOL (Wake On LAN) Users can turn on this player using WOL embeded utility on your personal computer or smartphone via your home network.
  • Page 13: Remote Control

    • • • • • • d • • • • • Coloured (R, G, Y, B) buttons: Use to navigate BD-ROM menus. They are also used for [MOVIE], [PHOTO], [MUSIC], [Premium] and [LG Apps] menu. MARKER: Marks any point during playback. SEARCH: Displays or exits the search menu.
  • Page 14: Front Panel

    Getting Started Front panel a Disc Tray b Remote Sensor c Display Window d B (OPEN/CLOSE) e N (PLAY / PAUSE) Rear panel a AC power cord b LAN port c HDMI OUT d DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) f Z (STOP) g 1 (POWER) Button h USB Port e VIDEO OUT...
  • Page 15: Connecting

    Connecting to Your TV Make one of the following connections, depending on the capabilities of your existing equipment. y HDMI connection (page 15) y Component Video connection (page 16) y Video connection (page 17) Note y Depending on your TV and other equipment you wish to connect, there are various ways you could connect the player.
  • Page 16: What Is Simplink

    4.5 m(15 ft.)). What is SIMPLINK? Some functions of this unit are controlled by the TV’s remote control when this unit and LG TV’s with SIMPLINK are connected through HDMI connection. Controllable functions by LG TV’s remote control;...
  • Page 17: Video/Audio (Left/Right) Connection

    Video/Audio (Left/Right) Connection Connect the VIDEO OUT jack on the player to the video in jack on the TV using a video cable. Connect the left and right AUDIO OUT jacks of the player to the audio left and right IN jacks on the TV using the audio cables.
  • Page 18: Connecting To An Amplifier

    Connecting Connecting to an Amplifier Make one of the following connections, depending on the capabilities of your existing equipment. y HDMI Audio connection (page 18) y Digital Audio connection (page 19) y 2CH Analog Audio connection (page 19) Since many factors affect the type of audio output, see “Audio Output Specifications”...
  • Page 19: Channel Audio Output

    Connecting to an Amplifier via Digital Audio Output Connect the player’s DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack to the corresponding in jack (OPTICAL) on your amplifier using an optional digital audio cable. Rear of the unit Optical cable Receiver/Amplifier You will need to activate the player’s digital output. (See “[AUDIO] Menu”...
  • Page 20: Connecting To Your Home Network

    Connecting Connecting to your Home Network This player can be connected to a local area network (LAN) via the LAN port on the rear panel or the internal wireless module. By connecting the unit to a broadband home network, you have access to services such as software updates, BD-Live interactivity and on-line content services.
  • Page 21: Wired Network Setup

    Wired Network Setup If there is a DHCP server on the local area network (LAN) via wired connection, this player will automatically be allocated an IP address. After making the physical connection, a small number of home networks may require the player’s network setting to be adjusted.
  • Page 22: Wireless Network Connection

    Connecting Wireless Network Connection Another connection option is to use an Access Point or a wireless router. The network configuration and connection method may vary depending on the equipment in use and the network environment. This player is equipped with an IEEE 802.11n (Dual- band, 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz band) wireless module, which also supports the 802.11a/b/g standards.
  • Page 23 2. The [Connection Setting] menu appear on the screen. Use W/S to select [Wireless] and press ENTER (b). 3. Select [Yes] and press ENTER (b) to continue. The new connection settings reset the current network settings. 4. The player scans the all available access points or wireless routers within range and display them as a list.
  • Page 24 Connecting Notes on Network Connection: y Many network connection problems during set up can often be fixed by re-setting the router or modem. After connecting the player to the home network, quickly power off and/ or disconnect the power cable of the home network router or cable modem.
  • Page 25: Usb Device Connection

    USB device connection This player can play movie, music and photo files contained in the USB device. Playback content in the USB device 1. Insert a USB device to the USB port until it fits into place. When you connect the USB device on the HOME menu, the player plays a music file contained in the USB storage device automatically.
  • Page 26: System Setting

    System Setting Settings Adjust the Setup Settings You can change the settings of the player in the [Setup] menu. 1. Press HOME (n). 2. Use A/D to select the [Setup] and press ENTER (b). The [Setup] menu appears. 3. Use W/S to select the first setup option, and press D to move to the second level.
  • Page 27 Resolution Sets the output resolution of the Component and HDMI video signal. Refer to page 17 and 66 for details about the resolution setting. [Auto] If the HDMI OUT jack is connected to TVs providing display information (EDID), automatically selects the resolution best suited to the connected TV.
  • Page 28: [Language] Menu

    System Setting [LANGUAGE] Menu Display Menu Select a language for the [Setup] menu and on- screen display. Disc Menu/Disc Audio/ Disc Subtitle Select the language you prefer for the audio track (disc audio), subtitles, and the disc menu. [Original] Refers to the original language in which the disc was recorded.
  • Page 29: Sampling Freq

    Sampling Freq. (Digital Audio Output) [192 kHz] Select this if your A/V Receiver or Amplifier is capable of handling 192 kHz signals. [96 kHz] Select this if your A/V Receiver or Amplifier is not capable of handling 192 kHz signals. When this choice is made, this unit automatically converts any 192 kHz signals to 96 kHz so your system can decode them.
  • Page 30: [Lock] Menu

    System Setting [LOCK] Menu The [LOCK] settings affect only BD-ROM and DVD playback. To access the any features in [LOCK] settings, you must enter the 4-digit security code you have created. If you have not entered a password yet, you are prompted to do so.
  • Page 31: [Network] Menu

    Internet access is prohibited for all BD-Live contents. Premium/LG Apps [Country Setting] Select your area for displaying proper services and contents on the [Premium] and [LG Apps] feature. [ID Management] Displays the [ID Management] menu. You can manage IDs that ever logged-in on this unit.
  • Page 32: [Others] Menu

    System Setting [OTHERS] Menu DivX® VOD ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX® is a digital video format created by DivX, Inc. This is an official DivX Certified® device that plays DivX video. Visit divx.com for more information and software tools to convert your files into DivX video.
  • Page 33 Initialize [Factory Set] You can reset the player to its original factory settings. [Blu-ray Storage Clear] Initializes the BD-Live contents from the connected USB storage. Note If you reset the player to its original factory settings using [Factory Set] option, you have to set all the activation for the on-line services and network settings again.
  • Page 34: Operating

    [Music] - Plays audio contents. [Premium] - Displays the Premium Home screen. e [LG Apps] - Displays the [LG Apps] screen. f [Setup] - Adjusts the system settings. g [Search] - This function will be updated later. h [LG Apps] - Displays the [LG Apps] screen.
  • Page 35: Playing Blu-Ray 3D Disc

    Playing Blu-ray 3D disc This player can play the Blu-ray 3D discs which contains separate views for the left and right eyes. Preparation In order to playback Blu-ray 3D title in stereoscopic 3D mode, you need to: y Check your TV is 3D capable and has HDMI input(s).
  • Page 36: Playing A File On A Network Server

    Operating Playing a file on a network server This player can play movie, music and photo files located in a PC or a DLNA server through your home network. 1. Check the network connection and settings (page 20). 2. Press HOME (n). 3.
  • Page 37: Wi-Fi Direct™ Connection

    Wi-Fi Direct™ Connection Connecting to a Wi-Fi Direct™ certified device This player can play movie, music and photo files located in a Wi-Fi Direct™ certified device. The Wi-Fi Direct™ technology make the player to be directely connected to a Wi-Fi Direct™ certified device without connecting to a network device such as an access point.
  • Page 38 Operating Connecting to a Wi-Fi available devices This player can connect to a general Wi-Fi device using Wi-Fi Direct™ function. 1. Set the [Wi-Fi Direct] option on the [Setup] menu to [On] (page 31). 2. Press HOME (n). 3. Select [Movie], [Photo] or [Music] using A/D, and press ENTER (b).
  • Page 39: Basic Operations For Video And Audio

    Basic operations for video and audio content To stop playback Press Z (STOP) while playback. To pause playback Press M (PAUSE) while playback. Press d (PLAY) to resume playback. To play frame-by-frame (Video) Press M (PAUSE) while movie playback. Press M (PAUSE) repeatedly to play Frame-by-Frame playback.
  • Page 40: Resume Playback

    Operating Resume playback eroyt The unit records the point where you pressed the Z (STOP) depending on the disc. If “MZ (Resume Stop)” appears on the screen briefly, press d (PLAY) to resume playback (from the scene point). If you press Z (STOP) twice or unload the disc, “Z(Complete Stop)”...
  • Page 41: Repeating A Specific Portion

    Repeating a specific portion erot This player can repeat a portion you have selected. 1. While playback, press REPEAT (h) to select [A-] at the beginning of the portion you wish to repeat. 2. Press ENTER (b) at the end of the portion. Your selected portion will be repeated continually.
  • Page 42: Using The Search Menu

    Operating Using the search menu eroy Using search menu, you can easily to find the point where you want to start playback. To search a point 1. During playback, press SEARCH to display the search menu. 2. Press A/D to skip the playback 15 seconds forward or backward.
  • Page 43: Viewing Content Information

    Viewing content information The player can display the content information. 1. Select a file using W/S/A/D. 2. Press INFO/DISPLAY (m) to display the option menu. 3. Select the [Information] option using W/S, and press ENTER (b). The file information appears on the screen. While movie playback, you can display the file information by pressing TITLE/POPUP.
  • Page 44: Options While Viewing A Photo

    Operating Options while viewing a photo You can use various options during viewing a photo in full screen. 1. While viewing a photo in full screen, press INFO/ DISPLAY (m) to display the option menu. 2. Select an option using W/S. a Current photo/Total number of photos –...
  • Page 45: On-Screen Display

    To use the [Movie Information] option, the player must be connected to the broadband internet for accessing the Gracenote Media Database. y LG is a licensee of Gracenote technology and is not responsible or liable for information from the Gracenote Media Database.
  • Page 46: Playing From Selected Time

    Operating Playing from selected time eroy 1. Press INFO/DISPLAY (m) during playback. The time search box shows the elapsed playing time. 2. Select the [Time] option and then input the required start time in hours, minutes, and seconds from left to right. For example, to find a scene at 2 hours, 10 minutes, and 20 seconds, enter “21020”.
  • Page 47: Changing The Tv Aspect Ratio

    Changing the TV Aspect Ratio eroy You can change the TV aspect ratio setting while playback. 1. During playback, press INFO/DISPLAY (m) to display the On-Screen display. 2. Use W/S to select the [TV Aspect Ratio] option. 3. Use A/D to select desired option. 4.
  • Page 48: Audio Cd Recording

    This equipment should not be used for such purposes. LG expressly disclaims any responsibility for illegal distribution or use of unauthorized content in commercial purpose.
  • Page 49: Viewing Information From Gracenote Media Database

    Gracenote Media Database. y This function is not available for on-line content and content in DLNA servers. y LG is a licensee of Gracenote technology and is not responsible or liable for information from the Gracenote Media Database.
  • Page 50: Using The Premium

    1. Check the network connection and settings (page 20). 2. Press HOME (n). 3. Select the [LG Apps] using A/D, and press ENTER (b). 4. Select a category using A/D, and press ENTER (b). 5. Use W/S/A/D to select an application, and press ENTER (b) to display the information.
  • Page 51: Signing In

    Signing in To use the [LG Apps] feature, you need to sign in with your account. 1. On the [LG Apps] or [My Apps] screen, press red (R) colored button. 2. Fill the [ID] and [Password] field using the virtual keyboard.
  • Page 52: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting General Symptom The Power does not turned on. The unit does not start playback. The angle cannot be changed. Cannot play movie, photo or music files. The remote control does not work properly. The unit is plugged in, but the power will not turn on or off.
  • Page 53: Network

    Network Symptom BD-Live feature does not work. Streaming video services (such as YouTube™, etc.) are often stopped or “buffer” during playback. Shared folder or files from your PC or a media server are not displayed on the device list. Cannot connect the player to the access point or wireless LAN router.
  • Page 54: Picture

    You can update the Player using the latest software to enhance the products operation and/or add new features. To obtain the latest software for this player (if updates have been made), please visit http://lgservice.com or contact LG Electronics customer care centre. Open source software notice To obtain the corresponding source code under GPL, LGPL and other open source licenses, please visit http://opensource.lge.com.
  • Page 55: Appendix

    Controlling a TV with the Supplied Remote Control You can control your TV using the buttons below. By pressing You can 1 (TV POWER) Turn the TV on or off. Switch the TV’s input source AV/INPUT between the TV and other input sources.
  • Page 56: Network Software Update

    Appendix Network Software Update Network update notification From time to time, performance improvements and/or additional features or services may be made available to units that are connected to a broadband home network. If there is new software available and the unit is connected to a broadband home network, the player will inform you about the update as follows.
  • Page 57 The Software Update function may not work properly depending on your internet environment. In this case, you can obtain the latest software from the authorized LG Electronics Service Centre then update your player. Refer to “Customer Support” on page 54.
  • Page 58: About Nero Mediahome 4 Essentials

    Appendix About Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials is a software for sharing movie, music and photo files stored on your computer to this player as a DLNA-compatiable digital media server. Note y The Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials CD- ROM is designed for PCs and should not be inserted in this player or in any product other than a PC.
  • Page 59: Sharing Files And Folders

    7. If you accept all conditions, click [I accept the License Conditions] check box and click [Next]. Installation is not possible without this agreement. 8. Click [Typical] and click [Next]. The installation process is started. 9. If you want to take part in the anonymous collection of data, select the check box and click the [Next] button.
  • Page 60: Area Code List

    Appendix Area Code List Choose an area code from this list. Area Code Area Afghanistan Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bhutan Bolivia Brazil Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Congo Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia Code Area Fiji Monaco Finland...
  • Page 61: Language Code List

    Language code List Use this list to input your desired language for the following initial settings: [Disc Audio], [Disc Subtitle] and [Disc Menu]. Language Code Language Afar 6565 French Afrikaans 6570 Frisian Albanian 8381 Galician Amharic 6577 Georgian Arabic 6582 German Armenian 7289...
  • Page 62: Trademarks And Licenses

    Appendix Trademarks and Licenses Blu-ray Disc™, Blu-ray™, Blu-ray 3D™, BD-Live™, BONUSVIEW™ and the logos are trademarks of the Blu-ray Disc Association. “DVD Logo” is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation. Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  • Page 63 DivX®, DivX Certified® and associated logos are trademark of DivX, Inc., and are used under license. Gracenote®, Gracenote logo and logotype, and the “Powered by Gracenote” logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Gracenote, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Page 64: Audio Output Specifications

    Appendix Audio Output Specifications Jack/Setting Analog Source 2CH Output Dolby Digital PCM 2ch Dolby Digital Plus PCM 2ch Dolby TrueHD PCM 2ch PCM 2ch DTS-HD PCM 2ch Linear PCM 2ch PCM 2ch Linear PCM 5.1ch PCM 2ch Linear PCM 7.1ch PCM 2ch Jack/Setting Source...
  • Page 65 y The audio is outputted as PCM 48 kHz/16 bit for MP3/WMA file and PCM 44.1kHz/16 bit for Audio CD while playback. y The Dolby TrueHD audio recorded on some Blu- ray discs consists of Dolby Digital and TrueHD audio. Dolby Digital audio is output through DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jacks and “DD”...
  • Page 66: Video Output Resolution

    Appendix Video Output Resolution When the non-copy protected media is playing back Video Out Resolution 576i 576p 720p 1080i 1080p/24 Hz 1080p / 50 Hz When the copy protected media is playing back Video Out Resolution 576i 576p 720p 1080i 1080p/24 Hz 1080p / 50 Hz HDMI OUT connection...
  • Page 67: Specifications

    Specifications General Power requirements Power consumption Dimensions (W x H x D) Net Weight (Approx.) Operating temperature Operating humidity Outputs VIDEO OUT COMPONENT VIDEO OUT HDMI OUT (video/audio) 2CH AUDIO OUT DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) System Laser wavelength Signal system Frequency response Signal-to-noise ratio Harmonic distortion...
  • Page 68: Maintenance

    Appendix Maintenance Handling the Unit When shipping the unit Please save the original shipping carton and packing materials. If you need to ship the unit, for maximum protection, re-pack the unit as it was originally packed at the factory. Keeping the exterior surfaces clean y Do not use volatile liquids such as insecticide spray near the unit.
  • Page 69: Important Information Relating To Network Services

    Appendix Important Information Relating to Network Services All information, data, documents, communications, downloads, files, text, images, photographs, graphics, videos, webcasts, publications, tools, resources, software, code, programs, applets, widgets, applications, products and other content (“Content”) and all services and offerings (“Services”) provided or made available by or through any third party (each a “Service Provider”) is the sole responsibility of the Service Provider from whom it...

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